It has been a week of supernaturally exciting presentations. After India’s first creature comedy, Bhediya, I binge-watched the Netflix series Wednesday, another fantasy show.

For the uninitiated, Wednesday is based on the characters created by Charles Addams, an American cartoonist of the 20th century. He is credited with the origination of dark, humorous, and grisly characters.

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Lasting through eight episodes, the series will take around six hours to finish. And since your time is precious, here’s my Wednesday review to enlighten you about its prospects. Let’s begin with the show’s synopsis.

Wednesday is filled with the adventurous voyage of Wednesday Addams at the Nevermore Academy for the outcasts. Her days at the premises are filled with realizations, discoveries, and murder mysteries. However, things get intense when Wednesday finds out about the presence of a monster AKA Hyde.

Created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, Wednesday stars Jenna Ortega (Wednesday), Gwendoline Christie (Weems), Riki Lindhome (Dr. Kinbott), Christina Ricci (Marilyn), Jamie McShane (The Sheriff), Hunter Doohan (Tyler), Percy Hynes White (Xavier), Emma Myers (Enid), and Joy Sunday (Bianca), among others.

Now, it is time to present the aspects that work in Wednesday’s favor.

The show’s storyline is swashbuckling, complemented by a racy screenplay. Adventure, thrill, and dark humor are sprinkled in appropriate quantity to entertain the viewer.

You will quickly adapt to the ambiance of Wednesday if, for a while, you feel unimpressed by its start. However, that would be a rare affair.

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Significantly, the appreciable tale is helped by a startling plot. It is arousing, puzzling, and stimulating, all at the same time. Though the genre is entirely different, I was reminded of A Private Affair quite a few times while watching Wednesday.

Moreover, I cannot think of a recent fantasy creation more satiable than Wednesday. It doesn’t have even a minor slowdown in terms of pace.

You will be hooked and glued to the screen, and for that, you don’t precisely have to be a fan of supernatural thrillers. Just a little inclination toward dark and humorous fantasy shows would do.

VFX of Wednesday should be another talking point. It is supremely built and helps elevate the viewing experience. I know the usual tempo of visual effects in such shows has great flair attached to it; still, ensuring the superficial strands don’t look cosmetic to the viewer must be appreciated.

Image Credits: Netflix

Mystery and Suspense in the series grow with time, which isn’t usually the case. Mostly, we are served with enigmatic patches, but Wednesday allows us to stay dipped in the flow of mysteries. Suspense, on the other end, is not only delicately crafted but also revealed in due time.

To a great extent, credit should be given to characterization. The makers don’t fail to bring legendary characters to the screen.

Starting with Wednesday Addams and going all the way to her mom and dad, the sketches never get awry. Furthermore, Enid, Tyler, and Xavier add to the excitement.

Coming to the performances of the lead cast, Jenna Ortega plays the titular character of Wednesday Addams and embarks on a fruitful journey. Her unique demeanor, style, and the idea of staying still, relying on eye movements, work exceptionally well.

Ortega’s portrayal is one for the history books for the deftness she carries in every frame. Moreover, her fluent dialogue delivery and mastery in honing quirky expressions are independent allurements.

Image Credits: Netflix

Hunter Doohan impresses as Tyler in the series. The charm he throws at you is almost irresistible, even with the presence of Jenna Ortega. Doohan doesn’t shy away from taking centerstage in Wednesday, making you feel his absence as a result.

Emma Myers plays Enid in Wednesday. She is the high-school friend we all can relate to. Her eccentric style of talking connects hilariously well with the audience. Emma doesn’t get to you right from the beginning. She grows on you with time.

Christina Ricci as Marilyn is charming and utterly enjoyable in Wednesday. However, I wish her screen time was more.

Apart from the names I mentioned, several actors add a unique touch to the show. It is due to their diligence that Wednesday comes out perfectly as a whole.

Where does Wednesday lack?

Fortunately, I cannot pinpoint any specific area the show stutters in. Years of effort have culminated in a brilliant series that anyone can watch.

Still, if I had to be extra vigilant, the start was slightly off, but it was imperative considering the concept of the series.

Should you watch Wednesday on Netflix?

Don’t even let a second thought cross your mind. You have to watch Wednesday for the performances, storyline, mysteries, and all that’s there.

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