Known for suspenseful actioners and thrillers, Germany can throw surprises in the rom-com genre as well. 

To be honest, it has been almost a year since I watched a romantic film from the country.

And what better than the Valentine’s Day to end the drought with The Heartbreak Agency, a new German movie on Netflix.

It is a witty rom-com running for one and a half hours. Let’s find out if it’s worth your time or not.

The Heartbreak Agency Synopsis

In an act of revenge, a writer decides to finish the career of a female therapist who runs a successful heartbreak agency.

Instead, he ends up losing his own job. Can he redeem himself?

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Directed by Shirel Peleg, the movie features Rosalie Thomass (Maria), Laurence Rupp (Karl), Cora Trube (Hede), Jerry Hoffman (Anton), Denise M’Baye (Sibylle), and Ozgur Karadeniz (Turgay), among others.

What Works for The Heartbreak Agency?

Mostly, there aren’t too many expectations from Romcoms. You just want to have a good time for however long they last.

But by its concept only, The Heartbreak Agency strongly asserts itself as more than a mere placebo.

Out of innumerable ideas, Maria chooses to run a therapy agency for people who have been through heartbreaks or are planning for one.

Within no time, she becomes successful but things change when Karl’s girlfriend breaks up with him after consulting Maria’s heartbreak agency.

Inspired by vengeance, he decides to take on the lady by writing an article about her firm. This triggers unimaginable consequences for Karl.

The storyline matches up with the idea and facilitates its exploration. Elements such as witty dialogues, circumstantial humor, and mindfulness of the plot make the film interesting.

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There’s very little drama in The Heartbreak Agency; still, the emotional quotient remains high and offers ample tender interludes to keep you invested on the screen.

Moreover, the narration’s light-hearted tone augers well for this German rom-com. It has many easy-going conversations that maintain a consistent heartwarming ambiance.

The movie hooks you up early on but particularly does well in the middle phase to keep the flame alive.

The Heartbreak Agency’s background score is calm and soothing. Combined with pleasing cinematography, the film is able to deliver itself convincingly.

You will laugh intermittently, enjoy the rebellious chemistry between the lead pair, and admire the radiant atmosphere the movie projects.

The film does well to implement a naturally strong ending. It is really tough to avoid conventional finishes in romantic comedies.

Hence, it all comes down to executing a similar ending in a different manner. And I think The Heartbreak Agency succeeds in achieving this goal.

How are the Performances?

Rosalie Thomass looks sweet and delightful as Maria. She plays an anchor’s role in the beginning and seems almost deadpan.

However, as the story progresses, we get to see Rosalie’s other delectable acting shades. Her affable presence lights up the entire screen. 

Laurence Rupp plays Karl in The Heartbreak Agency. He is humorous, mesmerizing, and a tad playful. The movie becomes more enjoyable, thanks to his antics.

Image Credits: Netflix

The actor’s detailed expressions infuse the film with unrelenting magnetism to keep the viewer’s interest alive.

Ozgur Karadeniz’s fragility makes him unique as he portrays Turgay. The actor makes himself noticeable even in a very small, supportive role.

What Doesn’t Work for The Heartbreak Agency?

The movie becomes too conventional after a point. It becomes easier to guess the direction in which the plot is moving.

The makers could have better maneuvered the storyline to land a better impact. Moreover, deep-meaning dialogues are slightly off the mark.

I am not saying they are poorly written, but for a wholesome, reverberating influence, The Heartbreak Agency needed them to be staunch.

Some people might find the German flick behind in terms of music. Romantic tracks are almost in the “listen and forget” category.

Lastly, and this is a bit on the technical side, some frames of The Heartbreak Agency are not in continuation. 

It is easy to notice them having been shot from two different angles in two different shots. The absence of coherence in frames is visible.

Stream or Skip?

The Heartbreak Agency is a watchable film. However, barring the concept, almost everything is like a usual rom-com.

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