There’s nothing like sports when it comes to uniting people. Over the years, major sporting events have played the role of a bandage. Once, a war-torn continent is now home to some top sporting events all around the year.

Apart from the quality matches that fans get to see, these competitions are no less than a birthing place for so many legends.

This article is about exploring some of the biggest sports competitions in Europe. From soccer to rugby and basketball, we’ve concluded some exciting Inter-Europe tournaments for you to watch.

Before moving on, finding a platform to watch them can be an ordeal.


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UEFA Champions League:

Arguably, one of the biggest sports tournaments in Europe, or rather in the world. The UEFA Champions League, or UCL, concludes most of the top-rated soccer clubs in Europe.

Clubs securing top positions in top-flight divisions in their league qualify for UCL. As of now, the competition divides the teams into 8 groups, consisting of 4 teams. Each team plays a home and an away leg. After completion of the group stage, two teams from every group make it to the knockouts.

From season 2024-25, the competition is set to follow a “Swiss-based” Model, replacing the traditional group-stage model. Consequently, fans would see an increase of 4 teams, from 32 to 36 teams competing for the glory.

UCL usually starts in August/September and concludes in May/June. Spanning over around 10 or 11 months a year, it’s a treat for fans to watch their team playing against the best teams in Europe.

As for the most successful teams, Real Madrid from Spain stands atop with 14 UCL titles. From Italy, AC Milan has the second spot with 7 titles while Liverpool from England and Bayern Munich from Germany have 6 titles each.

EuroLeague Basketball:

Introduced way back in 1958 by FIBA, the EuroLeague has contributed a lot to the game’s development around Europe. Like UCL, the EuroLeague is a club competition. However, there’s a difference.

Unlike UCL that is following a group-stage format, EuroLeague doesn’t divide the teams into multiple groups. Instead, it follows a Round-Robin format. A total of 34 games are played by each 18 clubs from all over Europe involved. 6 teams with the most points at the end of the first round directly qualify for the playoffs. Teams ranked 7th to 10th clear an extra round “Play-in-Showdown” round. Two teams advance to the quarters from this round and join the rest of the 6 teams.

In this competition too, Real Madrid, a Spanish basketball club stands tall. They’ve bagged the trophy 11 times. While on the second stop, CSKA Moscow from Russia took the EuroLeague Basketball Trophy home 8 times.

Over the years, EuroLeague Basketball has nurtured a lot of fan following. Despite UCL giving a tough competition when it comes to popularity, EuroLeague Basketball is on the right track to become the next big sensation in the sporting world.

European Rugby Champions League:

Although the European Rugby Champions League is only 10 years old, the same competition was played under “Heineken Cup” back in 2014. After that, it was renamed to what we know now as “The European Rugby Champions League”.

Although rugby clubs only from England, France, South Africa, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Wales, and Romania partake in the competition, this rugby tournament is becoming fans’ favorite.

Originally, South African clubs didn’t compete in the Champions League before the 2022-23 season. After a steep increase in interest in the South African region, it was finally decided to let their clubs participate in the cup.

Out of all the major sports events in Europe, this tournament is the one with pure entertainment. Teams giving out their all to win the title, players brawling, pounding, and pushing their rivals, and fans religiously following them are a sight to watch.

Bottom Line:

If you follow all these sporting events, you’re in for sheer entertainment. It’s hard to say that people who follow these sports enthusiastically, may not follow these tournaments. Providing one classic game right after the other, these tournaments are no less than a battlefield to earn the European Glory.

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