Teen boy haircuts are a creative blank canvas. It’s okay if they occasionally go too far. Yes, there are rules at school, but where else in your life will you attempt something so completely absurd and mind-blowing?

You can fit in with them and still find a hairstyle that suits your mood by trying these out!  These teen boy haircuts and hairstyles will leave you saying wow. The best time to choose a trendy look is now!

  1. The Boy’s Sharp Side Part

A sharp side part has the power to completely change an otherwise ordinary hairstyle. Basically, to really make the part pop, the barber will shave off a thick line of hair. You can leave the remaining hair very short or medium length.

  1. Teenage Guys Undercut Hairstyle

This look combines a funky shaved side with a more conservative layered style on top to create a sophisticated, yet playful look. Ideal for a boy who prefers to experiment with his appearance before committing fully. Gather the longer strands into a small ponytail or man-bun to add a hipster vibe to the ensemble.

  1. Gentle Taper Featuring a Textured Cut

More and more teen boy haircuts are combining texture and a polished mane. If it doesn’t come naturally, tools can be used to create wavy hair. You can achieve that dapper look by keeping the top brushed back.

  1. Temple Textured Top And Under-Shave

If you want a guyly modern look, try an undercut haircut with a short textured top. If you want a certain length for this style, be sure to mention it or ask your barber what would look best on you. The longest part of this look is about two inches.

  1. Elegant Style For Teens

The numerous teen boy haircut options that are available can and should be just as stylish as they are trendy. You dont have to wait to get older to try on different looks. This chic haircut has the front of the hair slicked back and spiked while the side is shaved. The alignment makes it look incredibly neat!

  1. Extended Undercut For Boys

We totally comprehend the global appeal that this European hairstyle is currently experiencing. Slick layers combined with a dapper buzzed hairstyle looks amazing. While styling, use a texturizing pomade and blow dry the hair straight up and back.

  1. A Short Teenage Cut

Teen boy haircuts should still be carefree. This mid-taper style was brushed forward and allowed to air dry. Even though the adolescent has straight hair, the closely cropped sides guarantee a polished look, so it will complement curly and wavy hair types as well.

  1. Undercut With A Side-Blown Pattern

For stylish boys’ haircuts, the undercut is a great source of inspiration. Having long hair up top and short hair on the sides and back is a very popular hairstyle right now. One of the best aspects is how versatile it is in terms of styling. You can wear it in a pompadour blown back or parted on the side.

  1. A Boy’s Short Hairstyle That Fades.

This clean minimalist look is a great way to highlight gorgeous curls in a boyish way. To pull off this look, you need a lineup and a clean fade. When you first notice a fade ask that it start low. If you are happy with the way it looks, you can try a high fade later.

  1. Cute Curl Hairdo

Natural textures are appealing to both boys and girls these days. If you wish to use your natural curls and waves, don’t trim them too short. Instead, make them the main attraction of your new look. Brush your hair forward instead of back to reduce volume for a sleeker appearance.

  1. Faded with Low texture waves

If you’re looking for easy-to-style teen boy haircuts, go for something that doesn’t require blowouts or products. You can opt to cut the length of his hair to a low length, usually, less than three inches would be great for his safety as well as being able to wash it easily and go.

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