France’s love for creativity is no secret. From legendary writers to stupendous singers, the country has produced many stalwarts.

All-Time High is a new Netflix film from France. It is a Rom-com that clocks a decent 100-minute runtime.

Interestingly, action also has a massive role to play in the flick.

My last reviewed French movie was Wingwomen, which was a good one.

Can All-Time High continue the momentum? Here is my review. 

All-Time High Synopsis

Youssef cons people. Stephanie is equally sly. He meets her. She rejects him. He is broke. She has a lot of money coming her way. A casual night leads them to the bed. In between lies a violent story of money, greed, and… some scams.

Image Credits: Netflix

Directed by Julien Royal, All-Time High stars Nassim Lyes (Youssef), Zoe Marchal (Stephanie), Adrien Essamir “Sicario”, Yousef Ramal, Yovel Lewkowski, and Yassine Stein, among others.

All-Time High: Positives

The movie happens when two eccentric individuals meet at a bar. They start on the wrong foot and never seem to be close enough. 

However, that’s what makes their story interesting. All-Time High is an amalgamation of a couple that’s far from being the usual lovebirds. 

Theirs is an uncanny romance, where strings are absent, drama has no place, and affection is sporadic. 

It is the exact opposite of ‘dream love’ that we are sold regularly in movies. And this is just a fragment of All-Time High. 

The majority of this French creation is filled with swashbuckling action sequences. 

Image Credits: Netflix

Hand-to-hand combats are masterly choreographed while weapon-oriented fights don’t find much space in the narrative. 

If you are a fan of razor-sharp action films that are not heavy on VFX, All-Time High will not disappoint. 

Furthermore, the movie’s screenplay is pacey with zero dull or boring moments. This has to do with genuine comedy the writers have pulled out. 

From one-liners to conversational temperament, All-Time High manages to sail with ease. The movie’s concept is quite unique when seen with the offbeat narration. So, that also plays in its favor.

Lastly, there are no long-drawn songs in the movie, unlike most rom-coms, not even a single soothing melody occupies the background for more than a few seconds. 

The makers did really well in understanding the tempo of the storyline. More songs could have hampered All-Time High’s chances.

It just flows beautifully, thanks to the engaging plot. 

How are the performances?

Nassim Lyes is phenomenal in All-Time High. He plays Youssef and aces every bit of the character. The actor puts a lot of energy into the depiction to thrust the movie with enough power.

His intensity in action scenes, impromptu disposal as an indigent man, and careless attitude in the romantic realm make Lyes a show stealer. 

Image Credits: Netflix

You are bound to enjoy his act with laughs, intrigue, and amazement. The fierceness he brings along makes him all the more scintillating.

Zoe Marchal delivers a staggering portrayal. As Stephanie, she splendidly defies conventional norms and depicts such traits to perfection.

Her exciting screen presence is a major plus for All-Time High. You will find her humor tempting enough to go with the slick action she orchestrates in the movie.

Adrien Essamir “Sicario” and Yousef Ramal are sources of entertainment who are eccentric to a great extent. 

All-Time High: Downsides

It’s been a long time since I said this, but flaws find little to no-entry in All-Time High. Yes, there are moments where the comedy seems cheap, but that’s very rare.

The French film achieves what it sets out for. 

Stream or Skip?

The relevance of this question for this specific movie is almost nothing. I recommend you watch All-Time High for an amusing voyage.

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