The year’s about to end, and you are craving that one festive release that would make your weekend super special. Day after day, Netflix is trying to supply the product in need. But your patience is on the verge of exploding.

I know that’s what movie buffs are going through these days. In the hustle and bustle of new releases, finding that one quality entertainer has become challenging.

A Storm for Christmas is a new Netflix series from Norway that, of course, aims to be your choice for the year-end holidays. It has six episodes and an approximate total duration of three hours.

Moreover, as per the information on Netflix, A Storm for Christmas is a heartfelt and bittersweet show.

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It is created by Per-Olav Sorensen and stars Ida Elise Broche (Ida), Dennis Storhoi (Arthur), Maibritt Saerens (Ronja), Alexandra Rapaport (Bobbie), Jon Oigarden (Marius), Jan Gunnar Roise (David), Thea Sofi Loch Naess (Sara), Ariadna Cabrol, Hanna Ardehn, Ravdeep Sing Bajwa (Olav), Sus Wilkins (Stine), Ghita Norby, Ibrahim Faal (Alex), Kyrre Hellum (Frank), Line Verndal, Oscar Jean (Sindre), Talia Lorentzen (Kaja), Carmen Gloria Perez, among others.

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The big question is how does the series perform? My A Storm for Christmas review will tell you exactly that.

What is the synopsis of A Storm for Christmas?

On a stormy evening, a large number of passengers get stuck at the airport due to long delays and abrupt flight landings. A Storm for Christmas is about their experience at and around the airport.

Are there any positive aspects of the show?

Yes, there are many, indeed. Initially, upon misreading the synopsis, I thought there would be passengers ‘trapped’ at an airport. But the correct term is they get ‘stranded’ due to a snowstorm.

The concept feels refreshing when witnessed on the screen. It is not rushed, meaning the makers don’t artificially create situations. They keep everything as authentic as possible while setting the story.

Whether it was the continuously playing announcements or the regular commotion at the airport, A Storm for Christmas gave the general airport vibe naturally.

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Furthermore, it has a storyline that keeps you attentive and involved. The conversations are well drafted, emotional inferences are subtle, and surprises are logically infused in the plot.

A Storm for Christmas never feels boring or lets its guard down while delivering a heartwarming experience. Moreover, the show’s length elevates the urge to binge-watch.

The rich festive ambiance works as the USP of the series, propelled by a pacy narration. It is the hope of positivity that A Storm for Christmas offers consistently, more so toward the end.

Also, the gentle music adds joy and calmness to A Storm for Christmas. Mostly, you’d hear festive jingles and songs, but there’s one beautiful Piano piece in the series I liked a lot.

The Norwegian show comes with a touch of grace and impending optimism we all want in turbulent times like these.

How are the performances?

The show has an ensemble of actors who work in tandem to make it an endearing affair. I won’t be able to write about all of them, but I will try to cover as many as possible.

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Dennis Storhoi in A Storm for Christmas plays a famous pianist. He aces a controlled demeanor while delivering a slightly quirky character. Artistry and the resultant changes are ably brought to the screen by Dennis.

Maibritt Saerens, as a priest, produces a serene outing. Her concerned expressions and pleasing personality make you feel complete.

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Alexandra Rapaport portrays Bobbie in A Storm for Christmas. She is the only high-pitched actor in the show, thanks to her egoistic characterization.

Rapaport skillfully enshrines contrasts in her performance. You would want the scenarios concerning her to pan out differently but how they actually conclude gives a different feeling altogether.

Jon Oigarden is a bartender in the Norwegian show. He is quiet, hinged, and subtle in approach. All the conversations involving him are short yet wonderful to witness.

Jan Gunnar Roise would be my performer of the series. His character is given a wholesome touch that makes him different from the others, and when the suspense is eventually lifted, you fall in love with Gunnar even more.

A Storm for Christmas is more about characters than the actors portraying them. The sketches are simply superb and made to enjoy.

Hanna Ardehn’s conversing skills with due diligence to expressions will fill you with love. She is simply superb in A Storm for Christmas.

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Ibrahim Faal, as the restless Santa Claus, introduces you to the reality behind a likable job. The actor is adroit in presenting a not-so-usual image of Santa.

Talia Lorentzen plays Kaja in the Netflix series. As a teenager, her affable presence elevates A Storm for Christmas several notches.

All the other actors have done a remarkable job bringing a beautiful series to a conclusion.

What Doesn’t Work for A Storm for Christmas?

After a long time, I have a series where nothing goes off. It is near-perfect, and, as you know, I don’t have a habit of poking unnecessarily to find flaws.

Should you watch A Storm for Christmas?

If there’s one Christmas show I had to recommend to you this year, it would be A Storm for Christmas. It is full of warmth and sweetness.

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Is A Storm for Christmas based on a true story?

No, A Storm for Christmas is a fictional series from Norway.

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