Café Minamdang, the latest K-drama on Netflix, has entered its second week with two new episodes. I am not tracking the show on social media, but from what I have seen, Café Minamdang might end up as a much desired Korean drama series.

As I had pointed out in my earlier reviews of Café Minamdang, the first episode was a great sneak peek into the lives of Nam Han-jum (Seo In-guk) and Han Jae-hui (Oh Yeon-seo).

Further, the second episode was more about suspense and explorations into the past of the lead pair.

Netflix has released the next batch of episodes of the series. Though earlier I had written separate reviews, this time I have merged the two together while still keeping them distinct.

In this post, I will start with a combined review summary but then take you through the pros and cons of each episode individually. 

Café Minamdang Episode 3 and 4 Review Summary

This cute, charming, and crime-venturing Korean series goes down south in the third episode only to bounce back vehemently in the fourth.

Café Minamdang gets more thrilling and mysterious by the end of this week’s appearance.

Café Minamdang Episode 3 Synopsis

After getting poked by Han Jae-hui, Nam Han-jum resolves to make things right. He inches closer to concluding the hit and run case.

Moreover, episode three of Café Minamdang takes the viewers back into the past and tells the origin story of the place.

How did Nam Han-jum become a shaman? Why did they start Café Minamdang in the first place? Get ready for answers to these questions.

What works for Café Minamdang Episode 3?


When there’s no dearth of a crisply written storyline, the focus must shift to making it presentable. For Café Minamdang, mystery and thrill are the facilitators, combined with sparks of entertainment. 

Moreover, the third episode answers questions regarding the existence of Café Minamdang, adding flavor to the mysteries.

It leaves you on the tenterhook and demands immediate viewing of the next episode.


As I said, the third episode of Café Minamdang lays the ground for a scintillating future encounter. And this is precisely why the makers have decided to release two weekly episodes. 

It allows them to generate a rousing build-up using the first one and ameliorate it further with the second one. Had there been only the third episode, the experience wouldn’t have been on the brighter side. 

Instead, it would have received flak for a dull outing. Thanks to the vision and planning of the makers, Café Minamdang lands nicely at your doorstep.

What Doesn’t Work for Café Minamdang Episode 3?


For the first time since it began streaming, Café Minamdang felt slow. Credits for the same go to a stretched flashback establishing the origin story of Café Minamdang. 

The length of the flashback works against the run of play. I can understand they had to show it somewhere. However, the makers could’ve chosen a better way to elevate the presentation.

Loose and a Bit Dull

Slowness makes the episode a tad loose and dull. You might need two sittings to finish it. To some extent, I felt the makers didn’t leave enough space for the jokes to ring in. 

The past is mostly sad and emotional; therefore, instilling entertaining moments tend to backfire because they unsettle the mood.

I think dividing a longer flashback into parts is a better option than throwing it all at once. But we must remember the makers are better positioned to decide this.

That was it from me about the third episode of Café Minamdang. Let’s now discuss the next feature of the series.

Café Minamdang Episode 4 Synopsis

Nam Han-jum spins a web to catch the hit-and-run culprits red-handed. However, Han Jae-hui has different plans. Both collide while on course to their professional duties. 

Café Minamdang Episode 4 also deciphers the enigma surrounding some crucial moments from Nam Han-jum’s past. It is an eclectic mix of emotions, thrill, entertainment, and mystery.

What Works for Café Minamdang Episode 4?

Ample Pace

While the third episode was on the slower side, this one has a good enough pace to sail through. The episode comes laced with exciting moments that contain a touch of entertainment. It never feels dreary or lousy and ensures the speed is maintained till the end.


As a viewer, it is vital to have some patience, especially with weekly episodes. The pause between releases adds to the expectations and makes you crave more and more of everything. 

In this context, episode three of Café Minamdang was disappointing; however, the fourth episode just elevates the experience to new heights.

It proficiently links to the events and connects the dots from the previous episode, thereby spinning a web of astuteness. Once you carry patience into the third outing, you will be rewarded in the fourth. 


Rightly so, the fourth episode of Café Minamdang has the most thrilling plot till now. It makes me happy to see the Korean series consistently notching higher numbers each week.

There are moments that compel your full attention and force you to be on your toes. The show further raptures you to some extent through the magnetic lead pair of Seo In-guk and Oh Yeon-seo.


Fun and laughter are at the core of Café Minamdang. The Korean drama is as much about smiles as suspense. Though some of the jokes cringe, most carry situational significance. Therefore, you get to laugh even during intense scenes. 


The makers have shrewdly kept the conversations between Nam Han-jum and Han Jae-hui to a minimum. By doing this, they have amassed immense demand from the audience to see them together more often. 

However, with all the little time they spend with each other, they make sure it’s worth it.

From funny exchanges to intense matchups, Seo In-guk and Oh Yeon-seo blossom together. 

What Doesn’t Work for Café Minamdang Episode 4?

Barring some poor jokes, everything is perfect in the fourth episode of Café Minamdang.

Final Word

The third and fourth episodes of Café Minamdang must be watched in continuation for a better experience. Furthermore, since its story is headed in the right direction, don’t think of missing these two episodes. 

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