Sometimes, I feel sad about how slice-of-life films are diminishing in number every day. Due to their high appeal, we are consistently being served genres like thrill, mystery, suspense, etc. Yes, audiences love them but do we not love heartwarming stories? Definitely, we do!

When I began watching 40 Years Young on Netflix, I felt at peace after a long time. Surprisingly, it stayed that way, barring a few hiccups in between. Before indulging in a detailed 40 Years Young Review, here’s a summary if you are in a hurry.

40 Years Young Review Summary

Created on the premise of life and the affiliated struggles it brings along, 40 Years Young succeeds in making an emotional connection with the audience. It doesn’t overdo things and strictly adheres to the plot. However, does it get everything right? Keep reading to learn more about the same.

40 Years Young Synopsis

It is a culinary-themed comedy film set in Cancún, Mexico. The movie is directed by Pietro Loprieno and stars Eric Elias (Cesar) and Adal Ramones (Paolo) in lead roles. Further, it has an ensemble cast including Ximena Gonzalez Rubio (Amelia), Ricardo Zertuche (Enrique), Gaby Espino (Naomi), and Sonia Couoh (Selina), among others.

40 Years Young follows the life of two chefs, Cesar and Paolo, who are trying to cope with the struggles of life while working hard in their profession. Just when everything is getting back on track, Cesar learns about a bitter truth that turns his life upside down.

Will he find peace as he goes to Cancún for a cooking competition alongside Paolo? Or will the mental demons get the better of him?

What Works for 40 Years Young?


There’s nothing superficial in the movie. It doesn’t do things to convince you or make you happy. In other words, Netflix’s 40 Years Young doesn’t cater to populist measures. Funny scenes look genuine, and tragedies have a relevant logic to them.

40 Years Young doesn’t portray itself as a fairytale and ensures that the viewer relates to the story. If you are a fan of films that are unorthodox in terms of cinematic elements (for example, endings), you will definitely love 40 Years Young.

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The movie has several heartwarming scenes that will impact your senses emotionally. It consists of deep conversations between friends, strangers, and partners from which you can take cues to reflect upon life.

Moreover, the father-son talks between Cesar and Enrique are picturized in a casual yet thoroughgoing manner. The budding relationships between characters also touched the corners of my heart.


Simplicity is at the core of 40 Years Young. The narration is crisp, non-complex, and entertaining. Despite being straightforward, the film’s storyline is told in a way that keeps you hooked. The fact that it is only 80 minutes long adds to the fervor.


I have to begin with the stylish Eric Elias, who plays Cesar. His charming aura not only encapsulates you as a viewer but increases your craving to see him more. It is actors like him who believe in such stories and ensure they are showcased to the world. Since it was a calm story, Eric had to limit himself from being too expressive, and he did that with ease.

Adal Ramones is the funny bone of 40 Years Young. The man with a visible stubble is a great artist to witness on the screen. His comic timing is pretty good, and the way he handles the role of a supportive friend is commendable.

Ricardo Zertuche, the kid who plays Enrique, leaves no stone unturned in making his performance cute and believable. From funny to emotional, he had to be through all kinds of moments, and for a young kid, it is meritorious to come out acing them.

Another character I particularly loved was that of Naomi, played by Gaby Espino. Her magnetism hit differently, and the way makers introduced and maintained the pace of her role was quite good to witness. Had it not been for her, 40 Years Young might have struggled to some extent.

What doesn’t work for 40 Years Young?

A Bit Slow

I know things do not happen at a horse’s speed in real life; therefore, criticizing 40 Years Young based on slowness might backfire. However, despite its short duration, the film does feel lengthy at times.

Such instances are minor, but since there’s not much in the plot to explore, their existence does take a toll on the viewing experience.

Final Thoughts

If I had to advise you on whether you should watch it or not, I would tell you to go for it given that you love heartwarming, slice-of-life films.

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