After a long day of attending zoom calls, preparing meetings, and dozing off in the chair, we all need an energy booster to help us get through the week.

A good friends’ night out seems like the only reasonable option, don’t you think? But let’s be realistic here.

We don’t always plan the night as much as we plan our outfits and hair. Sometimes, you even end up hanging out in a dull old restaurant that is probably 30 to 40 years old.

Consider this your guidebook the next time you plan to have a night out with your friends.

Here are 14 cool night out ideas to relax with your besties.

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A Movie Night. Duh!

Going out on a movie night can be all fun and games unless you are broke. Movie tickets, popcorn, and sodas may seem the least exciting option financially.

three friends watching tv and eating snacks
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But that doesn’t mean you cannot have a good movie night, right? Choose a house to assemble your avengers and enjoy a good movie together. Don’t forget the popcorn.

Drive Around

Extreme times call for extreme measures. When you cannot seem to agree on any plans, simply take your car around town and explore.

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A good car ride can be fun and who knows you might even discover new and interesting places with your friends. Remember, no amount of good fun is enough to make you forget your safety.

Put your seatbelts on and avoid drinking while driving to enjoy this night out idea.

Oh, Look! Pretty Sky

photo of teepee under a starry sky
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This is by far the cheapest night out plan. When you and your besties cannot find an affordable place and at the same time fun, then simply plan a small night picnic with snacks, drinks, and the pretty night sky.

Make sure you check the celestial events for the year. You might get to witness new stars and even meteor showers. 

An Expensive Dinner

A fancy meal is quite expensive, and let me warn you, it takes a dramatic hit on your monthly budget as well. But what better way to celebrate a good long friendship than eating expensive fries and drinking wine with a hard-to-pronounce name.

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Put on your fanciest outfit, and make sure you take that credit card along because it will get boujee. 

Scream it out

Plan an entire day with your friends in an amusement park. Let me assure you that screaming and shouting with your besties can sometimes make your day, week, month, or even year.

Water rides, merry-go-rounds, and exciting train rides can bring your group closer too. If you plan on going in the daytime, make sure you and your friends pack your swimming suits.

Swimming pools with water rides are such a thrill. Also, take pictures of your friends when they faint on a terrific rollercoaster ride. 

Bring Out The Shopaholic 

One thing you and your friends probably have in common is your addiction to window shopping.

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Surfing online for a good outfit or going out to try on different clothes can be a jolly good fun way to spend the night.

Gather your friends and play fun dress-up games. 

It’s Board Game Night

Board games usually bring the most laughable memories to a friend’s group. Have a good board game night by telling your friends to get a game they like.

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Maintaining a sound point system and keeping track of the winner will help you make the game night even more enjoyable. Oh, and don’t forget to bring the dice.

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Who Is The Scaredy-cat?

Every town or city has this one broken building rumored to have ghosts and spirits in them. No one sees these spirits, but they usually end up assuming it is haunted.

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Planning a scavenger hunt to these kinds of haunted houses or buildings can be a nerve-wracking way to spend the night with your friends.

But sometimes this can be dangerous too, especially if it is late at night and you are a group of girls.

In times like that, you can always go to one of the man-made haunted house attractions. It might cost you some bucks. This may seem a little less scary, but it sure is fun nonetheless. 


A cliche way of spending your night with your friends is by playing charades. Acting out a specific word to your friends, and seeing them get frustrated trying to figure out what you mean is just bliss, isn’t it?

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You can always spice up the game by adding movie names, song lyrics, your friend’s crush’s name, etc. 

Cooking Night With Besties 

Every friend’s night out always ends up being good if and only if there is good food. Invite your friends over and cook a perfect dinner with them.

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Assign different works to different friends and make a game out of it. Remember, you are not Gordon Ramsay ( a Michelin star chef), so try making smaller, less complicated recipes to avoid accidents.

Remember When..?

The most essential part of a night out is reminiscing about the past. Looking at old photos and watching videos of how you used to party at nights back when you were younger is all part of a good night out.

Pro tip: Leave the negative incidents and comments and have a good positive experience. 

This Calls For A Campfire

If you live in a rural area, it can be harder to set up a campfire. Nonetheless, preplan a campfire night. Find a perfect location to set up a campfire with your friends.

Prepare the essentials and get the fire going. Sharing your ghost experiences while toasting marshmallows in the fire. This makes the experience way more interesting. 

Bowling Is Right Up Your Alley

What is more fun than seeing your friend lose in a bowling competition? Planning your night out in a bowling alley is a good choice.

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Good bowling alleys usually open at midnights, and you can bowl for several hours with soothing music and food. If you are lucky, then the bowling alleys near you even serve alcohol.

Remember to always maintain a point system for some extra dose of fun. 

Late Night Water Balloon Fights

Having a water balloon fight on a hot summer night is the best way to end the day. Assemble your avengers and get the match going.

Make sure you set up a play area with good supplies of water. Set up point-based rules, be careful, and have a safe accident-free fight. 


All in all, it is a blessing in itself to have a good group of friends who hang out with you occasionally, despite their busy schedules. When you get the chance to hang out with your friends, make sure all your friends like your idea before planning out a trip. What’s worse than a bad night out is an unhappy friend who didn’t enjoy the time thoroughly.

A good night out is truly a time to catch up with your friends and learn new experiences. You can also get into new hobbies and explore your friend’s hobbies during this time. Have a fantastic night out with your BFFs, and don’t forget to click some bombshell pictures. 



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