Come what may, Romcoms will never go out of fashion. Its ability to breeze past us, leaving the heart enchanted and mind in awe, in no time, keeps the genre alive.

The Other Zoey is a new Amazon Original movie from America that targets admirers of this niche.

It has a 90-minute runtime and is available to stream in over 10 languages. My review will assess the highs and lows of The Other Zoey.

So, sit tight, and continue reading.

The Other Zoey Synopsis

Averse to the idea of Valentine’s Day and romantic love, Zoey falls for a nerd who has a similar philosophy. 

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

However, her life changes when another guy mistakes Zoey for his girlfriend after meeting an accident.

Directed by Sara Zandieh, it stars Josephine Langford (Zoey), Drew Starkey (Zach), Archie Renaux (Miles), and Mallori Johnson (Elle) in pivotal roles. Heather Graham plays a cameo.

What Works for The Other Zoey? 

The idea is intriguing and has a captivating touch to it. Zoey is confused by Zach as his girlfriend since he has developed Amnesia.

From the outset, it seems like the beginning of a tragic tale of long-lost love or something of that sort.

Of course, this isn’t the case.

The Other Zoey is, in fact, a delightful romantic comedy that embraces the audience with its heartwarming essence. 

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

Its gentle and endearing storytelling serves as the driving force, ensuring your undivided attention throughout.

There are moments in the movie that evoke a sense of emotional resonance.

Moreover, though in a limited quantity, The Other Zoey also owns light-hearted comedy.

Combined, the sprinkles of love and decent humor make up for a watchable affair.

Their concoction leads to a sweet storyline with gladdening events of deep affection.

How are the Performances?

Josephine Langford graces the screen as Zoey, and her performance is a breath of fresh air. She opts for authenticity over melodrama, portraying Zoey as an intellectual woman with a rebellious outlook on love. 

The unfolding of the plot provides Langford with a canvas for consistent internal growth, and her meticulous attention to detail subtly infuses magic into the character.

Drew Starkey is Zach in this American film. Mostly, the actor is told to rely on his magnetic allure. However, when the time comes for him to ace the act, Starkey spins his web.

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

He introduces sweet comportment, casually realistic dialogue delivery, and an affirmative buoyancy to attend to the mixed vibes of the storyline.

Archie Renaux doesn’t get much to do as Miles in The Other Zoey. Barring the times he is allowed to jump out of the allotted box, Archie’s voyage depends more on other characters.

Mallori Johnson as Elle supports Langford magnificently. She is not the second fiddle but a significant part of Zoey’s personal development.

What Doesn’t Work for The Other Zoey?

It falls slightly short on transporting feelings. So, you have to be a die-hard romantic to experience a deeper connection.

The Other Zoey lacks emotional intimacy, which could have prompted immediate reflection from the viewer.

Lastly, the movie ends on a typical note. An unconventional conclusion could have earned it a few brownie points.

Maybe, just maybe, not everyone might like the love triangle part in The Other Zoey. Particularly because of its eventual turnaround.

Stream or Skip?

Despite its shortcomings, The Other Zoey boasts the advantage of a shorter runtime. 

This brevity compensates for any flaws, making it a worthwhile watch for those seeking a quick, enjoyable cinematic experience.

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