Korea is never behind in terms of quality content. From The Sound of Magic to Café Minamdang, I have been binge-watching some of the latest K-dramas on Netflix. We have another one released on the streaming giant on 12th August 2022.

A Model Family presents itself as a crime thriller messed in the chaos of drugs and the underworld. Here’s my review of the series, where I shed light on the things that work and those that don’t for A Model Family.

A Model Family Review Summary

Nestled in a drug nexus, A Model Family relies on power-packed performances and a captivating storyline. But are these two things enough to sail through an overused concept?

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A Model Family Synopsis

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Park Dong-ha is a college professor struggling to secure his job. But his fortunes take a drastic turn when he finds a bag full of money. However, accompanying the bag are two dead bodies. What will Dong-ha do? His actions decide the fate of his family.

Created by Kim Jin-woo and Lee Jae-gon, A Model Family stars Jung Woo (Park Dong-ha), Park Hee-soon (Kwang-chul), Yoon Jin-seo (Kang Eun-ju), Park Ji-yeon (Kang Joo-hyun), Kim Seung-o (Choi Kang-jun), Oh Kwang-rok (Park Deuk-soo), among others.

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What Works for A Model Family?

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A Model Family has a well-developed storyline with ample twists and turns. At times, you might feel how straightforward a particular scene will be, but just then, the makers throw a bend to make the plot interesting.

Yes, dramas based on drug lords and an ordinary man entering their realms are not new, but if I had to judge A Model Family’s story independently, I would call it engaging.


The K-drama doesn’t have an entirely riveting screenplay. However, it is engrossing. You might not feel the thrill, but you will indeed be intimidated by the screenplay of A Model Family. It is not merely about switching between the past and the present but also the amalgamation of intensity and a roaring background score.

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A Model Family uses a modified version of Wellerman to infuse an emotional and mellow touch into the show. The song is mostly played while the credits roll, which allows you to enjoy it fully. Moreover, there are a few other melodies that auger well for the series.

The calm and serene empty sequences of A Model Family sometimes take a lot out of you as a viewer, thanks to the foreboding background score. As a whole, the music of A Model Family is good enough to have your attention.


The story of this crime drama from Korea is filled with suspense and anticipation. A Model Family sends you into a puzzling zone with its crisp hooks and clutches.

An investigation by a dedicated cop, drug mafias showing their might, and a model citizen trying to make amends with life; from these elements, the creators extract exciting moments to keep you keyed up.


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Playing the lead character of a professor stuck in a dirty mess, Jung Woo delivers an outstanding performance. He proficiently raises the tempo during intense scenes and lowers it when an emotional moment pops up. There is a lot to admire about his controlled act in A Model Family.

His reflection of emotions is unparalleled, and the actor brings an outing filled with nuances. Furthermore, when combined with the vigorous action going on at the other end, Jung Woo’s portrayal becomes the balancer.

Park Hee-soon as Kwang-chul is fierceness at its best. From the looks to the actions, he never disappoints in the role of a drug lord in A Model Family. More than the amount of energy, I loved watching him hold a gracious composure despite playing a gray character.

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Yoon Jin-seo as Kang Eun-ju is a treat to watch. She aces everything assigned to her in a contained manner. Playing a helpless mother in the show, Jin-seo had to mix different shades of emotions to create a worthy on-screen personality. And she did that in style.

Park Ji-yeon plays the role of detective Kang Joo-hyun in A Model Family. What would you expect from a traditional cop? Maybe, an intense physique, vocal combats, and magical powers to bring results.

Joo-hyun is different; she is lean and skinny, doesn’t involve herself in combats, is mostly soft-spoken, and has to work hard to achieve results. The character is perfectly embodied by Park Ju-yeon.

Another actor who impressed me was Kim Seung-o as Choi Kang-jun. He was specifically amazing in scenes where his character had to utter dialogues while being befuddled.

What Doesn’t Work for A Model Family?

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A Trite Concept

The only grudge I have from A Model Family is its run-of-the-mill concept. Drug lords and their kingdoms have been explored numerous times already with several modifications in the sub-ideas. Other factors like police investigation and a commoner getting into trouble are also quite banal when seen from afar.


While one expects a series to wrap up after ten episodes, the makers of A Model Family unnecessarily try to create a build-up for the second season. In my opinion, it would have been better if they had just concluded things within the run time.

Keeping the plot open just for the sake of bringing another season diverges the viewer away instead of intriguing them.

Final Word

A 10-episode long series depends a lot on the content and writing. While the story of A Model Family is engaging, its concept doesn’t lead you into surprising ventures. You might predict the ending beforehand. However, it is watchable if you are okay with the idea.

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