Customizing your PC for gaming from scratch is the mere way through which your system can fulfill all your personal preferences. Consequently, you can determine everything that goes into your PC, from power supply onwards, and henceforth, play games at the frame rates you want and do other things as well. And below are the crucial aspects that you need to comprehend before going ahead with your custom PC.

Three key components of Custom PC


The main circuit board in a computer that links every other unit together is the motherboard. It houses memory cards, storage devices, graphic cards, and others. When selecting a motherboard for your computer, always ensure that the processor you intend to use is supported and that any other additional features are needed.


Your system becomes faster by temporarily storing data in memory (RAM) while it processes information from different applications or programs. Make sure to choose the right RAM for your custom PC build. Make sure you have enough space without spending too much money, and is also compatible with your motherboard and processor.


One of the most critical components in a PC is the processor because it is the one that runs programs and applications; hence, when choosing one, it is important to make sure that it has enough power to handle your plans. When deciding on a processor, remember to avoid getting one with few cores, low clock speed, and slow cache speed. These factors will significantly influence the computer’s speed when doing several tasks or running more than one program.

Perks of Custom built PC

  • There are several reasons why one should consider using a custom PC. One of the most important advantages is that they are faster as compared to pre-built PCs. You have the freedom to select the best components when you decide to make your computer so that it performs at its peak speed.
  • If you have professional applications or play games, proprietary software is another advantage of making a custom-built PC. Making a machine designed specifically for these requirements will enhance speed and utilization.
  • Since they are created with particular tasks in mind, which means they have fewer hardware issues down the line, gaming PCs case more reliable than ready-made ones.

How to quickly build your own customized PC

  • Understand how you’re going to make the best out of your PC (gaming or content creation, streaming, etc.), and be sure that all the essential components align with each other.
  • Make sure you have all the necessary tools and a newly cleaned workbench.
  • Begin assembling your computer by going through each step, from mounting the mainboard to attaching case accessories and installing fans.
  • Turn it on just to see if it works or boots into the BIOS.
  • Install any OS you would like.

Final Thoughts

All in all, this was everything you had to know about a custom PC, from its components to its advantages and the steps to create one.

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