The Dark Side of Boarding Schools: Exploring the Setting of Amazon Prime’s Adhura

Boarding schools have long been depicted as mysterious and enigmatic settings in literature and films. Amazon Prime’s series, Adhura, takes this notion to new heights as it delves into the dark side of the Nilgiri Valley School.

It is not the only new show. I am reminded that Hotstar also recently came with “School of Lies,” which I have not had the pleasure to watch.

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Nevertheless, in this blog, I will try to discuss the atmospheric setting of Adhura, the impact of the boarding school environment on the characters’ lives, and delve into deeper aspects such as the challenges faced by sensitive children in boarding schools and the role of teachers in nurturing and protecting students.

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Unveiling Adhura’s Nilgiri Valley School

Nestled in the picturesque Nilgiri Mountains, the Nilgiri Valley School in Adhura appears idyllic at first glance. However, beneath its serene facade lies a labyrinth of secrets and darkness.

The setting serves as a microcosm for the hidden horrors that unfold within its walls. The grandeur of the school’s architecture juxtaposes the sinister events that transpire, adding an eerie quality to the narrative.

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From the creaking hallways to the ominous silence of the classrooms, every aspect of the boarding school amplifies the sense of foreboding that permeates the series.

It is probably the kind of setting the makers wanted for a horror series. Maybe, had the genre been different, the ambiance would have carried a lightweight character.

Also, in reality, boarding schools are not so dark in appearance even when they store a hell lot of issues.

The Influence of the Boarding School Environment

Boarding schools have a unique way of shaping the lives of those who reside within them.

In Adhura, the boarding school environment plays a pivotal role in the character development and the events that unfold.

The strict rules, isolation from the outside world, and constant proximity to peers create a pressure cooker atmosphere.

Within these confines, relationships are forged, power dynamics are established, and secrets thrive.

The dark side of the boarding school becomes evident through the bullying and manipulation that occurs.

boy holding metal bar

What Ninad and Vedant face can be the story of anyone. And I don’t think it has to do with the sexuality of a child.

It is just the idea of a kid dominating another who’s quiet and calm in nature.

The series explores the long-lasting impact of these actions on the characters’ lives, showing how the boarding school environment can become a breeding ground for pain and trauma.

While Ninad had Adiraj, Vedant didn’t have anyone, which is why Ninad’s spirit found him the most suitable to permeate.

If you observe closely, the Nilgiri Valley School becomes a stage for power struggles, emotional torment, and the perpetuation of hidden agendas.

No Place for Sensitive Kids

Sensitive children can find boarding schools particularly challenging. Being away from their families and support systems can be emotionally distressing.

The competitive nature of the environment, coupled with the potential for bullying, can make boarding schools feel like cages for these children.

It is important for parents to understand the needs of their kids and provide them with the necessary emotional support even while being physically separated.

In Adhura, Vedant’s parents had the chance to move him out of school. However, they ignored the warnings.

A responsible couple must always prioritize their child’s mental health, especially when they live far away from each other.

Eerie Ambiance and Mysterious Secrets

Adhura excels at creating an unsettling ambiance within the boarding school setting. The halls echo with whispers of the past, and shadows seem to dance along the walls.

The cinematography and set design contribute to the series’ overall atmosphere, heightening the sense of unease and anticipation.

The dimly lit corridors, the hauntingly beautiful landscapes, and the secluded nature of the school all contribute to the air of mystery that surrounds the narrative.

Within the boarding school’s walls lie a plethora of secrets waiting to be unveiled. From hidden rooms to locked archives, the school holds key elements of the characters’ pasts.

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The series skillfully weaves these secrets into the fabric of the setting, gradually peeling back the layers to expose the dark underbelly of the Nilgiri Valley School.

The Role of Teachers in Boarding Schools

Teachers in boarding schools play a vital role in the well-being of students.

They become surrogate parents, mentors, and guides, providing guidance and support to children who may be far away from home.

In Adhura, the influence of teachers is showcased through characters like Supriya, the school counselor.

Supriya’s presence highlights the importance of nurturing relationships between students and teachers in a boarding school setting.

Teachers in boarding schools must be equipped with not only academic knowledge but also empathy and understanding.

They need to be attentive to the emotional needs of students, identifying signs of distress and providing appropriate support.

By fostering a safe and inclusive environment, teachers can help mitigate the negative aspects of boarding school life and create spaces for students to thrive.

Parents also have a crucial role to play in supporting their children in boarding schools.

Regular communication, providing a listening ear, and maintaining a strong emotional connection can go a long way in helping children navigate the challenges of boarding school life.

woman in blue shirt talking to a young man in white shirt
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Moreover, Parents should engage with teachers and administrators to ensure their child’s well-being and address any concerns promptly.

Recently, a 12-year-old kid was heckled to death by his seniors in one of Dehradun’s boarding schools. What was the child’s mistake?

He stole a packet of biscuits when the class was empty.

The heinous part is that the school management buried the kid’s body in the premises to cover up the crime.

They didn’t even bother to inform his parents. You can read more about it here.

So, what I mean to say is, please look after your kids. Talk to them. Make sure they are fine. A parent’s job doesn’t end with providing necessities to survive.

You have to give them your time, attention, and affection.

Final Word

In Adhura, the boarding school setting serves as a compelling backdrop for the series’ narrative, encapsulating the dark side of such institutions.

The Nilgiri Valley School is not just a physical location; it becomes a character in itself, shaping the lives of those who inhabit its halls.

Through its atmospheric ambiance and mysterious secrets, the setting sets the stage for the psychological turmoil, power struggles, and hidden traumas that unfold.

By understanding the challenges faced by sensitive children in boarding schools and emphasizing the role of teachers and parental support, we can navigate the potential pitfalls and ensure a more nurturing and positive boarding school experience.

Since cinema is a reflection of society, we need to take the right cues from any show regardless of the overall outcome of the art.

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