A new movie has landed on Netflix yet again. In Love and Deep Water is a Japanese film that caters to the romance and crime genre. 

You can expect intermittent splashes of comedy, too. The film runs for more than two hours and it also aims to attract lovers of murder mysteries. 

I couldn’t find any official confirmation if it is based on a book. So, In Love and Deep Water is an original fictional story.

Here is my take on how it performs.

In Love and Deep Water Synopsis

On a luxury cruise, an unexpected meeting between a Butler and a passenger leads to chaos, romance, and suspense.

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The duo tries to solve a murder that is seen by many but accepted by none.

Directed by Yusuke Taki, In Love and Deep Water features Ryo Yoshizawa (Ubukata), Aoi Miyazaki (Banjaku), Yo Yoshida (Hatsumi), Rinko Kikuchi (Aina), Kento Nagayama (Shintara), and others.

What Works for In Love and Deep Water?

The movie gets a stupendous headstart. It is funny and nonchalant in the beginning. You will see situational comedy paying off as it should. 

Central to the storyline is a protagonist radiating uniqueness, capable of eliciting smiles and joy effortlessly.

In Love and Deep Water is set on a ship carrying 4000 people. 

It finds the lead protagonist in Ubukata, a Butler aboard the ship. His distinctive role as a ‘lightning rod’ involves maintaining peace and ensuring customer satisfaction on the vessel.

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When an unknown girl enters the ship, Ubukata is exposed to heartbreaking news. Later, the duo, along with several others, witnesses a murder. 

However, no one except for the Butler is ready to testify in front of the ship’s captain. 

In Love and Deep Water is naturally affable. Whenever it chooses romance and conversations over murder mystery, the film becomes sweet. 

You want to accept it in that form, which doesn’t happen eventually.

How are the Performances?

Ryo Yoshizawa plays the sincere Butler, Suguru Ubukata. His countenance does full justice to the written character. Specifically in the first thirty minutes, he holds you all alone.

His honest and charming presence surmounts the downsides of In Love and Deep Water. 

Aoi Miyazaki as Chizuru Banjaku brings freshness to the narrative. The actress propels the story in an exciting direction.

Her reassuring side is among the very few advantages of the Japanese movie.

What Doesn’t Work for In Love and Deep Water?

The film stumbles under the weight of an overused concept. 

If my observation is accurate, the theme of “tragedy on a yacht/ship” has been exhaustively explored in recent creations like Murder Mystery, A Deadly Invitation, and others. 

While it’s acceptable to revisit familiar themes, the challenge lies in avoiding monotony, especially when audiences are consistently exposed to similar ideas.

Image Credits: Netflix

The downfall of In Love and Deep Water commences with the introduction of the murder mystery element. 

Regrettably, it fails to sustain the initial buildup and expectations. 

The suspense unfolds with disappointing predictability, lacking the thrill, stimulation, or allure to keep viewers engaged once they are thrown off the starting track.

Moreover, the storyline of In Love and Deep Water contains multiple fallacies. Instead of going for the suspected culprits, the protagonists start investigating the witnesses.

It looks bizarre and you are left helpless with no option other than accepting things the way they are. I am deliberately keeping details to avoid spoilers. 

Otherwise, there are many such points in the movie when the urge to exit becomes palpable.

Image Credits: Netflix

Adding to the film’s challenges is a sluggish middle phase, pushing In Love and Deep Water into a state of dullness.

Caught between the realms of a love story and a murder mystery, it fails to excel in either genre.

Consequently, the resultant screenplay struggles to evoke suspense or resonate with romantic sentiments, leaving the audience without a compelling emotional anchor.

Stream or Skip?

Sadly, In Love and Deep Water doesn’t have enough firepower to sail through two hours. Therefore, I would suggest you skip it.

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