The choice of beverages has extended greatly across Australia in recent years, leading to changes in habits and popularity. The days of entering a café and only being offered a hot tea or coffee is in the past as an increasing number of individuals look for more from their recreational drink.

Because it is possible to purchase many blends of coffee or types of tea both online or when visiting a café, there are those who take to experimenting and continue to look for their ideal drink. Undoubtedly, a greater awareness of looking after one’s own increased wellness has played a large part in some of the choices that are being made, with chai right up there in the popularity stakes for many good reasons.

  • There are many huge health benefits to drinking chai, assisted by being packed with powerful antioxidant properties in both the spices and tea which come with the drink. This can help protect the body against the ageing process and even cancer. There is a reason why it has been drunk in India for centuries. It’s good for you. The health of the heart is enhanced through regular consumption with cinnamon and cardamom natural healers, which can help regulate blood sugar.
  • Those who are looking to lose weight have found chai a great help in part of their plans, along with a healthy diet and exercise, through the spices that are included in the tasty drink. The cinnamon and black tea naturally assist in reducing cholesterol. Pains from toothache or issues around the body can be assisted with chai as its spices such as ginger have great anti-inflammatory properties.
  • A cup of hot sweet chai tea taken regularly is also good for boosting the immune system with ginger being a great spice for the insides to prevent illness, while colds and viruses can be kept at bay. Not only does chai taste great, but it can also save on a trip to the pharmacy and the purchase of expensive medicines. This also includes the help that is offered in reducing blood sugar which is an excellent remedy for those in a fight against diabetes.
  • The insides can often cause pain and even embarrassment when wind is released. This can be caused through bloating, often after meals. Enjoying a hot cup of chai will assist the digestive system and reduce pain and discomfort, as bacteria is fought against. Similarly, women are said to enjoy the tea because it often reduces menstrual pain and cramps as the herbs and spices get to work.
  • Those looking to detox can be huge beneficiaries of choosing the tea, as it helps clear the body, with the benefit of helping to maintain stronger bones. Other health benefits are the extended energy that it provides through its caffeine which can also assist with better concentration span.

The many health benefits offered along with the wonderful taste created through black tea, herbs, and spices have made chai an increasingly popular drink across Australia.

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