Sometimes, Wednesdays are more exciting for Netflix users than Fridays. Several movies and shows make way to their lists on this day of the week.

Locked In, a British film, is among the latest flicks to hit the small screen.

The suspenseful thriller is one and a half hours long and stars some prominent names from the British Film Industry.

But that doesn’t seal its fate. It all comes down to the substance of the movie’s premise. How is the story? Does it do justice to the alluring description on Netflix?

Here is my review.

Locked In Synopsis

Katherine suffers from locked-in syndrome resulting from a loss of limb function and speech. A ‘neuroclinical’ nurse makes it her goal to bring her back to normal and find out the mystery behind her miserable state.

Image Credits: Netflix

Soon, she discovers that what was reported as an accident was actually an attempt to murder Katherine.

Directed by Nour Wazzi, Locked In features Famke Janssen (Katherine), Rose Williams (Lina), Alex Hassell (Doctor Lawrence), Finn Cole (Jamie), and Anna Friel (Nurse Mackenzie).

What Works for Locked In?

A woman marries her adoptive cousin who is not absolutely fine in terms of health. However, their union is more of a deal than a love story.

Since the man cannot go outside due to shortcomings, he also doesn’t let the lady leave. Obviously, there are other elements at play that I cannot reveal in my review.

The initial setup has a decent flavor of suspense and mystery in Locked In. The story, with all its flaws in the second half, is bound to attract the audience’s curiosity.

Its early stages set the ground for a special outing, draped in riddles and an arousing background score. It constantly maintains a sense of impending thrill.

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Furthermore, a striking feature of Locked In is the cinematography. The camera work is superb.

When you look at it together with certain visual effects they have used, the aesthetic pleasure is further enhanced.

Moreover, the film’s pacing is a bit contentious. Viewers might find themselves toggling between regular speed and 1.25x to maintain their engagement. 

It’s not excessively slow, but I expected a crisper tempo from a thriller.

How are the Performances?

Rose Williams embodies the character of Lina with a multi-dimensional grace. Her portrayal is a masterclass in versatility. She adeptly navigates the complexities of her character. 

Throughout the film, Williams effortlessly traverses the emotionally charged landscape, showcasing her ability to capture a multitude of nuances.

Image Credits: Netflix

Alex Hassell, in the role of Doctor Lawrence, radiates a commanding presence. 

His chiseled physique and intense facial expressions give him a magnetic authority within the storyline, making his performance a standout.

Finn Cole, recognized for his role in Peaky Blinders, takes on the character of Jamie in this British production. 

He embraces the role’s reserved nature, delivering a performance that aligns with the character’s demands.

Famke Janssen has a very limited presence as Katherine. She delivers an outing on expected lines.

What Doesn’t Work for Locked In?

The film lacks the necessary momentum expected of a thriller, offering only faint triggers that fail to ignite the viewer’s curiosity. 

For a concept that lacks a fresh perspective, ‘Locked In’ needed a compelling hook to maintain engagement during its middle phase.

As I mentioned earlier, suspense finds a place early on. However, the revelations are not worth it.

Also, the movie essentially opens all the cards by the halfway stage.

Image Credits: Netflix

From then on, you already have a strong theory regarding its conclusion. So, the unpredictability factor, from an average storyline, is done and dusted.

Therefore, to be called a gripping thriller, Locked In needed stirring moments of intrigue, which, sadly, is not the case.

Even the climax of the British flick feels unconvincing, probably due to bland writing in the final parts.

The makers needed to work more on the ending. It is too light to make the desired impact, especially when the previous pivotal moments couldn’t appeal to the viewer.

Another notable drawback is the deliberate shaping of certain characters to manipulate the audience’s opinion, opting for a less realistic approach when a more genuine portrayal would have been preferred.

Stream or Skip?

Tough to say, honestly. I would recommend watching Locked In only if you have spare time.

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