Do you have a liking for African cinema? Creations from the continent have impressed me with their rough nature. The depiction is real and close to ground realities.

Mainly, action flicks from the region are commendable. Take the example of the recently released Silverton Siege, Justice Served, The Brave Ones, etc.

Netflix has come up with a new Nigerian show, Far From Home.

It has five episodes running for a total duration of three hours. The series is emotional and deals with drugs and passion.

Image Credits: Netflix

Furthermore, Far From Home is created by Chinaza Onuzo and Dami Elebe. The cast of the show includes Mike Afolarin (Ishaya), Elma Mbadiwe (Carmen), Gbubemi Ejeye (Adufe), Funke Akindele (Patricia), Olumide Oworu (Atlas), Moshood Fattah (Michael), and Tomi Ojo (Rahilla), among others.

Without wasting any time, let’s head to my Far From Home review.

What is the story of Far From Home?

Ishaya Bello is a wannabe artist, but his poor living conditions significantly dent his aspirations. In pursuit of his goal, the teenager admits himself to a rich and lavish school to gain a scholarship. However, that’s when things take an ugly turn.

What are some meritorious points for Far From Home?

The series has an interesting storyline decorated with twists and excitement. Ishaya’s foray into rich surroundings instills intrigue in the tale.

Moreover, the contrast between affluent and poor lifestyles comes out pretty well on the screen. You won’t dislike the show’s attempt at highlighting the stark social differences in the characters’ lives.

Image Credits: Netflix

Since Far From Home presents itself as an emotional show, it quite ably succeeds in living up to the part.

Family issues, friendship concerns, and the struggle for dreams are some of the sentimental micro themes within the series.

Furthermore, Far From Home has a concise length. Its three-hour duration, spread across five episodes, makes it a quick watch.

How do the lead actors perform?

Performances are decent in the series. No one could be called spellbinding or superlative. However, the actors are honest in their respective portrayals.

Mike Afolarin plays Ishaya, the central character in Far From Home. He does a good job of holding the show together. More than his expressions, his aggressive yet fragile mien attracts you.

Elma Mbadiwe presents Carmen, a girl rich in fortune but struggling with internal derailment. Her dialogue delivery is the biggest strength of Elma.

Image Credits: Netflix

Olumide Oworu as Atlas delivers a genuine outing. His character looks funny from the outset due to his quirky hairstyle. However, the rest of the traits are generic, aced pretty well by Olumide.

Moshood Fattah is Michael in Far From Home. He is, by far, the most actorly thing out of a large number of performers. There’s a slight bit of pause in his presentation that makes me say so.

Most of the other actors in the series have done well. However, some are below par as well, especially those with trivial roles.

What is off about Far From Home?

Sadly, the execution of the idea is somewhat dizzy. It is never able to convince you as a feature. The makers could have done better. A major portion of the happenings in the series don’t seem natural.

They look forced just to give shape to the story. Another downhill for Far From Home comes in the form of professionalism. It lacks finesse. In fact, the series doesn’t have finely-tuned aspects at all.

Be it the household setup, the protagonist’s past, druglords, or the school environment, you will find adeptness missing in them.

Should you stream Far From Home?

With just five episodes in its kitty, Far From Home is adjustable to your schedule. The show has a decent storyline to keep you hooked. However, it also suffers from an extreme lack of adroitness.

My advice: give it a watch for half an hour and then decide whether you wish to continue.

Okay, if you are hellbent on taking my one-word opinion, it would be a NO.

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