It takes a lot of courage to accept things and move on with life. On the other hand, most of us choose the much easy-looking path of living in denial. Many films have taken shots at bringing this hugely relatable concept to the fore, finding both success and failure.

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The latest one to delve into the idea is Royalteen, a Netflix teen drama that originates from Norway. It promises to be an intimate, emotional, and romantic affair. Moreover, the movie also seeks to address social issues according to the information on Netflix.

Hop in and settle yourself as I take you through my Royalteen movie review.

Royalteen Review Summary

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This Norwegian teen drama delivers on most fronts but lacks the depth to hit you in the core. It is not filled with the usual teenage fusses and instead focuses on the Royal Kingdom concept to bring freshness.

Keep reading my review of Royalteen to know whether the efforts bring results or not.

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Royalteen Movie Synopsis

Trying to settle in her new home and school, Lena falls in love with the Royal Prince, Kalle. Their love story is just brewing when Lena faces the evils from her past.

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Directed by Per-Olav Sørensen, Royalteen is based on the novel “The Heir” by Randi Fuglehaug and Anne Gunn Halvorsen. It stars Ines Høysæter Asserson (Lena), Mathias Storhøi (Kalle), and Elle Müller Osborne (Margrethe) in lead roles.

What Works for Royalteen?


Royalteen has a lovable storyline that grows on you with time. It doesn’t force emotions, and I don’t even assure you of feeling sentimental, but the movie allows you to understand the context of the plot without much ado.

The creators of Royalteen ensure a smooth ride with not many layers. Still, they manage to put a raw and unfiltered tale of love on the screen. I also loved seeing the royal culture, which is obviously a matter of debate in the 21st century.

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Royalteen is an innocently portrayed story limited to the plot at hand. It doesn’t foray into unknown areas and remains strictly restricted to teen life. And when it comes to teenagers, 9 out of 10 times, you would experience happy vibes while watching.

At times, the film enters your heart like an endearing work of fiction. If only it had been consistent, Royalteen would have become consummate.


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Høysæter Asserson as Lena leads Royalteen with dexterity. Her expressions and dialogue delivery complement each other well. Moreover, Asserson flourishes with an adorable mien. There are moments where she mesmerizes you by springing her majestic acting talent.

Mathias Storhøi fits perfectly in the royal persona of Kalle. As the modern prince, he doesn’t let the character slip under the carpet. We have mostly seen such portrayals full of arrogance and prejudice; however, Mathias is given the freedom to be restrained, which makes him affable. He is full of love and sweetness with shades of personal setbacks.

Elle Müller Osborne as Princess Margrethe shines throughout her act in Royalteen. I had not initially imagined her outing to be a major one; however, Osborne gets a good screen time in the film. The best part is she doesn’t waste the opportunity and delivers the best possible outcome.

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I was so relieved to see the duration of Royalteen to be under one and a half hours. Yes, sometimes, short length does backfire, but it is always a good idea to be crisp with emotional concepts. It helps keep dreariness at bay and easily fits into one’s schedule.


The climax of Royalteen is surprising and, to some extent, unpredictable for the general audience. I must give it to the original writer of the book (on which Royalteen is based) for their ability to bring a startling apotheosis.

What Doesn’t Work for Royalteen?

Lacks the Punch

Somewhere down the line, I felt the second half of Royalteen could have been better executed. Everything was going well till mid-way, but there came a stale period which was later brushed aside by the crescendo.

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Moreover, in totality, you would only gather a decent experience from Royalteen. There’s nothing out-of-the-box about the film, nor is there anything hard-hitting. A little more entertainment might have done the trick by giving audiences some bursts of laughter.

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Final Word

For a short watch, Royalteen should be on your list. However, don’t expect a profoundly impactful story from this Norwegian teen drama on Netflix.


Is Royalteen an original story?

No, Royalteen is based on the book “The Heir” by Randi Fuglehaug and Anne Gunn Halvorsen.

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