K-dramas are no strangers to popularity and expectations. They are loved across borders and planets (guessing). After The Sound of Magic, and Money Heist Korea, Netflix has come up with another Korean series, Café Minamdang.

The show promises action, entertainment, and all you would expect from a well-made series. However, does it deliver on all the fronts?

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Before indulging in a full-fledged review, here’s a summary for those in a rush.

Café Minamdang Episode 1 Review Summary

Café Minamdang is high on action, style, and entertainment. It is further helped by an intriguing storyline, making it a must-watch. Read on my Café Minamdang review to learn more about how it fares.

Café Minamdang Episode 1 Synopsis

The story of Café Minamdang revolves around Nam Han-jun and Han Jae-hui.

For the world, Nam Han-jun is a renowned Shaman, also called the wonder of Yonghae-dong, who can solve their problems instantly. However, the reality is far from it.

The shaman operates and hears the problems of his clients in Café Minamdang.

On the other hand, Han-Jae-hui joins the Violent Crimes Unit. She is popularly known as the Ghost of Yongjin Police Station.

Their paths cross when the police officer goes through the file of a crime that happened years ago.

Starring Seo In-guk (Nam Han-jum) and Oh Yeon-seo (Han Jae-hui) in lead roles, Café Minamdang is created by Park Hye-jin, Ko Jae-hyun, and Yun Ra-young.

What Works for Café Minamdang Episode 1?


I have seen several movies and shows where the protagonist uses nefarious means to disguise their identity. However, Café Minamdang pours new ingredients into the dish to enhance the taste. It doesn’t use a formulaic approach and instead goes for a novel presentation, which works in the show’s favor.

Moreover, when you have a happening story at hand, only the execution has to be aced, and Café Minamdang does that in style.

Mysterious Excitement

The enigmatic characterization of Seo In-guk and Oh Yeon-seo is enough to deliver a captivating experience. But there’s more to Café Minamdang. It has a storyline that can be explored in various ways and lifted to mountainous heights in the coming episodes.

The first episode sets the record straight for what one can expect from the series. Additionally, with the involvement of a shaman, cops, crimes, and technology, things look bright for Café Minamdang.


Café Minamdang sets the vibe straight away. It binds you with the compelling personality of Seo in-guk and furthers the tale through music. There are moments of suspense and thrill that keep you hooked through an hour-long first episode.

Personally, I find long episodes dreary and hard to consume in one go. However, when the story is able to transport the right vibes, it makes everything fall in place. Café Minamdang never lets you down.


Seo In-guk plays a disguised Shaman in Café Minamdang and wins over the audience with his evergreen charm. The Korean actor appears like a sweet, likable, and endearing being on the screen. The infusion of simplicity mixed with an intense wave of self-authority allows In-guk to grow along with the screenplay.

Oh Yeon-seo as Han Jae-hui comes across as a brilliant mess of grace and fierceness. Her entry into the scene augments the already roaring highs of Café Minamdang. She effervescently forays into action with dexterity.

It would be interesting to see how Yeon-seo and In-guk stand against each other in the coming episodes of Café Minamdang.

I have deliberately resisted talking about other performers in my Café Minamdang review since there’s a long way to go in the show’s conclusion. Things will become more apparent with time.

What Doesn’t Work for Café Minamdang Episode 1?


Not entirely, but the major portions of Café Minamdang can be predicted if you are a die-hard movie lover. You will sense things beforehand and guess what’s ahead in the story. However, since Café Minamdang is a 16-episode long series, numerous twists and turns are yet to come.

Final Word

Café Minamdang, the latest K-drama on Netflix, will undoubtedly arouse excitement and ameliorate your binge-watching experience. It has the story, the style, and, most importantly, likable characters to compel you for a watch.


Is Café Minamdang available in English?

Currently, Café Minamdang can be streamed on Netflix only in Korean with English subtitles.

Café Minamdang has how many episodes in total?

It has 18 episodes.

What is the release schedule of Café Minamdang?

Netflix will release two weekly episodes, each on Mondays and Tuesdays, starting June 27. The 18th episode will release somewhere toward the end of August.

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