Put the women in command and see the magic they brew. I am not sure if anyone said it before me but Wingwomen, a new movie on Netflix, seems to be following on these lines.

The film has its origins in France and sits in the ‘heist’ genre. Touted to be a quirky and exciting comedy-drama, it is almost two hours in length.

Wingwomen is based on the comic book series “La Grande Odalisque” by Jerome Mulot, Florent Ruppert, and Bastian Vives.

Let’s quickly get started with my review of this French movie.

Wingwomen Synopsis

Alex and Carole are in the business of ‘heists.’ They work for their “Godmother.” However, when the duo wants out, it is forced to continue.

Image Credits: Netflix

As a result, they make their next robbery, their last one, and recruit a getaway driver to help with the same.

The film has been directed by Melanie Laurent. It stars Adele Exarchopoulos (Alex), Melanie Laurent (Carole), Manon Bresch (Sam), Felix Moati (Clarence), and others.

What Works for Wingwomen?

It is one of those films that feel exciting right from the start. Wingwomen masterfully times its humor and wit, delivering a constant stream of entertainment.

The subsequent boost comes from its theme of ‘Heist,’ which results in guns, fire, and a lot of action.

Rarely does the smile wane from your face, one of the biggest achievements of Wingwomen.

Moreover, excitement is an eternal aspect of the film, led by intimate conversations, jolly acts of fun, and the adventurous outings of two friends.

Unconditional bonhomie remains the strongest suit of Wingwomen.

Seeing companions talk about their lives and future plans while subtly belittling each other mesmerizes you at a deeper level.

Image Credits: Netflix

You’ll also like the action and chase sequences, though violence doesn’t have much presence in the plot.

Notably, the screenplay is vibrant and gripping at the same time.

Furthermore, I think the movie benefits a lot from the original writers’ acuity since it is based on a comic book.

Another highly commendable feature is Wingwomen’s pace, which never disappoints, especially helping maintain the flow of dialogue between characters.

It is rare to find connectable individuals in an action film but Wingwomen is different.

The movie succeeds in blending fierceness with affable and heartwarming undertones that guide it right to the very end.

How are the Performances?

Adele Exarchopoulos makes you smile, laugh, and erupt as Alex. She has an exciting demeanor that shapes Wingwomen. 

Her ebullient dialogues and onscreen actions offer comfort. The actress’ versatility shows when she is fierce in one frame and composed in the very next.

Image Credits: Netflix

Much like a fine wine, she flows gracefully through the French film.

Melanie Laurent, who also directs the film, plays Carole. Her meticulous portrayal contains charm, together with emotional mindfulness. 

You will connect with Carole for she is admirably congenial. It also has to do with how she deals with the plot’s gray areas. 

And since Laurent has also co-written Wingwomen, her performance carries an extra layer of depth and authenticity.

Manon Bresch portrays Sam. Her presence is spread across a decent time but the weight of her character is not as much in the storyline.

Yet, the actress meanders brilliantly using her cinematic skills.

What Doesn’t Work for Wingwomen?

The movie suffers from plot jerks in the build-up to the final operation when you are exposed to a stagnant screenplay.

Contrary to its earlier phases, Wingwomen doesn’t have much to showcase when setting up the atmosphere.

Also, Sam’s character development is not sumptuous. She is left in the lurch with a few lines about her past.

Diving a bit deeper would have brought her to par with the other two lead characters. She just appears to be the figurative third wheel of the group.

Stream or Skip?

Wingwomen has all the ingredients to be a satisfying watch. Therefore, I recommend it.

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