The Andaman Islands is a refreshing tropical haven nestled in the Bay of Bengal, adventure seekers from around the world come down to participate in adventure sports. In contrast to adventure sports the place is beautiful and known for its serenity. Get the best of water sport activities in Andaman, where each experience counts. Get started with the best experience from Andaman tours which is designed to ignite your senses and create memories that stand out from the rest. Discover the ultimate underwater adventure with the best scuba diving experience in Havelock, Andaman Islands. Explore vibrant marine life and magnificent coral reefs. Book your adventure today for an unforgettable underwater journey.

Jet Ski Safari: Ride the Waves of Excitement

Kick off with adrenaline filled Andaman adventure with amusing Jet Ski Safari. Get the adrenaline flow that will rush you zoom across the azure waters, scattering through the waves with the wind in your hair. Get along with the stunning coastline and find the hidden coves on secluded beaches which are inaccessible by foot. If you’re a novice or an experienced rider, the Jet Ski Safari gives you the chance to live an exhilarating life that will leave you craving for more.

Parasailing: Soar Above the Crystal-clear Waters

Want to experience the thrill in Andaman adventure the Parasailing takes you to new heights. Strap on your harness, as the boat speeds up, feel the tension in the parasail release and at no point of time you’re soaring above the vast expanse of the ocean. Look down at the sea and experience the breathtaking panorama below as you glide through the air, getting the fun-filled experience like never before. The crystal-clear waters and the stunning views give parasailing in Andaman a remarkable experience.

Banana Boat Ride: Laughter and Splash

When you pay a visit with family and friends, the Banana Boat Ride is a specific water activity that you must-do. Climb up the inflatable banana shaped boat and you must hold on tight as it zips across the waves, creating laughter-filled moments and guaranteed splash. Get the feel of thrill as the boat turns and twists, testing your balance which recalls the childhood like joy never. The banana boat ride is a must do thing for creating an unforgettable memory for pure, unadulterated fun.

Kayaking: Paddle Through Serenity

If you’re someone looking for more water sports, Kayaking gives you a tranquil escape amidst the natural scenic beauty of the Andaman Islands. Get past along with the calm lagoons, mangrove forests, and silent backwaters, reassuring you amid the peaceful nature. Know about the hidden corners, spot exotic bird species, accompanied by the serenity that surrounds you as you paddle through the crystal-clear waters. Kayaking in Andaman is not a usual thing to do but places a good connection with nature and helps you find inner peace.

Flyboarding: Defy Gravity and Dive Like a Dolphin

You can prepare yourself for a rusty ride with the exhilarating water sports activity – Flyboarding. It’s an easy water sport just strap on the flyboard, which propels you with the help of air using the water pressure. This experience is magical as you see yourself fly above the water. If done skilfully, you can perform several actions such as twists, turns and dives that gives you a sense of complete adrenaline as you soar like a dolphin. Flyboarding in Andamans curates the thrill of water sports activity with the feeling of defying gravity.

Undersea Walk: Walk Amongst Marine Marvels

With a lot of unique and awe-inspiring journeys this Undersea Walk is unique in nature. This has got nothing to do with the scuba diving or snorkelling experience. You are required to wear a specially designed helmet that allows a room for you to breathe under the sea. You can generally get a walk along the ocean bed that surrounds the colourful coral reefs and has curious marine life. You start to feel the one with the ocean. Experience the tropical fish, stroke the velvety texture of the corals.

Speed Boating: Unleash the Need for Speed

Speed Boating is made for those who crave high speed thrills. You can see the win in your face as you race across the open waters, the boat skimming the surface will give you a bumpy ride with an exhilarating speed. It can be quite daunting to sit at one place as the captain takes sharp manoeuvres leaving your heart racing and that brings a smile on your face. This water activity consists of speed, adventure and seeing the stunning coastal landscape which will crave you for another round.

At last, Andaman Island is merely an attraction for tourists. It offers a plethora of unique water sports activities that go beyond the ordinary. Starting with Jet Skiing and Parasailing to Kayaking and undersea walks. Each water activity is designed to give you a sense of satisfaction and eventually create memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. So, if you’re going to obtain a pleasurable moment or fun-filled moment with adventures make sure you opt for the best water sports activities in Andaman.

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Experience an unforgettable 5-day journey to the breathtaking Andaman Islands. Explore unspoiled coastlines, thriving aquatic ecosystems, and verdant woodlands.

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