Imagine stumbling upon a well-crafted action series over the weekend. Can it possibly get any better? 

This achievement, however, is becoming increasingly elusive in today’s world, where quantity often seems to take precedence over quality. 

I’ve discussed this issue at length already, but it’s worth emphasizing. Nevertheless, our world continues to rely on hope.

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Netflix has recently unveiled a new British series titled “Who is Erin Carter?” The title itself is quite intriguing, and one might assume it’s a documentary shedding light on the life of a real Erin Carter.

But hold on, it’s not what you might think – this is a fictional series. Consisting of seven episodes, Who is Erin Carter? boasts a runtime of less than six hours.

The series aims to deliver a suspenseful and thrilling crime narrative. Does it succeed in doing so? Let’s dive into my review.

What is the Story of Who is Erin Carter?

The story is built around one Erin Carter, who is a school teacher in Barcelona. She has an easy-going life until one day when she finds herself in the middle of a hostage situation at the supermarket.

Image Credits: Netflix

A string of cards unveils itself and blurs the line between her past and present.

Created by Jack Lothian, Who is Erin Carter? stars Evin Ahmad (Erin), Sean Teale (Jordi), Denise Gough (Lena), Douglas Henshall (Lang), Indica Watson (Harper), and Pep Ambros (Emilio), among other members.

What Works for Who is Erin Carter?

I loved the idea of the show even though I have been there and watched similar concepts at times. You may not find it fresh but the way the makers have put it on the screen is remarkable.

Building around the primary character’s identity without intermittent flashbacks in the early stages, which is mostly the case these days, helps the cause of Who is Erin Carter?

You easily get entangled in the idea and never wish to move out of it. At times, it is simple, and in the very next moment, it becomes complex.

Such variations make Who is Erin Carter? an intuitive concept.

Furthermore, the mysterious storyline is intricately crafted. It has all the power elements plus the subtle ones to glue people.

We often talk about retention and how a show can be attractive but not retentive. Who is Erin Carter? is both.

The story moves in a flow bearing dark and light shades. Emotions, fun, thrill, and other factors combine to craft a tale of mystique.

For an action and adventure show, acing the emotional department is essential, although it doesn’t happen regularly.

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Most of the plots fail to rise above the basic. But Who is Erin Carter? is not emotionally futile. It has the potential to pinch your heart and leave a sad spot.

Moreover, action scenes are brilliantly brought to life in the series. They don’t look or feel artificial, especially the one-on-one fights.

The tidy chase sequences, situational agility, and combats are well-directed. Who is Erin Carter? is a proper action flick that hardly ever makes a fuss about it.

Additionally, the suspenseful buildups of the show make the screenplay fierce and scintillating. They give you the much-needed adrenaline rush to endure your boss’ resentful stare (pun intended).

The makers have elegantly wrapped the entire series in one pack. They have done the due diligence to ensure a clever lack of unnecessary flamboyance.

And who better to praise than the writers of the series. We have seen ideas not transpiring into success and thankfully, Who is Erin Carter? rests on the other side.

How are the Performances?

Evin Ahmad plays the titular character of Erin Carter. Her dedicated preparations reflect on the screen as she battles both emotionally and physically.

Her dexterous action will make you applaud the actress. At the same time, she is equally adept in managing sharp emotional and witty circumstances.

Ahmad’s expressions, body movement, and dialogue delivery are features that bring her to the topmost tier in Who is Erin Carter?

Sean Teale’s depiction of Jordi is calm and composed. His restrained act balances the action extravaganza.

He carries style with substance to win over the audience.

Image Credits: Netflix

As Lena, Denise Gough shines in a small yet powerful role. 

Douglas Henshall plays Lang and gets the countenance right. He doesn’t fit in the role but hones it to perfection and makes the role fit for himself.

The child actress, Indica Watson is Harper in Who is Erin Carter? Obviously, she is sweet and innocent, exuding all that a kid can.

However, it was her impromptu reactions that made me grin. 

Last but definitely not least, Pep Ambros portrays Emilio. His witty and rugged appearance is lovely to witness.

Add to it the dialogue delivery and his chemistry with Evin Ahmad, making him among the top three performers of the show.

What Doesn’t Work for Who is Erin Carter?

Well, no pointing fingers at this one from my end.

Should You Stream or Skip Who is Erin Carter?

It is a must-watch show. Recommended!

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