The Man from Toronto Movie Review: A Below Average Action Thriller With a Sloppy Second Half

The trove of fantastic tales, Netflix, is back with a high-pitched action entertainer in The Man from Toronto. It is an American film, which is enough to enchant the viewers, promising to deliver a full-fledged entertainment package.

However, deciding whether The Man from Toronto is a watchable movie or not can be challenging. And that’s when I come into the picture with my review of the latest action flick on Netflix.

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Before indulging in a detailed assessment, here’s a quick summary to give you an idea about how the movie performs.

The Man from Toronto Review Summary

Starting with a bang, The Man from Toronto falls into its own trap after the first half. It is further deteriorated by a sloppy climax and an average ending. However, the movie has its share of positives.

The Man from Toronto Synopsis

Image Credits: Netflix India

A failed entrepreneur finds himself at the center of attraction after being mistaken for a trained assassin/hitman. His life turns upside down when he decides to carry out a mission with the real assassin himself.

Directed by Patrick Hughes, The Man from Toronto stars Kevin Hart (Teddy) and Woody Harrelson (The Man From Toronto) in lead roles. The rest of the cast includes Kaley Cuoco (Anne), Jasmine Mathews (Lori), and Pierson Fode (The Man From Miami), among others.

What Works for The Man from Toronto?

The First Half

Judging the film on all fronts, it is safe to say The Man from Toronto pitches the first half pretty well. The purported villain has all the gray shades, the protagonist hits the right chords, and the theme of thrill sets in with comfort.

Image Credits: Netflix India

It enforces the belief in the viewer’s mind that something big is about to happen. From a pacy buildup to the execution of gory scenes, The Man from Toronto never fails to amuse in the early stages.

Decent Action Sequences

The Man from Toronto is an action flick; therefore, it was supposed to gain most of the traction from fights and violence. Though that doesn’t happen entirely, it still manages to decently hold your senses through some neat scenes.

There are fist-fights, chase scenes, and shooting combats, ensuring you get a dose of what you were promised through the film’s trailer and promos.


Kevin Hart as Teddy brings several traits of acting to the screen. He plays a failed individual who is yet to taste success in life. Throughout the movie, Kevin carries the clumsy look on his face and molds it to the situation. His crude mien is a thing to look out for in The Man from Toronto.

Image Credits: Netflix India

Playing the titular role, Woody Harrelson travels in a shady zone. He doesn’t offer profound expressions but relies on his heavy voice to infuse the right feelings. Woody could have done a bit more to deliver a complete package; nevertheless, on face value, he still ushers dexterously.

Pierson Fode and Jasmine Matthews are given minor roles to play in The Man from Toronto. They bring out their best and don’t leave any loopholes. Also, the entry of Fode into the plot brings some respite when things begin to look disastrous for the movie.

What Doesn’t Work for The Man from Toronto?


The Man from Toronto doesn’t bring anything new to the table. It utilizes the same old formula of a commoner falling prey to misguided identity and getting into a plethora of issues thereafter. The concept never arouses thrill or excitement for the general viewer.

Furthermore, the approach to executing the idea is highly traditional. Instead of coming good on the audience’s expectations, The Man from Toronto expects the viewers to find solace in what is being offered to them.

Half-hearted Attempt

When your concept is full of fallacies from the past, you must, at least, be committed to delivering its best version. The Man from Toronto looks like a half-baked attempt at making a dull story look promising.

If there had been will, the presentation of the idea would have been much better. What felt more agonizing was the low level of tenacity during some game-changing scenes.

Poor Climax

Image Credits: Netflix India

What should have been the best part turns out to be the worst for The Man from Toronto. It shocks you with a poorly prepared climax that fails to infuse fervor into the plot. Moreover, the makers, in the quest to make the pinnacle of the movie more interesting, end up developing a disaster.

Dull Toward the End

Just like the climax, the end of The Man from Toronto is also on the negative side. The movie doesn’t leave you with feelings, emotions, or attachment, some of the most significant aspects to deliver for a filmmaker. If you cannot enter the audience’s hearts, try to seep into their mind; however, The Man from Toronto malfunctions on both fronts.

Final Word

The Man from Toronto could have been a better version of itself had the intent been more resilient. In its current form, the movie fails to evoke enough emotions for a thrilling ride. The only positive of the film is its first half.

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