Turkey has a habit of producing stupendous works of fiction consistently. From Doom of Love to As the Crow Flies, the recent past has been filled with some scintillating Turkish shows on Netflix.

To satiate your binge-watching thirst, the country is back with “Another Self,” a new web series streaming on Netflix. It promises to be intimate, heartfelt, and emotional. But does it deliver?

Let’s find out.

Another Self Review Summary

While anticipating the future, we fail to discover the threads of the past. Another Self tries to unfurl the same and succeeds in its endeavor. Keep reading to learn about the things that work for and against this Turkish series.

Another Self Synopsis

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Three friends, struggling with personal issues, travel to a seaside town, which turns out to be a life-changing destination. They realize the roots of their problems lie in the past. Each of them discovers their “Another self” with the help of an enigmatic man called Zaman.

Is the past only a rigid memory? Or is it something that still lives with us?

Created by Nuran Evren ?it, Another Self is a Turkish series starring Tuba Büyüküstün (Ada), Seda Bakan (Leyla), Boncuk Yilmaz (Sevgi), Murat Boz (Toprak), F?rat Tan?? (Zaman), Serkan Altunorak (Selim), R?za Kocao?lu (Fiko), and Füsun Demirel (Muko) in lead roles.

What Works for Another Self?


I have recently seen many films and series, and Another Self has the most novel concept. The idea of exploring the past might sound outdated when seen from a thriller or science-fiction point of view.

But when the same is used, keeping mental health and personal traumas at the core, it culminates into a serene and mesmerizing experience. I loved how the makers made me believe in an idea that seemed far-fetched from the outset.


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Another Self has a story that manages to hold you for a prolonged period. Yes, it stutters occasionally, but the twists and turns keep the interest alive. Moreover, by creating charming relationships, it infuses romance and proficiently blends it with mystery.

The best part about Another Self is its adherence to the plot. You won’t ever find the story having unnecessary elements to invoke excitement. It just goes on as life does. Yes, fiction is, obviously, a pivotal part of this Turkish show, but there are no sudden surprises you wouldn’t want.


Good local music is always endearing to hear. Whether you understand the lyrics or not, the rhythm hits you differently. In Another Self, most of the songs are in Turkish and not translated into English to keep their essence alive.

All such melodies in the show feel uplifting and soothing to the ears. Moreover, the music facilitates the screenplay to a large extent.


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I love shows that have taut writing as a feature. This Turkish drama streaming on Netflix is also high on effective scribbling. You would never find a dull moment, a convenient redressal, or a lousy pass in Another Self.

Ample attention is given to characterization, helping each individual to have their own identity in the show. Sometimes, writers create large shadows under which minor characters could find peace, which is not true for Another Self.

Also, dialogues are well written to suit the scenes and match the contemporary time. They are not overcooked to gain the undisputed attention of the viewer.

Soothing and Heartfelt

The Turkish show begins with serene vibes and carries them throughout the runtime. You would feel calm and want to continue watching for the sake of your peace of mind. Another Self hits all the right chords to transport pacifying vibes.

It is heartfelt, emotional, and tranquil, translating into a swoon-worthy depiction of life.


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Another Self is led by three female leads: Tuba Büyüküstün, Seda Bakan, and Boncuk Yilmaz. They never fail to amaze you with their acting abilities.

Tuba Büyüküstün as Ada brings along a blend of sharpness and fragility. She allows the character to overtake her personality and ensures an independent identity. Tuba’s expressions are at the core of her performance.

She can be angry and at peace both at the drop of a hat. I tried hard but couldn’t find a single loophole in her entire outing as Ada.

Playing Leyla on the screen, Seda Bakan ensures a crazy and carefree trip. She is the thread that holds Another Self’s humor together. Her actions are stimulating enough to bring laughter and joy to the fore. Moreover, Seda does exceptionally well during emotional scenes, which I didn’t expect would be the case initially.

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Boncuk Yilmaz as Sevgi is sweet and charming. She appears fragile but hones intense scenes perfectly as well. I particularly loved her character for trying to break the shackles and seeking personal freedom. Additionally, the emotional brittle Yilmaz brings alongside is commendable.

After searching on Google for Murat Boz, I have learned he is a Turkish singer. But his performance in Another Self is nothing short of a professional actor’s as he aces Toprak’s character with ease. Furthermore, his effortless and well-composed outing is helped by Murat’s seemingly intrinsic ability to be cool and comfortable in front of the camera.

F?rat Tan?? as Zaman is the undisclosed leader of the pack. He is calm, contained, and has a touch of elegance to impress you. The way Tan?? carries himself with dignity in Another Self is commendable and alluring. Also, he perfectly utilizes the pauses between words and aces intonations.

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Serkan Altunorak is Selim in this Turkish drama streaming on Netflix. The actor succeeds in all that he desires to achieve. He represents a mix of anger, attitude, and love in Another Self.

Another affable performance comes from R?za Kocao?lu who plays Fiko in the series. His polite nature wins you over. And as the story proceeds, Fiko’s character becomes important to you on a personal level. Many of you would relate to him and want him to end up doing good.

Everyone else in Another Self is a treat to watch. When the performances are near perfect, a show is bound to conclude well.

What Doesn’t Work for Another Self?

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Lags in the Middle

Somewhere in the middle phase, Another Self faces hiccups with regard to the screenplay. It becomes slow and makes you wonder whether things will be back to better or not. However, the show bounces back, helped by music and strong performances.

Becomes Uninspiring After a While

The story is excellent, and the concept is intriguing too. Still, I fear Another Self can be called flawless. When the curtains are unveiled, you find it exciting. However, after several rounds of the same thing, there comes a phase when you start feeling uninspired.

Remember how you wait for the next level in a video game? Because it has new things, challenges, and, most importantly, it is invigorating. Same is the case with films and shows. You expect them to grow in tandem with the runtime. However, Another Self never goes to the next level and repeats the same thing perpetually.

This is not entirely a negative point but something that could have further elevated the experience of this Turkish series streaming on Netflix.

Final Word

Another Self is a startling take on the essence of the past. It has all the ingredients to keep you hooked in anticipation. I would call it a must-watch for everyone.

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