Baby Fever Netflix Review: A Show High on Ideas and Efforts but Stutters Towards the End

Don’t you get bored of binging the same genres again and again? Obviously, the story differs, but you are intelligent enough to recognize the almost similar vibes through the background score.

If that’s the case, you might want to stream Baby Fever, a Danish series on Netflix. The recently released show throws a novel story to the table, promising to be entertaining and intimate.

Whether it delivers or not is another thing to consider. Let me take you through my Baby Fever series review.

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Baby Fever Review Summary

The Danish show on Netflix is decent in narration and short in duration. However, what stands apart for the series is its concept, which makes it watchable despite some flaws towards the end.

Baby Fever Synopsis

Image Credits: Netflix India

As an able fertility doctor, Nana (Josephine Park) goes the last mile to solve her clients’ problems. However, things turn into a mess when she unearths some personal issues. Nana’s professional stint takes a backseat as a result.

Created by Amalie Naesby Fick and Nikolaj Feifer, Baby Fever stars Josephine Park (Nana), Olivia Joof Lewerissa (Simone), Simon Sears (Mathias), Emil Prenter (Soren), and Charlotte Munck (Helle) in lead roles.

Number of Episodes: 6

Baby Fever Duration: Approximately 3 Hours

What Works for Baby Fever?

Novel Concept

Baby Fever comes loaded with a new conceptual base, at least for me. The unique idea is executed with ardor and ensures the story never leaves your heart’s premises. It deals with issues that are usually shushed under the carpet without being bland.


Image Credits: Netflix India

Without using lame moments of fun, Baby Fever tickles your funny bones via clever humor. The jokes don’t seem outward or exuberant; instead, their natural infusion in scenes makes the show funnily engaging.

Sarcastic dialogues are perfectly molded to keep up with the pace. For a show falling into a not-so-famous genre, it is necessary to ace several aspects, including humor, twists, and efficient performances. The first one is taken care of and now, let’s check whether Baby Fever is propelled by the other two or not.

Witty Twists

Zigzags in a story are mostly about thrill and suspense. Hardly ever do we get to witness twists that are witty in nature. However, Baby Fever uses humor as an element that shapes the story’s branches.

It’s not funny in its entirety. Also, the show is not meant to be comical in nature. Moreover, you won’t ever feel like laughing your heart out. Still, whenever there’s a plot change, you will have a chilling smile complemented by raised eyebrows (not always, obviously).

That is because of the eccentricity of the twist, led by epigrammatic writing.


Baby Fever doesn’t have a long runtime. The Danish series on Netflix has six episodes with an average duration of thirty minutes. As a result, you would never feel overwhelmed by the plot and can go on to binge-watch the show in one go.


Image Credits: Netflix India

Professional actors hardly ever miss a beat when on screen. The same goes with Baby Fever, as the Danish show is beautifully led by some prolific performances from the lead cast.

Josephine Park as Nana looks scintillating while playing a fertility doctor. Her act has the tenacity to provoke emotions and excitement. Moreover, she aces emotions and dilemmas with ease. Josephine is never in haste to perform and leave.

She gives time to the character to grow and comes out as a proficient leader of the pack. Her awkward smiles and complex expressions are the things to watch out for in Baby Fever.

Olivia Joof as Simone plays Nana’s Best friend. She is given the task of delivering a contained act and operating silently. However, her pulled-back portrayal doesn’t seem dreary, and Olivia somehow manages to hold Josephine Park’s character together.

Simon Sears plays Mathias in Baby Fever but doesn’t get to spend much time on the screen. His presence is intermittent and, whatever time he gets, Simon doesn’t waste it on embellishment. I won’t call his act outstanding but above par.

Emil Prenter performs the kind of cameo you would want to witness. He is charming, energetic, and refreshing, adding flavor to Baby Fever. I particularly loved how Emil could draw professional points from a casual approach.

The rest of the actors do a splendid job making Baby Fever a holistic Danish series.

What Doesn’t Work for Baby Fever?

Image Credits: Netflix India


Sadly, all the confusion, tensions, and moments of agony Baby Fever creates do not add enough to the protagonist’s struggle. The makers could have made things more difficult by enhancing the characterization.

They could have added more layers to the story to make the struggle look real. In the present form, Baby Fever has the initial edge but not the eventual victory.

Poor Ending

The final episode of Baby Fever didn’t live up to my expectations, and the series faltered when it should have attained new heights. Every ingredient was put in place, and all they needed was to serve the dish.

However, Baby Fever punctured like a bicycle overloaded with essential goods. The fact that the series dropped a strange final frame was another setback for me. Otherwise, until the fifth episode, I had no plans to include this point in my Baby Fever review.

Final Word

Baby Fever is a delightful watch for the first 3-4 episodes. However, the series slips just near the finishing line. Considering its short length, you can give it a go.


Will there be a second season of Baby Fever on Netflix?

Going by the first season’s ending, another season looks probable. However, no official announcement has come from Netflix yet.

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