As I click on the New and Popular tab on Netflix, most of the upcoming movies I see revolve around the Christmas theme.

The festive mood is sure to uplift with several creations ready to offer you a family movie night. However, the question remains which films are unmissable this Christmas.

Before Delivery by Christmas, I had watched A Christmas Full of Grace. Unfortunately, it couldn’t delight me as much.

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Originating from Poland, Delivery by Christmas is a romantic comedy that’s also deadpan, bittersweet, and intimate, to some extent, according to the film’s Netflix page.

So, does it deliver a complete package to add charm to your festive celebrations? Let’s find out.

What is the synopsis of Delivery by Christmas?

After a disgruntled colleague sabotages her delivery packages, Maria ends up dropping the parcels at the wrong places. She is forced to correct the mistake before Christmas when one of the customers reaches out to her.

Directed by Aleksandra Kulakowska and Maciej Prykowski, Delivery by Christmas stars Monika Frajczyk (Maria) and Piotr Pacek (Krzysiek) in lead roles.

Here’s my Delivery by Christmas review.

A single mother, working as a courier, lands into trouble on Christmas Eve when her parcels are delivered to the wrong addresses. And the correction of her mistake makes up for the plot of Delivery by Christmas.

Though the idea might look feeble from the outset, it is the serenity that hooks you while watching the Polish film.

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The makers don’t force emotions and instead use subtle hints and displays that eventually create space in your heart. Added to it is the non-pretentious chemistry between the lead pair.

Also, the storyline works effectively through Delivery by Christmas’ duration. There are smart twists, thoughtful dialogues, and, importantly, the makers succeed in creating festive vibrations without being ostentatious.

What helps Delivery by Christmas the most is its sweet ambiance. The film’s stillness never feels dreary, thanks to the pace of narration. All the characters add some warmth to the tale and make it mesmerizing.

Usually, such movies are jolted by slowness, which is not the case here. I watched it on two playback speeds as an experiment and hardly found any significant issues switching back to the regular pace.

Moreover, the soft and jovial Christmas melodies soothe the atmosphere and refine the final product. Delivery by Christmas is also garnished by a smidge of considerate humor, tickling your funny bones as a result.

How are the performances?

Monika Frajczyk plays the lead character of Maria in the movie. She handles everything calmly and makes even the most challenging scene look effortless.

Image Credits: Netflix

The actress limits herself to a natural portrayal, which is necessary for making the film relatable to the audience. Moreover, her endearing screen presence makes the movie worth your time.

Piotr Pacek as Krzysiek delivers another swoon-worthy performance after Family Secrets. He is on a growth trajectory that seems to be peaking every time he appears on the screen.

You would love his easy-going demeanor, frank dialogue delivery, and affable gestures. There’s always more to Piotr than what meets the eye. I realized this after watching Family Secrets.

All the other actors have done a great job in Delivery by Christmas.

What goes off for the Polish film?

There’s nothing I didn’t like in the film. It can happen that you might expect more, but of what is there, all is well.

However, if there was one thing that could have been better handled was the screenplay.

Delivery by Christmas is a sweet film that has the ability to stimulate you with its subtle handling of emotions.

Should you watch Delivery by Christmas?

Yes, if you like bittersweet films. Also, I would suggest you stream Delivery by Christmas for its serene vibes.

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