Bollywood, or the Hindi Film Industry, is a realm far more diverse than its stereotypical associations with melodrama and machoism might suggest.

While many blockbuster narratives often revolve around men and their heroic escapades, there’s a yearly occurrence where women take center stage, showcasing their remarkable talents.

Veere Di Wedding, Lust Stories, Four More Shots Please!, etc., are prime examples of the same

But it is not the industry’s fault. They create what people want to see.

If all ideas revolved around women in lead roles, most Indian men would stop going to the theaters (harsh truth).

Enough with my sanctimonious attitude, let’s talk about the trigger which is Thank You for Coming.

It is the latest Hindi film to hit the cinema halls.

The movie presents a topic not many are comfortable with: FEMALE ORGASM.

The film clashes with Akshay Kumar’s Raniganj at the Box Office.

Just two hours in length, Thank You for Coming is a short watch. But does it deserve your attention?

Here is my review.

Thank You for Coming Synopsis

Kanika, stepping into her thirties, is yet to witness an orgasm despite several attempts at it. Her life feels like a missed opportunity and all she wants now is to get the right “balls” to roll.

But when all doors feel closed and the society zooms into her single life, she decides to have an arranged marriage.

The twist? Kanika’s ex-boyfriends find a place at her engagement party evoking the biggest gift of her life: her first orgasm.

The catch? She doesn’t know who did it.

Directed by Karan Boolani, Thank You for Coming features Bhumi Pednekar (Kanika), Dolly Singh (Pallavi), Shibani Bedi (Tina), Shehnaaz Gill (Rushi), and Kusha Kapila (Neha) in lead roles.

Anil Kapoor and Karan Kundra play cameos in the film.

What Works for Thank You for Coming?

The movie is a star when it comes to the concept. There is simply no match for it. At the most, we have had female virginity being explored in Hindi OTT shows.

But an entire film on orgasm is a fresh social line to come up with in India.

The term “social” is apt here because this is a shared human experience, irrespective of gender.

Boldness is one of the film’s strong suits. It fearlessly delves into uncomfortable territories, addressing issues that hit close to home.

If you find the female sassiness portrayed in the movie too much to handle, consider switching the lead character to a male perspective, and you’ll quickly realize the impactful message it carries.

The first half of Thank You for Coming primarily focuses on fun and comedy, with mixed results.

While it manages to deliver several well-executed jokes and situational humor, it falls short on an equal number of occasions.

One particularly amusing scene involves a recreation of the iconic opening montage from “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.”

The one-liners, mostly centered around intimate humor, are decent but not always on target.

For me, it’s the second half of the film that truly shines. The screenplay improves post-interval, despite being somewhat cluttered with melodrama.

Thank You for Coming initially establishes itself as an entertaining film and then seamlessly blends in the important message of “smash patriarchy.”

The film sheds light on regrettable real-life incidents such as poor sex life, gaslighting women, unwarranted intrusions into their private lives, and offering solace when it’s neither sought nor needed.

These issues urgently need addressing. We need to stop thinking of discussions around sexual intercourse as a taboo.

OMG 2 started it and Thank You for Coming has taken it forward. Sex education is the way forward.

Female independence should not be treated as a gift but as a birthright, and it’s high time we stop behaving like ignorant fools.

Thank You for Coming serves as an essential catalyst for sparking discussions on these crucial topics.

While the film does have its flaws, it deserves credit for initiating a much-needed conversation.

How are the Performances?

Bhumi Pednekar’s rocking act is the soul of Thank You for Coming. She shines in many ways, be it the jokes, emotions, or spontaneous dialogues.

Her expressions even in the wildest of scenes are up to the mark. For someone who used to be known as a serious actor, this performance is commendable.

Dolly Singh as Pallavi and Shibani Bedi as Tina have done a good job. Their extreme reactions summon laughter.

As a side note, I felt the trio’s chemistry was a bit off.

What Doesn’t Work for Thank You for Coming?

While the concept is both social and hilarious, Thank You for Coming has a narrow storyline. It fails to present a gripping tale that demands attention.

The relationship threads could have been stronger, the bonding of friends could have had more soul, and the emotional ambiance could have been subtler.

There are many “coulds” that could have helped Thank You for Coming.

Particularly, the bonhomie among the group of three friends felt off, at least to me.

Veere Di Wedding and Four More Shots Please! were better in this aspect.

But the biggest flaw of the movie is its technically snaggy climax.

When Kanika wakes up alone before the interval, we see pillows arranged beside her on the bed to convey that someone must have deliberately kept them there.

However, when they reveal the same in the climax, there are no visuals of the pillows.

It could have been avoided. But the makers seem to have ignored a simple yet pivotal part of the film.

Also, as I said earlier, Thank You for Coming is funny but not as much as you would want it to be.

Moreover, maybe the drama at the end could have been avoided and replaced with a more subtle approach to the topic they started with.

It feels like they began with orgasm and ended with women’s empowerment because the idea of orgasm ran out of steam.

Should You Watch Thank You for Coming?

Well, Thank You for Coming is commendable for its efforts in normalizing important discussions, but it does have its shortcomings.

I recommend it for its societal relevance, but it may not meet all expectations, so approach it with an open mind.

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