Café Minamdang Episode 5 and 6 Review: Helped by Thrill and Suspense, Seo-In-guk and Oh Yeon-seo Enchant You Further

The K-Drama, Café Minamdang, first premiered on 27th June 2022 on Netflix. It is now in its third week, with a dual episode release every seven days. Moreover, the show is going to last 18 episodes, and hence, some people are having doubts regarding its sustainability.

Till now, Café Minamdang has done everything possible to balance comedy, thrill, and suspense. In the fourth episode of Café Minamdang, we saw Nam Han-jum (Seo-In-guk) and Han Jae-hui (Oh Yeon-seo) tailing a minor case of theft.

They go inside a sewer and find a girl waiting for her brother. Just a few inches away from the kid, Nam Han-jum discovers a dead body, giving an impression of the show turning into a proper crime thriller.

While Han Jae-hui thinks Choi Yeong-seop is behind the murder, Nam Han-jum’s instinct points to Gopuri. Both have their versions of the past to suspect different individuals.

As the story progresses, here’s my review of Café Minamdang Episodes 5 and 6. Like my previous blog, this one will have one summary but individual analyses.

Café Minamdang Episode 5 and 6 Review Summary

Episodes five and six of the latest K-drama, Café Minamdang, continue to transport enthralling vibes. The series keeps you involved through its unrelenting efforts to build mysteries without making things obvious. Furthermore, fun stays alive with decent humor.

Nevertheless, Café Minamdang does repeat some mistakes from the past. Keep reading my review to learn more.

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Café Minamdang Episode 5 Review

Since you have read the summary, you already have an idea of how the series behaves in its present form. And as I had mentioned in my previous blog, when there are two episodes releasing a week, you have to watch both to understand things in context. 

Therefore, I am writing this review after watching episode five and six of Café Minamdang. Here’s the synopsis of the fifth episode.

Café Minamdang Episode 5 Synopsis

Nam Han-jum and Han Jae-hui cross paths again after finding a burnt dead body in a sewer. A harsh memory tells them they have seen this modus operandi before. Though linked, both point fingers in different directions.

The entire episode revolves around Choi Yeong-seop’s involvement in the crime. Also, Nam Han-jum and Han Jae-hui face each other several times during the investigation. Will they find the truth, or is there someone else having the remote control?

What Works for Café Minamdang Episode 5?

Story and Narration

Café Minamdang’s fifth episode depends heavily on its story and narration. And it doesn’t disappoint either. The makers maintain the pace throughout the runtime while keeping the storyline nice and stable. New characters keep barging in to ensure the viewer’s interest is not lost.

There’s no stain in Korean creators’ storytelling abilities; with Café Minamdang, this belief has only gotten stronger.


Not all dramas fascinate you. Most of them are restricted to the core tenets of emotions, pastime jokes, and misplaced stimulations. Café Minamdang, in contrast, is growing like a baby with each outing.

Every new episode generates curiosity and interest among the audience. In the fifth part of Café Minamdang, you’ll find chase sequences, shrewd characterization, and several entertaining elements. 

And to top it all, the setup and the story work wonders for this Korean show. Interestingly, they have managed to maintain a certain level of novelty in every part till now.


Whenever the lead pair of Seo-In-guk and Oh Yeon-seo appears together, the surroundings become waggish, and you feel lighter. A strange thing about the duo is their ability to deliver the same magic, whether standing in unison or against each other.

Just be prepared to laugh and blossom in their majestically unique presence, and you’ll not be disheartened. Furthermore, as Nam Han-jum’s mother barges into the story, entertainment gets a boost.


Episode 5 of Café Minamdang succeeds in creating a sparkling build-up toward the end. It arouses enough curiosity to play the next episode. As I have mentioned several times earlier, watching both episodes together is advisable for a wholesome experience.

What Doesn’t work for Café Minamdang Episode 5?

If the story is good, you will find it hard to criticize a series, which happens with Café Minamdang. There’s nothing in episode five that I can point out as a descending aspect.

Café Minamdang Episode 6 Review

After Café Minamdang Episode 5 review, it is the turn of the next part of the week, i.e., episode 6. It continues from where the former rests but takes a different approach straightway.

Café Minamdang Episode 6 Synopsis

Episode 6 is all about what happened three years ago. How Han Jae-hui’s brother died and how things panned out afterward are extensively covered in this edition of Café Minamdang.

Furthermore, Nam Han-jum continues to look for ways to investigate the case further. Choi Yeong-seop doesn’t reveal anything during the questioning, which makes matters worse for Nam Han-jum and Han Jae-hui.

What Works for Café Minamdang Episode 6?


With tables turning in this episode of Café Minamdang, the makers try to play the emotional card via a flashback. You will feel closer to the lead pair, and their past will resonate quite well. If you are a fan of vengeance, there are high chances of increased emotional activity inside your heart (that’s me being honest).


Still, the story of Café Minamdang holds really well against all odds. I was waiting to take notes if it ever went down south, but, fortunately, it didn’t happen. All the strings are well equipped with surprises and astonishment.

Moreover, the entry and exit points at major narrational junctions are smooth and amusing. You will never feel dreary unless you are mentally tired and need rest (this happened to me).

Rising Intensity

I don’t know how many times I have written this while reviewing Café Minamdang, but here I am again; this Korean drama on Netflix gets further intensified in the sixth episode. With some scintillating revelations just around the corner, you can feel things getting to their boiling point.


In episodes five and six of Café Minamdang, the only difference is a flashback when it comes to mysteries. It leaves you drenched in temptation. You wish to know how things stack when masks are unfurled.

Meanwhile, the sixth episode of Café Minamdang also gives an impression of a looming threat. It is because we are heading to the halfway stage in this Korean drama on Netflix.

What Doesn’t Work for Café Minamdang Episode 6?

Stretched Flashback

Once again, like in Episode 3, we are shown a lengthy flashback. It is not dull and, instead, a vital part of the show. I am simply not a big fan of throwing things all at once. The makers could have gone with short passages to enthrall in a better manner.

Final Word

For those following Café Minamdang, keep watching this Korean drama streaming on Netflix. The fascination has just begun. Also, if you plan to start the series, you can do that immediately. The first six episodes of Café Minamdang are perfect in most aspects of filmmaking and storytelling.

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