In one sentence, I would describe Abhay season three with a self-made allegory, “Till death thrills us apart”.

The more lethal the crime, the more innovative the criminal is. A bunch of web shows have come in the past few years to highlight the prowess of investigative officers, and Ken Ghosh’s Abhay is one such compelling presentation.

Undoubtedly, a series going into the third season proves its content quality. But it is essential to understand whether Abhay is one of the good shows or is it better than others.

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Abhay Season 3 Review Summary

Putting crime at its heart, Abhay’s third season is a superior take on phrenic swindlers who rob people of their conscience. It takes you on a less-traveled road and fiercely captivates you till the last scene.

Kunal Kemmu throws another intense, mind-boggling performance, but the third season will be remembered for Vijay Raaz, who is the adroit antagonist this time around. If you have time and are attracted to thriller Indian shows, Abhay is the most appropriate choice.

Abhay Season 3 Synopsis

Starring Kunal Kemmu in the titular role, Abhay is directed by Ken Ghosh, and the series streams on Zee5. Apart from Kemmu, actors like Asha Negi (Sonam Khanna), Nidhi Singh (Khushboo), and Devender Chaudhary (Awasthi), among others, continue their characters from the previous seasons.

New faces in Abhay’s third outing include Vijay Raaz (Anant), Rahul Dev (Avtar), Tanuj Virwani (Kabir), and Divya Agarwal (Harleen), etc.

The story continues in the same setting and the same case that the previous season left us at. Abhay Pratap Singh, the best officer of Uttar Pradesh’s Special Task Force (STF), is still busy deciphering criminal mindsets. This time, he is against villains who proclaim themselves as the legit distributors of death.

Furthermore, Abhay has to look after his son, Saahil, who feels ignored by his father. Can he survive the evil minds of criminals while maintaining a healthy relationship with Saahil?

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What works for Abhay Season three?


Though Abhay’s concept has several similarities with Voot Select’s Asur, it executes the script differently. The show had already explored a lot of dimensions in its first two seasons and hence, needed to bring something new to the table.

Abhay season 3 explores a hidden race of brainwashed people who are manipulated to such an extent that they can die for a useless cause. It is a ride worth taking to experience the rising character of the show both in terms of storytelling and intensity.


Abhay is a series of underrated actors. Apart from Kunal Kemmu, who has not been a consistent hit at the box office, no one is even on the verge of stardom. For example, Vijay Raaz, Rahul Dev, Naved Aslam, and Devender Chaudhary are golds that don’t glitter.

Kunal Kemmu is exceptional in this gripping crime drama. He doesn’t hold back from taking the challenging path of playing a character role that has shades of attitude to it. There are times when you feel like the screen belongs to Kemmu more than anyone else.

He plays a passionate and ruthless police officer who hardly sleeps during the entire day and is hell-bent on solving cases till the last stretch. Kemmu’s performance infuses sensation into the story and makes you confident about his ability to nab a criminal.

He is calm from the outside but has a storm brewing inside his head. Overall, Kunal Kemmu does a brilliant job, as always.

However, there is another show-stealer this season in Vijay Raaz. He adds another robust layer of newness to the show. Vijay’s performance is way above any review or judgment. One can only write about the legend that he is.

Raaz weaves pure magic on the screen. He even beats Ram Kapoor, the antagonist of the second season, behind in fighting neck to neck with Abhay Pratap Singh. Vijay as Anant is the epicenter of the series and gives rise to unfightable earthquakes of crime.

His look, dialogues, presentation, and charm are all characteristics that contribute heavily to the positive aspects of Abhay season 3.

We also have Rahul Dev, another vintage actor of Indian cinema. I only remember him from the movie Champion, starring Sunny Deol in the lead. Fortunately, Rahul still looks as fearless as he was back then.

Everyone else, including Asha Singh, Nidhi Singh, Naved Aslam, Devender Chaudhary, etc., does a phenomenal job in making the third season of Abhay successful.

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Thrilling and Captivating

There is hardly a dull moment once Abhay gathers your complete attention. Though it does start on a tricky note, the show dramatically pulls back and retains the fiery outlook. It is a compelling watch that allows you for a breather only according to its own wishes.


The screenplay of Abhay season 3 juggles between the past and the present. It also switches effervescently between the current events happening in the timeline. The timing of doing the ins and outs is perfect.

The Background Score

To grab the attention, you don’t have to make noise. Instead, you have to make the right noise. Abhay’s background score is at par, if not better, with the last two seasons. The buildups come when needed and ensure that your attention is looked after.

What doesn’t work for Abhay Season 3?

Slightly Confusing in the Beginning

Surprisingly, the show doesn’t start with a precap, which will make it a tad confusing for those who have a low-retention ability. It takes a bit of time for the show to settle before you can finally start enjoying it. A precap of events was a must, though.

A Contradiction

In one scene, just like ordinary cops in films, Abhay calls the IT department to seek a phone number’s last location. However, in another scene, he is shown to be using his own mobile phone to track a number. I feel that was a contradiction on the part of the makers.

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Is Abhay Season three watchable?

If you are a fan of thrillers, don’t miss Abhay at any cost.


Will there be a season 4 for Abhay?

Yes, Abhay will have a season four since all the possibilities in the plot are open. However, an official confirmation is awaited.

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