A Not So Merry Christmas Review Netflix: You Can add this to Your Christmas Eve Watchlist

How many Christmas movies have you watched this season? My score is seven, including a couple of series. If you ask me about the best ones, they are Delivery by Christmas and A Storm for Christmas.

While the former was released in the first week of December 2022, the latter began streaming on 16th December. If you haven’t watched them yet, this is the time.

There’s another new festive movie on Netflix. A Not So Merry Christmas is a Mexican film with a hundred-minute runtime.

Image Credits: Netflix

It is directed by Mark Alazraki and stars Mauricio Ochmann (Chuy), Ana Brenda (Daniela), Many NNa (Hada), Jose Sefami (Nester), and others.

According to Netflix, the movie is heartfelt, feel-good, and funny. Is it so? Let’s find out in my A Not So Merry Christmas review.

What is the synopsis of A Not So Merry Christmas?

Chuy shares his birthday with Christmas Eve and, as a result, grows up to hate the festival itself. However, his worst nightmare comes true when he discovers that he has been cursed by a diva godmother.

What is the curse? He’d sleep like usual but wake up yearly to live only Christmas Day, over and over again.

Are there any positive aspects of A Not So Merry Christmas?

Indeed, the movie does well on several fronts. It has a sweet and unique concept to start with. Mostly, we see such ideas in fantasy fiction revolving around time travel.

However, A Not So Merry Christmas brings a slight touch of mythology to make you believe in its otherworldly concept. And the most critical part is the movie convinces you fairly.

The storyline is sober and void of any high-pitched disturbances. It follows the idea in word and spirit. Also, the tale is laced with emotions and tranquility at regular intervals.

Image Credits: Netflix

You won’t find A Not So Merry Christmas slow or tedious. Yes, I agree you might disown the idea, but that’s probably about it.

Specifically, the hope that a positive twist is around the corner will keep you glued to the screen. There are several feel-good moments in the movie you’d want to take home.

Eventually, the message of love, peace, and togetherness will make your Christmas more special.

How are the performances?

A Not So Merry Christmas purely rides on Mauricio Ochmann’s shoulders. He plays Chui, the protagonist, and does everything in his stride to better the film.

The actor leaves quite a mark through his multifarious expressions. Mostly, things are grim for his character, which he presents effervescently on the stage.

Image Credits: Netflix

Ana Brenda, as Daniela, honestly completes her voyage in A Not So Merry Christmas. Since Mauricio has the major screen share, Brenda is relatively restrained.

Nevertheless, she ensures her end of the bait is tightly knitted.

Everybody else in the movie does an excellent job in their respective roles.

What are the drawbacks of A Not So Merry Christmas?

It is a new wine in the same old bottle. There are numerous shows and films where a character is made to relive the same day.

A Not So Merry Christmas simply adds a touch of mythology while following the same ride of discovery.

Moreover, the concept is superficial and too far from reality. It can be dicey for a major chunk of viewers. In fact, it can be the make-or-break point for the Mexican film.

Should you watch A Not So Merry Christmas?

Considering the movie as a whole, it can be enjoyed with family. I would put it at the second spot after Delivery of Christmas in 2022’s Christmas releases.

It will be interesting to see if any new movie can dethrone these two on my list.

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