Regardless of whether it will make it to the headlines, Anek has a dialogue that says, ‘If we erase the names of the states from the map, an average Indian won’t be able to name them precisely.’ It is a truth most citizens of India would deny, but their conscience is well aware of the same.

So, after a break of almost two years, movies are finally flocking the cinema halls across India. For the second time, Anubhav Sinha and Ayushmann Khurrana have come together for a film named ‘Anek.’

Their first outing together was the 2019 film, Article 15.

For my non-Hindi readers, Anek means ‘multiple’ in English. Through the title, the makers aim to emphasize the diversity in India.

Image Credits: Anek Makers

A nation as diverse as ours is bound to have differences in opinions. But what matters is the place from where the variations arise. Do they come from the penurious state of mind of the people? Or the resistance to authority? Or maybe, the political infusions from our morally corrupt leaders?

The first two can have solutions, but the third is almost impossible to overcome because of it being a result of brainwashing.

Well, enough for the introduction. Here’s my Anek movie review with all the pluses and minuses of the film.

Anek Review Summary

Aiming to develop an intriguing buildup, Anek stutters initially and fails to grab attention. However, the pace picks up in the second half and triumphs over the odds to make for a compelling finale.

This and more await you given you keep reading my review of Anek.

Anek Synopsis

Image Credits: Anek Makers

When the Indian government closes in on signing a peace accord with the most prominent separatist leader of Northeast India, a historically dormant militant group threatens to malice the tranquility in the region.

Joshua (Ayushmann) is assigned the task of uncovering the people behind the group and stopping them from spreading barbarity. Will he be able to unleash the truth and pull Northeast India out of the jitters of militancy? Or other things are waiting for him on the covert mission.

Anek is helmed by the ace filmmaker Anubhav Sinha and stars Ayushmann Khurrana (Aman alias Joshua), Andrea Kevichusa (Aido), Manoj Pahwa, Kumud Mishra, J.D. Chakravarthy, and others in pivotal roles. 

What Works for Anek?


I am forever willing to watch a film with honest intentions, and Anek does prosper on that front. While I had hoped of it being a movie that aspires to fill the discrimination gap that eats most of the Northeast Indians, Anek is more than that.

It only uses subtle references to reflect on prejudices. Moreover, the film muses how peace is used as a bait for political purposes. Who suffers from the end result of putting elements of resistance against those in the quest for authority? The people.

Anek is a film made from the people’s perspective and not that of political leaders. On several occasions, you might find it against your views or opinions, but eventually, after deep thought, you would agree with the vision of Anek.


The writing is off-track initially; however, it bounces back pretty soon. There are no over-the-top dialogues or sequences in Anek. Instead, it remains raw and close to reality. You would want the protagonist to right the wrongs, but that’s how the movie keeps you in anticipation.

It doesn’t ultimately end your cravings and keeps you hungry until the end before offering a tasty meal.

Tightly pulled together scenes, unfluffy characterization, and improvised dialogues are some of the highlights of Anek when it comes to writing.


Image Credits: Anek Makers

Starring Ayushmann Khurrana in the lead role is a win-win situation for any film. Before the release of Anek, there were doubts about whether he would flourish as an action hero since this is the first time he is playing a high-octane character.

Nevertheless, Ayushmann has done a fabulous job in Anek. He portrays an undercover officer in the movie, which was a demanding task, but what’s an artist without versatility? Khurrana remains sober from the outset but delivers with passion. 

His aggressive voice, effortless walking style, and the undiluted dissipation of emotions are captivating to the innards. Ayushmann ably steers Anek to a winning finale that is worth the wait. Furthermore, his intense dexterity ensures nothing falls behind in the film.

Image Credits: Anek Makers

Andrea Kevichusa, as Aido, is on a rising voyage in Anek. Hailing from Nagaland, this was Andrea’s biggest opportunity in Indian Cinema till now, and she aces it like no other. Her expressions, combined with the craft of dialogue delivery, tell how proficient she can be as a performer.

Manoj Pahwa, Kumud Mishra, and J.D. Chakravarthy excel while doing what they do best. Pahwa’s engaging screen presence helps Anek mature with time, while Kumud Mishra comes with a balanced act. 

Powerful 2nd Half

Anek is about growing with time, and I say this because you might find it hard to survive till the interval. However, once it is done, you are in for a treat. Anek promises a punchy finale just like Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 did, but it delivers, unlike the Kartik Aaryan starrer.

Had the post-interval scenario been dull, Anek would have ended as a forgettable watch.

What Doesn’t Work for Anek?

Trippy First Half

Anek comes with a tacky first half that fails to impress or connect any dots. You will find it challenging to understand what is happening on the screen. It is kind of jumbled and has to be solved for a better grasp of the context. 

I personally feel the makers should not have complicated it too much. Mass audiences might not stay in the theatre post-interval, which is when the pace picks up.


Image Credits: Anek Makers

I hate to say this, but Anubhav Sinha didn’t leave a positive impact on me with his narration. He has made it highly convoluted when only a bit was enough. Maybe, some extra elements, in my opinion, could have been suppressed to keep emotions alive.

Final Word

Anek is a film I wish every Indian would watch, but I doubt they won’t, owing to its inabilities. The movie wouldn’t test your patience; however, you surely need to have some forbearance to sail through it. If my opinion was to be heard, I recommend you watch it.


Anek will stream on which platform?

Anek will stream on Netflix after at least four weeks from the day of release.

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