After a break, I am back to reviewing films and shows again. There’s so much to be watched that I had to muse awhile to select my next film. No Limit is a French movie that began streaming on Netflix from 9th September, 2022.

It is a water sport-based film that takes inspiration from Audrey Mestre’s life, who died at the early age of 28. You can scroll down to the FAQs section of this blog to find out more about her.

An understated movie, No Limit promises to be steamy, intimate, and tragic. Does it deliver on these fronts? Well, you will find out in my No Limit movie review.

No Limit Review Summary

Despite a strong backing of the story, No Limit cannot elevate the viewer’s experience due to poorly plotted emotional sequences. However, it has some positives.

No Limit Synopsis

Roxana falls for her world-record holder diving instructor and decides to drop out of college. Their affair comes with intimacy, romance, heartbreak, and destruction. Can she survive such mixed feelings? Or will Roxana meet a tragic fate?

Image Credits: Netflix

No Limit is a fictional film inspired by the life of Audrey Mestre.

Directed by David M. Rosenthal, No Limit stars Camille Rowe (Roxana), Sofiane Zermani (Pascal), Cesar Domboy (Tom), Laurent Fernandez, and Zacharie Chasseriaud, among others.

What Works for No Limit?


No Limit has a decent story to go with. Emotions and ominosity are the key factors in the film’s tale. Don’t expect intriguing features because it doesn’t aim to bring them in the first place. Since it is inspired by someone else’s life, these things would have made No Limit too superficial.

Moreover, the story is not excellent and watchable at the most. 


Camille Rowe, as Roxana, is magnificent in No Limit. Her attitude changes with the story, resulting in a progressive emotional presence. Rowe’s expressions are loud yet subtle and how she breaks down during intense scenes is phenomenal. Playing the central character, Camille rises every time and ensures an eventful outing.

Image Credits: Netflix

Sofiane Zermani portrays Pascal in No Limit. There’s a shade of gray in his demeanor, and you would love how he comes across as a mixture of affability and hatred. The actor beautifully presents himself as someone who cannot be judged against his wishes. He is a record holder diver in No Limit. As for the character, Zermani carries a loud attitude till the end.

Cesar Domboy plays Tom and wins your heart. The character suits his mien as he charts an innocent path in this tragic tale. He never goes wrong in No Limit and distributes his acting prowess with conviction. You would be moved by his small yet significant role in this French film on Netflix.

What Doesn’t Work for No Limit?


Tragically infused ominous music cannot sustain a film for a long time. The content needs to connect with the viewer and leave a startling impact. No Limit has some grueling scenes, but it cannot stay upright consistently.

Image Credits: Netflix

As a viewer, you will always have time to check your phone and complete a couple of chores while watching No Limit. It doesn’t demand your attention either through scenes or dialogues. The plot is too straightforward and unexciting.


No Limit is a slow affair when it had all the chance to be pacy. Being a sports film, it should have gone bonkers over the idea of underwater excitement. However, it gets slower and banal with time. 

Underwater Cinematography

One thing that I missed in No Limit was underwater scenes. The plot was unintriguing; hence, the makers could have explored the ravishing marine life. I am not saying they should have diverged from the story. 

However, just before the first introduction to water sporting, there was ample space to dig deep and show the beauty our waters store in the form of animal and plant life. 


Almost two hours long, No Limit sometimes feels dreary, adding to the already slow pace. I think 15-20 minutes could have been chopped to make it crisper and less overstuffed. After all, what matters in the end is the impact you leave on the viewers.


Is No Limit based on a true story?

No Limit is not based on a true story. However, it is inspired by the life of Audrey Mestre.

Who was Audrey Mestre?

Audrey Mestre (1974-2002) was a free diver who died in the Dominion Republic while attempting to beat the world record at 171 meters. She fell in love with Francisco Pipin Ferreras (Pablo in No Limit) because of their shared interest in Free Diving. Both married and moved to Florida. 

Who Killed Audrey Mestre?

To date, it is unclear who killed Audrey Mestre. Though most of the evidence indicates her husband, nothing is officially confirmed.

You can watch ESPN’s documentary, No Limits, to learn more about who killed Audrey Mestre. Also, you can read The Dive: A Story of Love and Obsession written by her husband, Francisco “Pipin” Ferreras.

No Limit Ending Explained.

The French film has an open ending and doesn’t clearly state who killed Roxana. While it was Tom who checked the equipment before the dive, Pablo was seen checking them minutes before Roxana dived into the water. Who killed her then?

Both Pablo and Tom had the motive to commit the crime. As you must have seen, Pablo was insecure about the amount of success Roxana had achieved within a short span of time. He couldn’t withstand a woman, who used to be a member of his crew, breaking the records he once held.

Furthermore, Pablo was cheating on her. Though he successfully manipulated Roxana, he had a hunch that she could spoil his image in public. Also, since he had read the texts sent by Tom to her, Pablo was jealous of both of them.

On the other hand, Tom was heartbroken when Roxana started ignoring his messages after she herself came to him. He felt cheated and humiliated on a personal level as both Roxana and Pablo were back to being a couple even after the latter broke her heart several times.

Tom must have felt like an object being used by Roxana during times of stress.

Yes, the possibility of Tom being the culprit is much lesser than Pablo hatching the conspiracy. Yet, you cannot wholly give him a free ticket.

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