When it comes to movies, is there still anything better than a love story? If I were to ask myself five years ago, the answer would have been a straight NO. What about you?

A new Polish film, Tonight You’re Sleeping with Me, has been released on Netflix. It is a love story based on a book. And, it is the third creation of the week I have watched that was derived from a novel.

What’s happening? Where are original ideas?

The film is half an hour long and promises to be bittersweet, intimate, and emotional. Is it any good? I will delve into that in my Tonight You’re Sleeping with Me review.

What is the synopsis of Tonight You’re Sleeping with Me?

Nina’s tasteless marriage goes further south when circumstances lead her to choose between her husband and a handsome young man from the past. What would she do? How would she deal with the situation?

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Starring Roma Gasiorowska (Nina), Maciej Musial (Janek), and Wojciech Zielinski (Maciek) in lead roles, the movie is directed by Robert Wichrowski. It is based on a book by Anna Szczypczynska.

So, what works for Tonight You’re Sleeping with Me?

It has a calm storyline. There are no unusual twists, drama, or forced infusions. The plot begins quietly and maintains the rhythm without being monotonous.

If you have been looking to watch a proper love story where conflicts don’t sound unrealistic, Tonight You’re Sleeping with Me could be your go-to film for the weekend.

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The movie’s plot is void of loudness. It eventually leaves you feeling for the characters. And that’s when, as a viewer, you know the efficacy of the writing.

It might sound strange but not all romantic products are built on sturdy love stories. However, Tonight You’re Sleeping with Me has a touching tale of hearts.

I think it has a lot to do with the tried and tested writing arising out of a book. The cinematography has done justice to the novella by Anna Szczypczynska.

Moreover, with a duration of only ninety minutes, Tonight You’re Sleeping with Me is easy to fit into your schedule. Another fifteen minutes might have made the film dreary. In its present form, the pace is fine.

Are the performances any good?

Certainly. All the actors have done their part well starting with Roma Gasiorowska who plays Nina in the movie. She dazzles through her expressions and emerges as the rightful leader of the pack.

Her handling of the screen is prolific. Whether it was the emotions or the consistently intensifying conflicts, she ably handled everything.

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Maciej Musial as Janek brings a breath of fresh air in Tonight You’re Sleeping with Me. He depicts a youngster having a free-flowing yet intelligent mind. The best part about him is his amiable vibe.

Wojciech Zielinski presents Maciek in the movie. Though he has limited screen presence when compared to the other two, Wojciech’s significance is pretty high.

Through him, the makers have shown a man who tries to run away from challenging situations. It’s not that we haven’t seen similar individuals in movies. But his adroit performance adds a touch of uniqueness.

What doesn’t work for Tonight You’re Sleeping with Me?

Some people might find it a little slow. Rest is fine, in my opinion, for a novella-type romance.

Should you watch Tonight You’re Sleeping with Me?

Yes, it is a beautiful film, specifically for those who are into the genre.

The following section contains spoilers.

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Tonight You’re Sleeping with Me ending explained.

The way the movie ends might have confused you a bit. We saw how Nina faces a conundrum when she finds her husband in the hospital. Afterward, her decision becomes even tougher.

Nina calls Janek to inform about the same. Though Janek initially lashes out at her, he later reaches Iceland to meet her. He consoles Nina and tells her he is ready to step back for the moment.

Maciek attains consciousness and apologizes to Nina for his past mistakes. He conveys his desire of staying with her forever, further aggravating the woman’s conundrum.

What I could gather from the ending of Tonight You’re Sleeping with Me is that Nina eventually decides to live with her husband. There are three reasons for it:

First, the future of her daughters.

Second, the guilt she was feeling after Maciek found out about her affair.

And third, her husband’s potential lifelong injuries.

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