Aren’t Mexican creations able to set themselves apart? Every time there is a new film from the country, I am reminded of another movie in the same genre that I earlier thought was decent.

Mexico sets high standards in many ways and hence, expectations are mostly lofty. A new Mexican series, Triptych, is now streaming on Netflix. It is eight episodes long and the total length extends to a little less than six hours.

Furthermore, the show falls in the mystery thriller genre and aims to be exciting and suspenseful. Does it fulfill the same? Or is it a blip? I will tell you through my Triptych review. But before that, let’s know more about the series.

What is the story of Triptych?

A doctor is held hostage by Aleida and in an exchange with the police, she receives gunshot wounds. When Rebecca, a forensics agent, reaches the scene, she is shocked to find that Aleida looks exactly like her. The conundrum is exacerbated when she discovers that they are not twins but triplets.

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Well, I will answer whether Triptych is based on a real story in the FAQs section of my review.

Created by Leticia Lopez Margalli, the show stars Maite Perroni in a triple role, David Chocarro (Solano), and Flavio Madina (Eugenio), among others.

So, what works for Triptych?

Trust me, most of the things are on the bright side, starting with the concept. Though initially, I thought there would be a repetition of regular identical triplet stories, it wasn’t the case.

You can expect an intriguing idea, well-executed using a scintillating screenplay. The story of Triptych never goes off the track. It keeps you hooked to the screen at all times.

As a viewer, I thought the start was great, followed by a sequence of story setup, which then culminated in startling events. There was not a single dull moment throughout the eight episodes.

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Furthermore, Triptych is thrilling and suspenseful. It links emotions with trepidation to bring forth an alluring experience.

The tale is laced with some mind-bending propositions that would have looked artificial had the implementation been weak. Thankfully, they are facilitated by rooted fiction.

You will like the revelations and won’t find them non-amusing or perfunctory. There is a lot of foundational strength in Triptych that doesn’t let the plot go astray.

Also, the writing is subtle and strong. It never loses track, even during challenging events. The three sisters are characterized using mindful outlines. No personality trait is forced upon them.

Triptych has a stealthy background score, helping you to keep up with the fast-paced tempo of the series. If you were wondering about the pace of the series, don’t worry, it is brisk.

How are the performances?

Maite Perroni plays a triple role in Triptych and she is outstanding. The efforts she has put into making things smooth reflect artfully on the screen. Almost every frame of the show has her glimpse in one or the other way.

While at times she is an easy-going Tamara, Perroni portrays a complicated, hot-headed, and smart Rebecca simultaneously. Additionally, her depiction of Aleida is deft.

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The actress will surprise you on several occasions with her dynamic set of abilities. However, the best part is she remains consistent with nuances.

David Chocarro as Solano works like a protective shield. He is sharp, intelligent, and dexterous; thereby, fitting perfectly in the shoes of a detective.

Not only his demeanor but also Chocarro’s physical appearance enhances the character’s significance.

Flavio Madina is Eugenio in Triptych. Probably, he is the most underrated of all the people part of the series. And interestingly, Madina is the most affable in hindsight. Even more than Maite Perroni.

All the other actors have done a great job of delivering what was asked of them.

What is off about Triptych?

I have to be really specific here. Firstly, the show is almost perfect. There are no issues with the pace or storyline or writing, which is quite unusual when compared to recent releases.

However, it does have a few technical issues. I am going to mention them as they are not spoilers. So, a character is involved in a shooting incident at the beginning of the first episode.

Image Credits: Netflix

When she was shot, the sun was shining and, of course, she immediately started bleeding. There is a whole bunch of police personnel around her but they don’t bother to check whether she is dead or alive.

It is only when the forensic team arrives at the scene that she is checked and found breathing. My query is how can someone survive after bleeding ferociously for hours? She was shot when the sun was up and the forensics reached well after sunset.

Maybe, it could have been looked into. There are one or two more such things that you’d notice in Triptych.

Should you watch Triptych?

Yes, please go for it. Triptych is a sure-shot winner.

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Will there be Triptych Season 2?

That is highly unlikely. First, there have not been any announcements. Second, since the series is loosely inspired by real incidents, it would be tough to continue the tale further.

Is Triptych based on a true story?

An initial tagline plays before each episode telling the audience that Triptych’s story is inspired by true events; however, the same is contradicted toward the end when it shows a disclaimer conveying the series doesn’t intend to portray any real person or event. Vague, isn’t it?

Let me clear this for you, Triptych is similar to a peculiar real-life event that happened in 1980, when a guy named Robert entered his college in New York for the first time only to find himself already popular around the place.

Soon, he found out that he had a twin. Their story became the talk of the town. When it became part of newspapers, David informed the twins of having physical similarities to them.

Years later, in 1994, it was discovered that they were part of a secret scientific experiment, focusing on twins and triplets like them.

A documentary, Three Identical Strangers, was made in 2018 on the incident, which is more fictionally explored in Triptych.

You can read more about the same, here.

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