As I have always maintained, Superhero stories are loved by most people. And if a creator can make the plot as relatable as possible for the masses, nothing can stop it from becoming a blockbuster.

The Imperfects is a new Canadian show streaming on Netflix. It is a Science Fiction action and adventure series that aims to bring excitement to your screens.

Before I get you to read my review, I just want to highlight a dialogue from The Imperfects, “You know why superheroes are so popular? It’s because we all want to be the hero. We want to save the day, catch the bad guy.”

The Imperfects Review Summary

Riding high on its concept and storyline, The Imperfects convincingly creates a captivating plot. It is a must-watch show; however, not without certain drawbacks.

Keep reading my review to know what works and what doesn’t for this Canadian series on Netflix.

The Imperfects Synopsis

Image Credits: Netflix

A genetic experiment to cure a disease that restricts the lifespan of individuals to 40 years turns evil when the test subjects start facing strange side effects. To get rid of the reactions, they decide to form a team and find the doctor who ran the experiment in the first place.

Created by Shelley Eriksen and Dennis Heaton, The Imperfects stars Italia Ricci (Sydney Burke), Morgan Taylor Campbell (Tilda), Rhianna Jagpal (Abbi), Inaki Godoy (Juan), Rhys Nicholson (Alex Sarkov), Kyra Zagorsky (Isabel), Celina Martin (Hannah), and Jedidiah Goodacre (P.J.), among others.

What Works for The Imperfects?

Intriguing Concept

There’s no dearth of fantasy ideas in the behemoth of OTT platforms across the globe. Still, the creative twist given by the makers of The Imperfects ensures an ideal binge-watching experience for the viewers. It has all the ingredients to grab your attention for several episodes in one go.

Three subjects of an experiment face highly nasty side effects after years of administrating medications to themselves.

Tilda becomes a banshee, Juan transforms into a Chupacabra, and Abbi inherits the powers of a succubus. This idea is enough to flood streams, and the presentation further makes the show worthy of your time.


The Imperfects has a prominent storyline plotted intriguingly to offer ample twists and turns. You will love how the characters get involved and usher a trail of enchanting sequences. Furthermore, the interlinking parts of the story are stitched to perfection. As for the VFX, everything works fine for The Imperfects.

Suspense and Thrill

What’s a Sci-Fi show without the element of avidness? The Imperfects hooks you right from the beginning and continues the exhilaration till the end (almost).

Image Credits: Netflix

None of the twists and revelations of the plot look peripheral, even though we have seen the same happen in some of the recent fantasy series like Devil in Ohio and Paper Girls.

It successfully infuses thrill and excitement while keeping you invested in the story. You will get a taste of the show’s hook in the very first episode.


Italia Ricci plays Dr. Sydney Burke in The Imperfects. I loved her spontaneity the most out of all her qualities as an actress. She puts to work even the dull dialogues to keep the tempo going. Italia’s expressions and shrewdness onscreen are sure to make many fans after The Imperfects.

Image Credits: Netflix

Morgan Taylor Campbell as Tilda reminds me of Sofia Rosinsky from Paper Girls. She is outspoken, funny, and free of outside interference. Her character adds the much-required fuss that most fantasy films lack. Moreover, Morgan’s bold demeanor as Tilda fits ideally for The Imperfects. Her emotional outbursts were another commendable aspect.

Rhianna Jagpal portrays Abbi Singh in this Canadian series on Netflix. She is that calm-headed character who can manipulate the best minds through her astuteness. Propelled by a contained reflection, Jagpal delivers a stupendous performance as Abbi.

Image Credits: Netflix

Inaki Godoy as Juan steals the show with his child-like energy. As a witty Juan, he brings fun to the fore, while as an adventurous werewolf, he showers us with gruesomeness. Godoy never appears to be losing the grip on his persona and still manages to implement subtle changes as The Imperfects progresses.

As Dr. Alex Sarkov, Rhys Nicholson is naturally sarcastic in The Imperfects. You would like his way of speaking complemented by swift actions and evil eyes. The fact that he conceals his intentions throughout the show accentuates the quality of his presence in The Imperfects.

Kyra Zagorsky plays the alter ego of Dr. Sydney Burke. The negative vehemence entangled in her voice entertains you thoroughly. On one hand, she is the fiery villain; on the other, Kyra is the key to critical plot twists. You might not keep her in your good books; however, you will appreciate her presence in The Imperfects.

What Doesn’t Work for The Imperfects?

Last Two Episodes

Till the eighth episode, I couldn’t find a natural drawback in The Imperfects and prepared myself for a startling finale. However, disappointment awaited.

There’s nothing uplifting in the final hour of The Imperfects. The pace wanes, the plot falters, and you are suddenly subjected to forced twists and turns.

Image Credits: Netflix

It felt like they were already prepared for the second season, and the last two episodes were simply created as a showpiece.

Firstly, I felt there was no need to stretch the series after the eighth episode. However, at the most, they could have trimmed the ninth episode and amalgamated it with the previous one.

Final Word

The Imperfects is a show you can binge-watch in one go. It has all the required ingredients to evoke your curiosity. However, the creators needed to be more vigilant about the final hour of the series.

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