Breaking stereotypes, basking in the inclusivity of love, and entangling the chores of teen romance are all features of the Netflix series, Heartstopper. After reviewing the show as an art lover, I realized that was not enough, which led me to bring another blog highlighting the best moments from Heartstopper.

Though the entire series is cute and lovable, the following are the cutest moments, in my opinion. It is undeniably possible that I might miss some of them, and hence, I request you to leave a comment mentioning the best moments from Heartstopper, according to you. 

I have included all the recommendations and my other favorite sequences in PART 2 of this blog. Let’s say kudos to diverse opinions as we celebrate this highly engaging and adorable show.

Need I say that this blog contains *SPOILERS*? Obviously, it does.

Their First Meeting

The conventional cliché of ‘boy meeting the girl’ or vice versa has ruined our lives, to say the least. Heartstopper tries to kind of change that. Although it doesn’t do anything unique, it simply creates magic out of an unornamented moment of attraction.


The Truham Boys School reopens after the New Year vacation, and a fresh seating arrangement is put into place in Charlie’s new classroom. Before entering his study hall, Charlie receives a text from Ben, his boyfriend, expressing his desire to meet him.

However, when Charlie, full of excitement, reaches their regular visiting place, Ben drops another text asking him if they can meet during the break instead. Enthusiasm changes into dejection, and Charlie is dull again.

The Moment

A dispirited Charlie heads back to the classroom with confusing thoughts about his relationship, where he is met with some bitter taunts from his professor. He also tells Charlie about his new seating partner, Nick Nelson.

Hearing that Nick plays Rugby, Charlie further goes into despondence, thinking of him as just another macho dude. He turns behind and starts walking toward his seat. Three steps into the stream and his eyes are locked on the guy sitting in front of him.

Charlie stops, blinks, takes a deep breath, and smiles, looking at Nick. He goes into a frenzy for a moment as Nick sees him back, and their eyes freeze. Charlie takes his seat beside Nelson, and they exchange healthy greetings. The scene ends with a blush on Charlie’s face.

I particularly loved how Joe Locke (Charlie) expressed his emotions right from the very beginning when he was ditched by his boyfriend. His meeting with Nick Nelson sets up the tempo for Heartstopper.

Nick Saves Charlie


Like the previous moment, this one also occurs in the first episode when Ben requests Charlie to meet him at the Music block after the end of school. Under normal circumstances, this would have made our charming star happy. 

However, that’s not the case, as Charlie had seen Ben kissing a girl earlier in the day, which amounts to cheating. Ben had never valued his relationship with Charlie. But the latter’s generous and adorable nature leads him to accept the invitation.

The Moment

As planned, Charlie walks through the empty corridors and meets Ben at the music block. They have an argument where Charlie puts his point of Ben being uninterested in their relationship from the start.

On the other hand, Ben tries to twist the scene by reprimanding Charlie for not being sensitive enough. Charlie puts all the valid points and concludes the argument by saying how their relationship was always about Ben, who never cared about his feelings.

However, just when both go silent, Ben pushes Charlie to the wall and forces himself upon him. He tries to coerce him for a kiss and even succeeds. But that’s when our guy with an alluring name, Nick Nelson, steps in.

Nick pulls Ben from behind and then throws him out of the door. Charlie rubs his eyes as his latest crush asks him if everything’s fine. Moreover, he keeps saying sorry for troubling Nick, and that’s when Nick says, ‘you say sorry a lot’ with a grin. In the next few moments, they exit the school.

Why I liked this moment from Heartstopper is because of the seeds it sowed in Nick and Charlie’s friendship. Had Nick not reached the Music block, Charlie would have slipped into misery for the next few days, at least.

Nick and Charlie Enjoying the Snowfall


Nick and Charlie are having a casual conversation in their classroom when the former shows Charlie a picture of his dog, Nellie. Charlie is impressed looking at her and tells Nick how much he loves dogs, but his parents don’t like animals. 

After seeing him getting enthusiastic, Nick invites Charlie to his house. Obviously, our charming Charlie is on cloud nine upon hearing that.

The Moment

Charlie meets Nellie, appreciates her, and plays with her before trying his hands at video games alongside Nick. He beats his crush in every round and leaves him in awe of his gaming skills.

While they indulge in the post-gaming banter, Charlie notices snowfall through the window, and both rush outside to enjoy the moment. Nellie also joins them in the cheerful environment. 

Dance With Me plays in the background as Charlie and Nick submit themselves to nature. Several endearing moments follow where they dance around, make snowballs, tease each other, and whatnot.

It felt like a moment of bonhomie to me. Moreover, this was the first time when their chemistry was overtly displayed on the screen; hence, it had to be amongst the top moments from Heartstopper.

Their First Hug


If the previous scene came in the early parts of the second episode this one arrives towards the end. Both are related to some extent, as this time around, it is Charlie who invites Nick to his house to spend some quality time together.

Charlie teaches Nick how to play drums before enjoying a movie together. Though he falls asleep, the moment arrives towards evening at the time of separation.

The Moment

It’s time to leave for Nick, and both are having a goodbye conversation at the main door. Nick tells Charlie that the dress he is wearing makes him look cuddly, after which Charlie blushes, and a sweet silence ensues.

That’s when Nick lunges forward to give him a hearty hug. Initially, Charlie is surprised, but it doesn’t take him much time to reciprocate. Both grip each other for a bit before a shy Nick diverges and leaves the house.

And yes, I do remember Charlie’s sister arriving out of nowhere and opinionizing, ‘I don’t think he is straight’ as soon as Nick is gone. She is sweet!

Nothing can replace ‘firsts,’ which stands true for Nick and Charlie. Their number-one hug was probably the best moment from Heartstopper till then.

Nick Googling “Am I gay”


So, this one happens as a result of their first hug. Nick reaches home after meeting Charlie and he is, obviously, numb about what happened earlier. He takes out his phone and begins to scroll through Charlie’s profile (wasn’t this cute?). 

Nick then gazes at their pictures from the snowfall day and zooms into Charlie’s face. You can notice him getting emotional and happy at the same time. 

The Moment

With all the emotions going through his head, Nick is confused about something. In the very next scene, we learn that he is starting to doubt his sexuality. Why Am I Like This plays in the background, and the buildup increases.

There’s profound tension on Nick’s face, and he is even unsure of committing to search on Google, “am I gay”. Gathering courage, he finally types the query and manages to press enter, and bang! That’s the end of the episode.

I won’t say it was a cute moment from Heartstopper. Instead, it was a moment of self-reflection, cinematic excitement, and goosebumps.  

This is when their love story is actually brewing. By that, I mean it is no longer one-sided as even Nick is starting to express interest in Charlie, and hence, it is, to me, a pretty fascinating moment from Heartstopper, given the timing.

Their First Kiss


Harry invites Nick to his sixteenth birthday party, who, in turn, asks Charlie to accompany him. Charlie is excited, but his friends tell him to exercise caution since many people there would not like his presence.

While Nick and Charlie are sitting on the couch away from the hustle and bustle of the party, Harry comes and persuades Nick to meet Tara. After Nick returns to the couch, he doesn’t find Charlie there and asks Harry and others about his whereabouts. They taunt him for bringing Charlie along and tell him he doesn’t belong there.

The Moment

After Nick’s brief search for Charlie ends at the party, he finds him sitting alone on the couch. Charlie tells him that he met Ben, his ex, and dealt with him fearlessly. They decide to go to a quieter place and run upstairs.

Both find a calm corner in one of the rooms and sit on the floor with their heads resting on the wall. They indulge in some close talks, and at one point in the conversation, Charlie asks Nick if he would ever go on a date with someone who’s not a girl. In turn, Nick replies that he is not sure about that. 

Afterward, as emotions tumble through their heads, Charlie asks Nick if he would kiss him. The latter takes a deep breath, locks pinky fingers with him, and after a brief pause, utters an affirmative response. 

With them inching closer, the surroundings become warmer, and Nick and Charlie finally share their first kiss. A small one but full of affection and desire. But that’s not it, as they get more passionate after a brief pause. 

Being their first intimate moment, this scene from Heartstopper was one to crave for.

Charlie Sobbing While Hugging His Father


Yes, tears are as much part of life as smiles and joy. This scene occurs right after the previous one (their first kiss). Harry and others come upstairs looking for Nick to clear things up. However, at that precise moment, he is up there in the room with Charlie.

Nick goes out to see them, and after he returns, there is no trace of Charlie in the room.

The Moment

Charlie’s dad is there to pick him up from the venue, and as he sits beside him in the car, Charlie cannot control his emotions and begins to cry. Daddy hugs Charlie and assures him that everything will be fine. 

Isn’t that cool when you have got covering from your loved ones, especially your parents? But why was Charlie crying after kissing Nick? That was because he felt terrible about himself. Charlie thought he had forced Nick to kiss him, which, of course, was not true.

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Love is an emotion that has a different meaning for everyone. I am sure you all had your moments from the series. Thanks for putting up with me, and if you liked reading the blog, do comment your opinions about the show. And don’t forget to tell me if you have a recommendation.

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