If I had a confession to make this December, it would be that my movie reviews don’t rank on Google. Web series reviews are more traffic-generating.

Nevertheless, a new Turkish film has been released on Netflix. Private Lesson is a romantic comedy with a touch of quirkiness.

It has a running length of ninety minutes. If you ask me about the last Turkish creation I watched, brace yourselves, it was Hot Skull.

Private Lesson is directed by Kivanc Baruony, and features Bensu Soral (Azra), Halit Ozgur Sari (Burat), Helin Kandemir (Hande), Rami Narin (Utku), and Hatice Aslan (Ulker), among others.

What is the story of Private Lesson 2022?

Azra gives private lessons to young people in a quest to help them learn and grow in life. However, her ways of offering a helping hand are secretive. When she is approached by Hande, Azra’s life takes some drastic turns.

So, what works for Private Lesson?

The concept is the dealbreaker. It feels fresh, not because the idea is new but because we haven’t seen it on the screen in recent times.

While life coaching as a professional endeavor is gradually gaining traction among the masses, Private Lesson is built around the life of a young coach who trains others to achieve their goals.

Image Credits: Netflix

And the goal can be anything, from making an impression in front of your crush to talking about what no one else is ready to hear.

Furthermore, the storyline is good to go with. It has stimulants in the form of conversations and some emotionally heavy moments.

The tale is ameliorated by a brisk pace where the happenings never tend to stop. Also, the love story doesn’t feel rushed though it does feel incomplete due to the short length.

Private Lesson will only take ninety minutes to finish if you play at the normal playback speed. Therefore, you can fit it into your schedule without much ado.

How do the lead actors perform?

Bensu Soral plays the protagonist in Private Lesson. The affability of her character is mixed with sturdy comportment, a much-needed trait for a life coach.

She thrusts her way forward in the film and ensures a complete presentation. Soral reminded me of Birce Akalay from As the Crow Flies, thanks to her onscreen aura.

Image Credits: Netflix

Halit Ozgur Sari is Burat in Private Lesson. You won’t have a great initial impression of his character; however, he becomes amiable after spending some time on the screen.

The actor drives the plot beautifully into the romantic realm and shares the burden with Soral from thereon. A little more depth into his life would have made things much better, but since the film is based on Azra, it was not unexpected.

Helin Kandemir, as Hande, delivers what is asked of her. Playing a delicate individual, she imbibes certain characteristics to hone the portrayal.

Additionally, her act is led by emotional expressions that give her the edge.

Is there anything off about Private Lesson?

Private Lesson is a sweet and short story, and probably that was the intention behind it. However, seen from an outside lens, it lacks depth. The film’s plot had great promise and could have been explored further.

Image Credits: Netflix

Moreover, the backstory of Burat seemed quintessential after his conversation with his dad. But the makers don’t add a trace of it in the film. It was an odd thing to experience.

Why would you create unnecessary curiosity about him and his family if there was nothing to show in the first place. Private Lesson missed a trick there, in my opinion.

Should Private Lesson be streamed?

The film has a decent plot to keep you hooked. It won’t bore you, a fact strengthened by its short duration. However, Private Lesson lacks depth.

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