Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 2 Review: The Gritty Show is Better Than its Predecessor

New seasons can be both exciting and tricky to watch. There are bountiful expectations as a viewer. Most of the shows are not able to replicate the success of the first season, in terms of the storyline.

Last year, a Spanish series, Wrong Side of the Tracks, made its way to Netflix. That was a time when I had only started my reviewing journey.

The show is now back with its sequel. In my review of Wrong Side of the Tracks season 1, I called out the series for lagging on several fronts. Overall, I didn’t like it for the major part.

Nevertheless, we have another round to catch up with, and before I jump into my Wrong Side of the Tracks season 2 review, here are some basic details about the show.

What is the story of Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 2?

After the murder of Sandra, the drug cartel needs a new leader. Nata stands up to the opportunity. While Irene and Nelson break up, a new dimension to their relationship gives rise to emotional conflicts.

Tirso, the protective grandfather, finds affection. His friends are going through a decent time in their bar. Moreover, his relationship with his son has improved to some extent.

Image Credits: Netflix

Ezequiel gets out of jail and starts working as an undercover for the police. Gladys continues to search for peace.

Their lives are about to change again as a bigger picture appears in Entrevias, called The Ghost whom Amanda has been seeking for years.

Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 2 is created by David Bermejo and most of its cast remains the same, including Jose Coronado (Tirso), Nono Sabo (Irene), Felipe Londono (Nelson), Luis Zahera (Ezequiel), Laura Ramos (Gladys), Itziar Atienza (Amanda), Maria De Nati (Nata), and Maria Molins (Jimena), among others.

What works for Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 2?

It has a gutsier storyline than the first part. And I have to admit I was wrong to brush the show aside. Wrong Side of the Tracks has bounced back courageously in the new season.

Emotions have been used effectively. There are ample moments of thrill. And, more importantly, the tale never goes off the track. It stays in the neighborhood while keeping things interesting.

Also, the story remains raw and relatable. The happenings don’t look superficial, thanks to the taut writing. Creators of the show stick to the basics and draw elements of surprise from them.

Image Credits: Netflix

Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 2 comes with an almost fascinating plot, which was a surprise for me. The idea of the corporatization of druglords is exciting.

Additionally, the factor of continuity is a big plus for the series. It looks as if they shot both seasons together, which must have been an uphill task.

And if they executed them separately, one has to appreciate them even more. All the characters haven’t changed a bit, the flavor of a dilapidated neighborhood stays, and the locations give a familiar vibe. It is like a perfect continuation.

The pace of narration is the biggest improvement of Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 2 when compared to its predecessor.

I remember sleeping on several occasions while binge-watching the first part. However, it didn’t happen this time around. The action scenes, jokes, and drama kept me afloat. If you find it too slow for your taste, try playing it at 1.25x.

Since I have mentioned jokes, the series aces situational comedy. You are sure to chuckle during the show.

How are the performances?

Everybody is brilliant. The ensemble gets to spread their magic once again. And this time, they have done even better. I will try to cover those who I couldn’t while reviewing the first part.

Jose Coronado shines as Tirso. His arrogant demeanor remains the flavor of the series. Interestingly, the actor blends a great deal of hidden flamboyance with snobbishness. His sharp expressions will have you on the edge throughout the series.

Image Credits: Netflix

Luis Zahera is immaculate in the second season of Wrong Side of the Tracks. Apart from the cheekiness, he comes across as a charming character. You are very likely to fall in love with him.

Laura Ramos as Gladys glows brighter. She deservingly gets more screen space, which allows the actress to excel. Her fluent emotional inferences raise the bar of the series.

Itziar Atienza doesn’t disappoint as a cop. It is so good to see actors who didn’t get much space in the previous season to have been included in the bigger picture.

The same is the case with Maria Molins who plays Jimena. She finally gets to be in charge of her surroundings. Last time, her appearances were mostly linked to Tirso, which is not the case anymore.

Felipe Londono’s intensity as Nelson never wanes. His aggressive comportment leaves you stunned at times. Moreover, the actor is less emotional in the second season than he was earlier. And I am so glad it happened.

What is off about Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 2?

Unlike season one, I couldn’t find any specific issues with the series this time.

Should you watch or skip the second season?

If you have watched the first, you must stream this one. It is much better. Even new viewers can go ahead. They will only have to contend with the average first-round.

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