Italian pizzas have been at the center of attraction for decades. Their scrumptious taste leaves people in awe. However, my surroundings have never allowed me to go beyond Italian cuisine. Their culture and history have never been of significance to individuals around me.

The only thing that brings me closer to the region, after food, is creativity. Though I don’t specifically remember the last Italian movie I saw, it must have been a good one. Against this backdrop, when I began watching Under the Amalfi Sun, the latest Italian film streaming on Netflix, I somewhere had a hidden sense of excitement.

Yes, the intro for this blog is a bit stretchy, but I am sure you won’t mind. Let’s jump into the crux of the matter without wasting any more time.

Under the Amalfi Sun Movie Review Summary

Sweet, serene, and detoxing are appropriate adjectives to describe Under the Amalfi Sun. It is a light-hearted film that keeps you involved through precious moments of love and the conflicts arising out of them.

Under the Amalfi Sun Movie Synopsis

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Two lovebirds, Vincenzo and Camilla, meet each other after a year’s gap at the former’s place, the picturesque town of Amalfi. It is the first time since birth that Vincenzo is roaming on his own, given the overprotective nature of his mother.

Furio, a close friend of Vincenzo, has struggled for love all his life. Camilla is accompanied by Nathalie, who is conscious of her bodily features. Together, the four go on a voyage of fun, self-discovery, and romance. Furthermore, several other characters enter the plot to make things exciting.

Starring Lorenzo Zurzolo (Vincenzo), Davide Calgaro (Furio), Ludovica Martino (Camilla), Kyshan Wilson (Nathalie), Isabella Ferrari (Irene), Luca Ward (Lucio), and Nicolas Maupas (Hans), among others, Under the Amalfi Sun is an Italian movie streaming on Netflix and directed by Martina Pastori.

What Works for Under the Amalfi Sun?


Image Credits: Netflix

A sweet, simple, and unambiguous story is better than thousand others not having these features. Under the Amalfi Sun creates a serene environment using a straightforward plot. However, the makers ensure dullness never creeps up for even a second.

The charming landscapes of Amalfi keep you engrossed if ever the story goes for a toss. This Italian romance movie also infuses new characters and situations to win you over.


Under the Amalfi Sun has its heart in the right place. On several occasions, you would feel for the characters and their relationships and even relate to them personally. Especially toward the end, the movie arouses a plethora of emotions blended with romantic vibes.


There’s no dearth of romance in Under the Amalfi Sun. Unlike other creations in the same genre, the movie ably transports the feeling of love without being obscene. It lets you grasp the emotions and then reciprocate them through continuous watching.

The film succeeds in crafting various relationships with issues or hurdles plaguing them. Can love be sustained when two people are not on the same page? Is it possible to love without expectations? Under the Amalfi Sun tries to answer these and other questions through its mesmerizing storyline.


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Playing a blind guy, Lorenzo Zurzolo perfects the character from the beginning. He is always in control while steering the plot on his shoulders. Pretending to be someone who cannot see is an exhaustive task. You cannot ace it within days; sometimes, even months are not enough.

However, after a random search about the actor, I have come to realize that he has played a blind character before as well in Netflix’s 2018 TV Series, BABY. Well, that’s some revelation. But don’t worry, he has normal vision in real life.

As the female lead, Ludovica Martino prospers pretty well. Her character has several limitations that don’t allow Martino to improvise or infuse new aspects. Nevertheless, whatever she is given, the actress adeptly implements it.

Davide Calgaro plays Furio in Under the Amalfi Sun. He is the funny magnet of the movie and allows you to laugh out loud several times. Probably, Furio’s character is the most relatable too. He aces the casual talks, efficiently gets into your skin and sets himself apart from the others.

Image Credits: Netflix

Kyshan Wilson as Nathalie grows as the film progresses. Her expressions, dialogue delivery, and bold personality are factors that keep you engaged. Moreover, I loved how she handles conversations in Under the Amalfi Sun.

Nicolas Maupas as Hans arrives as a wise character but gradually exposes his leaks. He has the style and charm to make the audience fall in love. However, Maupas may have been a little more expressive at some points.

Luca Ward is another astute performer from this Italian movie on Netflix. For an aged man, he consummately delivers an intricate outing.

Everyone else in Under the Amalfi Sun does a dexterous job, especially Isabelle Ferrari as Irene.


Not even a single moment of lazy writing in a romantic movie is rare. Yes, Under the Amalfi Sun does stray from the plot for a while, but it bounces back in no time. The writing is crisp and taut throughout, allowing for a binge-worthy experience.


Image Credits: Netflix

Songs are a crucial part of Under the Amalfi Sun. Hailing from India, I didn’t understand most of them, but the rhythm and beat almost forced me to hum along. The best one was “Fiamme negli occhi” by Coma Cose.


With a runtime of 90 minutes, Under the Amalfi Sun will not harm your busy schedule. It is a quick watch and has everything you’d expect from a heartwarming film.

What Doesn’t Work for Under the Amalfi Sun?

I couldn’t find anything off about this Italian movie on Netflix. Considering its genre, the film has the right pace and a decent amount of hidden humor to make you laugh.

Final Word

Are you a fan of heartwarming romantic tales? If yes, Under the Amalfi Sun is for you. Those who don’t like love stories and charming fiction about relationships might find it banal.

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