How often have we wondered about having well-read and educated individuals as our representatives? That happens every time the government makes a reckless and poor move. But that’s precisely what our problem is. We don’t demand such a prospect consistently and are happy to be wooed with populist and greed-worthy announcements. 

In Dasvi, we have a new film in town that unequivocally emphasizes education in this gadget and cringe-content-ridden world. 

Dasvi Movie Review Summary

Can ego, authority, and greed for power be above the merits of education? Dasvi explores such a scenario in the most sarcastic, logical, and presentable manner. Abhishek Bachchan, Nimrat Kaur, and Yami Gautam sparkle with excellence making Dasvi one of the best films of the year. 

Yes, it does have drawbacks and even falters for a moment, but a film like this was needed to make people believe in the magic of education again. Dasvi roars and makes up for a light-hearted viewing experience.

Let me take you through a detailed review of Dasvi, streaming on Netflix and Jio Cinema.

Dasvi Movie Synopsis

Dasvi is a fictional take on politics and its meeting with education. The film is directed by Tushar Jalota and stars Abhishek Bachchan (Ganga Ram Chaudhary), Yami Gautam (Jyoti Deswal), and Nimrat Kaur (Bimla Devi) in lead roles. Moreover, supporting actors like Arun Kushwaha, Rohit Tiwari, and Chittaranjan Tripathy, among others, infuse flavor into the film.

Ganga Ram Chaudhary, the Chief Minister of Harit Pradesh, is sent to judicial custody on corruption charges. In his absence, his wife, Bimla Devi Chaudhary, is given the baton to run the state as the CM. Her ambitions keep getting bigger after she assumes the role and starts to diverge from Ganga Ram.

On the other hand, Ganga Ram Chaudhary faces an honest cop, Jyoti Jaiswal, in jail. Jyoti’s strict ventures force Ganga to think of ways that can bring respite in his custodial journey. Eventually, he decides to take up studies and sit in the board exams of 10th standard at a growing age of 40+.

He vows to quit politics if he fails to pass the exams. 

What works for Dasvi?


You have got to love a movie when the performance metric of its cast is above every other thing. As a churlish politician, Abhishek Bachchan puts all his acting prowess into Dasvi and ensures there’s not even a single loophole surrounding his performance. 

His character is aggressive, egoistic, self-centered, and greedy for power. But Junior Bachchan does an extraordinary job of getting into his skin and putting up a lovable act together. His dialect sounds natural, expressions are raw, and other bodily features align with what he is doing on screen.

These things were missing when I saw him in All is Well in 2015. Abhishek has grown tremendously since then. I particularly loved his walking style, which looked similar to Amitabh Bachchan’s.

Nimrat Kaur is a queen for all that she has done till now in her career. She plays the wife of the CM and gets to take the chair when her husband is sent to jail. The obedient wife then becomes a clever player in the quest for power. 

Every word she utters is a testimony to her hard work and perseverance as an actor. Nimrat proves her mettle once again with a uniquely daring act. As a mature actress, Kaur lifts the film’s spirit with her one-liners.

Yami Gautam aces the role of an honest and strict cop in Dasvi. I found her performance better in Dasvi than in A Thursday. She portrays how one can be strong, virtuous, and dutiful just by performing their job. You don’t have to compromise if your work ethics and conscience are stealthy. 

Her character is a powerful combination of sweetness, charm, emotions, and intensity. Yami’s act summarizes the role a strict teacher plays in the life of an ignorant student. A tremendous actress, Yami can keep growing further with such roles.

The entire supporting cast does a commendable job in making Dasvi the film that it is.


Dasvi’s concept is one to die for. A Chief Minister, who is an 8th standard pass out from school, would never want to study. And why would he when he can be the CM as an uneducated politician? However, the makers of Dasvi manage to put up logical situations that make the audience believe in what is happening.


Usually, we have a bigger plot that stores several tiny-tales of other characters. It happens in Dasvi but with a twist. The supporting actors have a story, but they have nothing significant to achieve out of their situation. Instead, the writers use them to help the primary narrative. 

It’s natural in Indian Cinema to depict powerplay. By that, I mean the power to run the country. Dasvi takes on the topic with a new point of view. Makers put a traditional husband and wife duo against each other and carry on the tale until the end.

Dasvi keeps you invested without getting bored and makes sure you exit the mobile/laptop screen with a smile.


Can we have educated individuals lead the country? We sure can. All we need is to ask for such people as our political representatives. It also means rejecting those who think of education as a waste of time and money. If there’s a film we need to show our children and politicians together, it is Dasvi.

Build schools, nourish a scientific temper, don’t tinker with history books, and do all that makes logical sense.

What doesn’t work for Dasvi?

Peculiar, at times

When trying to build on a novel concept, you need to take some creative liberties, and Dasvi is not void of such freedoms. It has goals that are easily achieved by characters. In trying to show the cruel nature of power, the film puts a wife against her husband. 

Though I am not denying such a thing can happen, one would surely doubt whether a transformation of that magnitude is possible within days or months. 

Lacks Depth

Dasvi is a light-hearted movie and a treat to experience. There are groove-worthy songs, clap-worthy dialogues, and laughable scenes. However, it is not as intense as it could have been. If politics is foolish, it is also lethal, and Dasvi doesn’t explore the dark side even when the CM’s post is at stake.

But I have to give it to the makers for keeping things simple and relatable in a world that is already going through a lot. I must admit we needed a movie like this for a long time. 

Dasvi Movie FAQs

Is Dasvi a real story?

No, Dasvi is a fictional story.

Harit Pradesh is a state in India?

No, Harit Pradesh is not an Indian state. The makers of Dasvi wanted to stay out of political debates, and hence they created a fictional state named Harit Pradesh.

Who is Ganga Ram Chaudhary?

Ganga Ram Chaudhary is the fictional CM of an imaginary state of Harit Pradesh. He is a fictional character played by Abhishek Bachchan in Dasvi.

Is Kumar Vishwas Related to the Dasvi movie?

Yes, Dr. Kumar Vishwas is the Script & Dialogue Consultant of Dasvi. 

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