I couldn’t review The Tailor when its first part came out a few months ago. And, to my surprise, the second season premiered without a warning.

In a world where successive seasons take at least a year to stream, The Tailor is definitely an exception.

It has eight episodes, forming a collective length of five hours. Moreover, the Turkish drama aims to be intimate, suspenseful, and emotional.

Does it succeed? Read my review to find out.

The Tailor Season 2 Synopsis

Peyami survives the bullet injury and lives a life in shambles. Dimitri marries Esvet while a new character enters the life of Peyami. Mustafa’s condition further deteriorates after he realizes Firuze has left.

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Most importantly, living as a broken heart, the renowned tailor Peyami finds it hard to even hold the scissor. Can he get his life back on track? This and many other aspects await in the second installment of The Tailor.

Created by Onur Guvenatam, The Tailor season 2 stars Cagatay Ulusoy (Peyami), Salih Bademci (Dimitri), Sifanur Gul (Esvet), Olgun Simsek (Mustafa), Berrak Tuzunatac (Cemre Evrim), Alasya (Kiraz), Ece Sukan, Lila Gurmen, Celile Toyon, Engin Senkan, Vedat Erincin, Berrak Tuzunatac, and others.

What Works for The Tailor Season 2?

The drama takes on a deeper, more intricate dimension after Peyami’s accidental shooting by Esvit in the previous season’s finale.

The tension among Peyami, Esvit, and Dimitri is palpable, adding to the show’s captivating premise.

Emotions are powerfully at play, but what truly stands out is the well-crafted drama, further enriched by the enthralling background score.

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Moreover, masterful craftsmanship is evident in how the makers maintain a seamless transition from the previous season.

The familiar setup, the continuation of character arcs, and the picture-perfect ambiance immerse you back into the world of The Tailor effortlessly, making it a binge-worthy delight.

The second season delivers ample mystery to fuel the drama, with the truth about Peyami’s mother at the forefront of intrigue.

This tantalizing enigma keeps you glued, craving more revelations and adding layers of complexity to the plot.

On the cinematography front, while the show might not showcase Turkey’s landscapes as extensively as desired, the regular shots are visually stunning.

The behind-the-lens artistry shines through, creating a visually appealing experience that complements the narrative’s emotional depth.

Though I have mentioned this earlier, the background score deserves its own spotlight, as it becomes an integral part of the series’ impact.

The music heightens peak moments, immersing viewers deeper into the characters’ struggles and triumphs, making it a soul-stirring auditory journey.

How are the Performances?

Cagatay Ulusoy’s portrayal of Peyami, the titular character, is a tour de force.

He continues his triumphant run, infusing Peyami with intensified intensity, loudness, and ruggedness, making him a captivating presence on screen.

The actor occupies most of the screen space and still manages to keep things intricately exciting.

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Salih Bademci impressively evolves as Dimitri, showcasing remarkable growth in his character. His portrayal exudes maturity, and he navigates the complexities of Dimitri’s journey with finesse.

Sifanur Gul’s performance as Esvet is a standout. She sheds her previous calm and fragile demeanor, embracing a bolder and more assertive side.

Her ability to question and stand up to the opposition adds an intriguing layer to the narrative.

Olgun Simsek’s act as Mustafa is the highlight of the series. He is the best performer without a doubt.

His mastery of the character is truly remarkable and how he handles the challenging role with an astonishing grip, left me in awe.

Berrak Tuzunatac’s addition as Cemre brings a breath of fresh air to the series.

Although her character could have been written better, Tuzunatac brings a certain charm and likability to Cemre, making her a welcome addition to the ensemble.

What Doesn’t Work for The Tailor Season 2?

The second season tends to beat around the bush, resulting in a somewhat dragging narrative.

It could have benefitted from being shorter by at least thirty minutes, maintaining a more focused and engaging storyline without losing its depth.

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While the series strives for authenticity and depth, it falls short in delivering emotionally resonant moments.

I liked the characters but never felt bad for them as I did in season 1.

Furthermore, in comparison to the first season, the second installment lacks the same adrenaline rush and intense moments.

While it successfully maintains its dramatic aspects, the heightened excitement and thrilling elements of the previous season may leave some viewers wanting more.

Is The Tailor Season 2 better than Season 1?

It depends on what aspect you are pitting the two against each other.

The discovery of characters is better in season 2 while the excitement and uniqueness were much higher in the first part of The Tailor.

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