Amazon Prime Video is not as frequent with new releases and, I think, most of you would agree. On an average, it streams fresh pieces once a fortnight.

The most recent one that I happened to watch was The Consultant. It is an American series based on the book by the same name. The show is eight episodes long with a total run time of approximately four hours.

It is a suspense drama, laced with dark comedy. Does it deliver on these fronts? I will make sure you have an answer by the end of my The Consultant review.

Before that, however, let’s look at some of the crucial details about the series.

What is the story of The Consultant?

The owner of a gaming enterprise is shot dead inside his cabin. Days later, an old-looking man walks into the office to replace him as the consultant.

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He then enforces several peculiar changes to make the firm profitable. Two employees set off on a trail to find out who the consultant really is.

Directed by multiple individuals, The Consultant stars Christoph Waltz (Regus Patoff), Nat Wolff (Craig), and Brittany O’Grady (Elaine) in lead roles. It is based on the novel by Bentley Little.

What are the positive aspects of The Consultant?

The idea has been taken from an already published work. Still, one has to commend the execution by the makers.

Characterizing a mysterious individual can be tricky and since The Consultant completely revolves around a central character, it was more than important to ace the particular part. Thankfully, that’s done pretty well.

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Furthermore, there’s ample mystery and suspense in The Consultant. It is sure to keep you hooked to the screen. As a viewer, you’d want to know about all that the show throws open initially.

It is elevated by a quick-paced narration, giving the audience occasional adrenaline rushes. There is an element of imminent doom throughout the show, which further evokes your interest.

Also, I quite liked the build-ups in The Consultant. They have been nurtured for an intriguing appearance. You would await the end result of the rising background score.

Additionally, The Consultant is not too long in length. Its four-hour duration is an attractive ploy to have the audience finish the show in one sitting.

How are the performances?

The legendary Christoph Waltz plays Regus Patoff in The Consultant. He aces the titular role beautifully. You won’t find him lagging at any moment in the series.

His acting proficiency forces you to doubt the ethical quotient of the character. The portrayal by Waltz is real and raw. He has a sharp set of eyes through which he connects as a dangerous yet simple man.

Led by cunning expressions, the actor reigns over the screen and owns every bit of it. His gentlemanly demeanor mixes beautifully with his deceitful conduct.

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Nat Wolff is Craig in The Consultant. He is gritty for the major part. Nevertheless, I also liked the lazy side of his performance. It allowed the show to be at ease amidst the bustling narrative.

Moreover, Wolff contains the spread of boredom as well by slipping in a few jokes at times. He has a commendable screen presence.

Brittany O’Grady portrays Elaine in The Consultant. If you ask me for just one reason why I liked her character, I would point out the grayness it has.

There are a lot of conflicting situations Elaine faces in the story of The Consultant, where she has to make tough choices.

While mostly she is affable, some of her decisions will have an impact on your opinion. Brittany is brilliant in the show.

What doesn’t go well for The Consultant?

The storyline of the show is dicey. It doesn’t religiously follow what it throws at the viewer. There are no convincing answers or revelations.

You would see a hair-raising scene and would wish it to be explored by the makers. But it simply never happens. Furthermore, a lot of strange ideas are birthed in The Consultant, which I would have wanted to see in-depth. Again, it doesn’t happen.

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Moving on, quite a few logical fallacies also stain the American series. In one scene, a character takes a shower inside his cabin. It is presented as an emotionally dramatic moment.

I found it too superficial. I mean, use the washroom of your office, man, no? Another cut shows Waltz dragging a heavy box upstairs using a rope with a lot of effort.

He could have used the elevator or asked someone to bring it up during work hours. I understand the makers wanted things to be hard-hitting, but, still, they appear a little vague.

Should you watch The Consultant?

Yes, you should watch the series. It does have several lows but the concept is interesting although the comedy is not too funny.

*The following section contains spoilers.*

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The Consultant ending explained.

Toward the end, you would agree, there is much left to be answered by the creators. After Craig makes Patoff fall from the glass flooring of their office, he, along with Patti and Elaine, rings the fire alarm and runs away.

We are shown that Regus Patoff is well and truly alive. Plus, Craig melts the thumb of his foot to discover that the craftsman in Pomona was right. Patoff is made of gold instead of bones.

How his body functions is not revealed in the first season. My theory is that the doctors at the hospital created a robotic being, led by Artificial Intelligence, and released him into the real world as part of a study or something.

Moreover, Elaine gets to head CompWare as promised by Patoff. Craig’s girlfriend leaves him. And whether anything physical happened between her and the consultant is still unclear.

There has to be a psychic spell or an AI-driven factor of charm that she started working for him non-stop. Also, Patoff has his next assignment ready as the CEO of a Robotics firm dies by suicide after meeting him.

About the child. Yes, the mystery surrounding his existence is unclear. However, the makers have dropped a big hint toward the end when he cracks the final level of Mr. Sang’s Jungle Odyssey.

The contents inside the golden egg are revealed. You get to see a skeleton, implying that Patoff has an artificial skeleton made of gold.

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