As Christmas approaches worldwide, creative ideas around the festival are slowly starting to take shape. 

I remember how last year was filled with onscreen festivities in the form of heartfelt movies and shows.

Best. Christmas. Ever! is probably the first Christmas movie of 2023 to land on Netflix. Positioned as a family-oriented feature, it pledges to deliver a blend of sentimentality and feel-good vibes.

The length sets at eighty minutes as the movie rides on a festive ambiance at its core.

My review is here to let you know of its ups and downs.

Best. Christmas. Ever! Synopsis

Two families with a friendly history unexpectedly meet a few days before Christmas. Charlotte wants to prove that Jacky’s life is too good to be true since she has smart children and a hot husband.

Image Credits: Netflix

Amidst the drama, their kids set out on a mission to verify the existence of Santa Claus.

Created by Mary Lambert, Best. Christmas. Ever! stars Heather Graham (Charlotte), Brandy Norwood (Jackie), Jason Biggs (Rob), Matt Cedeno (Valentino), Wyatt Hunt (Grant), and others. 

What Works for ‘Best. Christmas. Ever!’?

The primary goal of the film was to trigger a festive ambiance. Its vibrant surrounding succeeds to an extent, though we have had films do that in a better manner.

I liked the family setup at the start and the Christmas Newsletter stuff also evoked warm feelings.

The movie’s concise duration prevents a tedious narrative, keeping it clear of monotony. 

Image Credits: Netflix

This choice effectively eliminates any potential for a dragged-out storyline, contributing to the film’s overall appeal.

Moreover, the vibrant nature of the storyline will put you in a feel-good headspace.

Kids in the movie work as the coolants, bringing a vivacious energy every time they take centerstage.

If not for their notorious ventures, Best. Christmas. Ever! might not have sustained itself.

How are the Performances?

Heather Graham furnishes a stellar act as Charlotte. Her envious looks are authentic and she goes from strength to strength while leading the film from the front.

Graham has a wonderful hold on her expressions, which allows her to experiment with casual improvisations. Her well-planned depiction goes a long way in making Best. Christmas. Ever! watchable.

Image Credits: Netflix

Brandy Norwood plays Jackie and adds a loudly energetic touch to the movie. You will like her charming demeanor that sticks to the basics while planting a pleasing seed.

Jason Biggs and Matt Cedeno shine in their roles as husbands and dads. They don’t get much screen time; still, the honesty in their act is appreciable.

All three kids in the movie strike a brilliant balance between childlike energy and the plot’s demands. They bring the most smiles in Best. Christmas. Ever!

What Doesn’t Work for ‘Best. Christmas. Ever!’?

As expected, the movie lacks any kind of depth. The characters are built just for the story’s sake and they have situational presence.

Once the movie puts two friends together, everything goes on the expected lines. Be it jealousy, insecurity, or doubts, you can sense a predictable approach.

Further, the music in Best. Christmas. Ever! doesn’t sound fulfilling. It fails to nourish the festive sentiments of the concept.

You want the film to do the talking in terms of emotions. Joy, laughter, fun, lively sparkles, etc., are needed to transmit the vibes of Christmas celebrations.

Image Credits: Netflix

However, that doesn’t happen. Best. Christmas. Ever! is very light on the emotional front. It gets caged after a while and tries to go big then comes back again to find solace in life’s little joys.

While the film’s attempt to capture the essence of Christmas is commendable, it falls short of delivering the expected glitter and grandeur associated with the festive season.

Should You Watch?

Shortcomings are aplenty. Still, watching Best. Christmas. Ever! has one advantage. Cinephiles just need an hour to finish it.

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