Innovation or intrigue? What would you choose in a film or series? A combination of both could be your answer.

The last Polish creation I watched was Lesson Plan, an action film. It was released on Netflix in the second half of November.

Now, a new series has begun streaming on the same platform. The show is a purported thriller called Dead End, notably mentioned on the Netflix website as “deadpan,” and “offbeat.”

Image Credits: Netflix

Furthermore, Dead End is quite a short ride, with a total runtime of nearly two and a half hours, excluding the credit reel.

The length made me wonder whether it could have been produced as a movie.

However, since it is lavished with a lot of excitement on paper, my Dead End review will tell whether the show is worthy of your time.

Let’s begin with the synopsis and cast information.

Dead End tells the story of four people unknowingly switching vehicles with a bank robber. Their life takes drastic turns after they find cash worth millions stashed inside the trunk.

The series is directed by Jakub Platek and Grzegorz Jaroszuk. It stars Juliusz Chrzastowski (Leon), Lukasz Garlicki (Emil), Anna Ilczuk (Klara), Jasmina Polak (Celina), Michal Sikorski (Wojtek), and Maja Wolska (Diana) in lead roles.

What are some of the positive things about the Polish series Dead End?

It has a novel idea to start with. The concept gives you a reason to watch in anticipation of how the plot will transpire. Four people with shady pasts accidentally end up in a vehicle containing lots of money.

That’s when you think, okay, I am going to persist with the show. And to further your trust in the idea is Dead End’s minuscule duration.

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Each of the six episodes takes only 25 minutes to finish, which is relatively less compared to the usual length. You can fit Dead End into your schedule without much ado.

The series flaunts some fantastic performances. Juliusz Chrzastowski plays Leon, and he’s tasked with keeping cool in a dangerously unpredictable situation.

And that’s why his sudden outbursts become special coming out of quietude. Initially, Juliusz seems to be leading the pack, but he gives up the authoritarian stance whenever the script demands.

Lukasz Garlicki is Emil in Dead End. He has a tough character to ace, for it includes extreme expressions, challenging personality dimensions, and a taut countenance. Thankfully, Lukasz delivers on all fronts flawlessly.

Anna Ilczuk as Klara has an unlikely outing in Dead End. Her dexterous act ends up making you believe in her iniquitousness. Anna produces a wholesome performance that evokes the viewer.

Jasmina Polak’s portrayal of Celina is another interesting one. She emerges as a sturdy character despite starting on dilapidated lines.

Image Credits: Netflix

Michal Sikorski, as Wojtek, ensures you get your time’s worth. Some of his scenes are funny, while others reek of helplessness. The actor uses wooziness as his strength to rule the screen.

Additionally, emotional trepidations are nicely displayed by Sikorski in Dead End.

The star of the show, in my opinion, is Maja Wolska. She plays Dianka and charms you with an ambitious voyage. Her mien is a mixture of naiveness and astuteness.

Though Wolska looks guileful from the outset, she carries a touch of humble arbitration, which is commendable.

Apart from these points, there’s nothing much that the series aces effectively. Let’s now move to the harsh part of my Dead End review, where I highlight aspects that work against the run of play.

In its entirety, the series doesn’t have an intriguing storyline, which was necessary to take the startling concept forward.

After the first episode, I expected Dead End to fill me with twists and turns, which never happens. Instead, the show becomes highly predictable and straightforward with every episode.

The only saving grace is its short runtime that doesn’t let the pace slow down.

Moreover, Dead End could have had a better screenplay, which is on the dull side of things. The issue could be that the makers try too hard to enforce twists and pack them compactly.

Image Credits: Netflix

However, they lack the intricacy to hold the audience. The screenplay might have worked wonders for a show that’s offbeat and presented as deadpan.

Overall, Dead End does well to start on a high note but remains non-engaging for the most part. Its biggest fallacy is the scruffy storyline and the urge to tender it on a small scale.

Should Dead End be streamed?

Short duration, adroit performances, and a quirky idea are the attractive features of the show. However, it doesn’t have the storyline to hook you till the end.

If you have two hours of free time, you can binge-watch Dead End; otherwise, it has all the reasons to be skipped.

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