We are only human through other human beings. That’s my best dialogue from Silverton Siege, a new movie streaming on Netflix. Discrimination based on color, religion, cast, or any other thing is a condemnable act, to say the least.

However, societies across the globe were once home to such shallow mindsets, resulting in ill conduct. We have had so many films showcasing how hard the road to freedom from prejudices is. For example, the 2018 movie, Green Book.

Netflix has recently released Silverton Siege, which also hovers around the struggle for a fair and just system. Read on to find out more about it.

Silverton Siege Review Summary

Though the concept and story are commendable since both are extracted from a real incident, Silverton Siege lacks the punch and fails to leave a lasting impact. But that doesn’t mean it is completely void of positive aspects.

Keep reading my Silverton Siege review to find the major merits and demerits of the film.

Silverton Siege Synopsis

Starring Thabo Rametsi (Calvin Khumalo), Amold Vosloo (Johan Langerman), and Noxolo Dlamini (Mbali Terra Mabunda) in lead roles, Silverton Siege is set in 1980, when racial discrimination was high in South Africa. It is directed by Mandlakayise W. Dube and takes snippets out of a real-life incident.

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The story revolves around a trio of anti-apartheid freedom fighters that accidentally lands in a bank after a failed sabotage mission. Consequently, it takes everyone inside hostage to ensure a free and safe gateway.

The Netflix movie explores whether the trio succeeds in its mission or not.

What Works for Silverton Siege?


The best part about Silverton Siege is its short duration. There’s no fluff in the film, which works in its favor. However, the short length is a two-edged sword. Though the narrative is crisp and precise, it sometimes feels too curtailed due to the lack of emotional connection.


All actors in Silverton Siege are perfect in their roles. I particularly loved the raw attitude displayed by Noxolo Dlamini as Terra. She is both fierce and agonizing while portraying a rebel character. Not only enthusiasm but the emotional moments also come out beautifully from her range of skills.

Rametsi is the leader of the pack and hence, more intelligent and shrewder than the other two. He ensures a balanced act of restraint and power. Amold Vosloo enters the story as a probable villain but manages to leave the scene as a positive takeaway.

All others have done a fantastic job in what was assigned to them.


Putting up a story surrounding a sensitive topic is always welcome. Silverton Siege’s concept is a winner left, right, and center. The anti-apartheid movement in South Africa was ruthless and full of skirmishes, giving a pre-release boost for the movie.

How the three freedom fighters land in a bank after a failed mission looks genuine. There’s nothing like a forced entry, and the makers ensure a decent buildup, which goes in vain, eventually.

However, because it was inspired by an actual incident, there wasn’t much the creators could do.

What Doesn’t work for Silverton Siege?

Lacks Depth

An event of immense historical importance takes centerstage in Silverton Siege, but it doesn’t transpire into a bewildering watch. The reason behind it is probably the lack of details and depth in the narration.

Maybe, the lead characters could have been given more liberty to throw light on their mission. Some backstories would have worked in favor of the movie big time.

Emotionally Ineffective

Stories based on concepts like these are designated to work only if they hit the right chords. Unless there is an emotional connection with the viewer, the film cannot work in its entirety. In Silverton Siege, the dialogues are not as well-directed as they should have been. The background score is a mess too.

Even the sequences where provocative and emotional settings are at play don’t draw intense reactions. I never holistically felt attached to the story. Instead, my bigger inclination remained only toward the concept. The transition was necessary, but, unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

Faulty Execution of the Concept

Silverton Siege has every element in the bag, but the execution is not up to the mark. In my opinion, the hostage situation could have been dealt with with more intensity.

I understand that the film had to show the positive side of the trio, but at least meaningful conversations could have happened inside the bank. A little doing on that aspect would have made the movie more intriguing.

Frequently Asked Queries (FAQs)

Is Silverton Trio based on a real story?

Yes, Silverton Trio is based on a real story though some of the features are fictionalized for creative purposes.

Was the Silverton Trio for real?

Yes, the Silverton trio did exist in reality but with different names. According to the film’s end credits, “The Silverton Trio and George Molebatsi sparked what would eventually become the Free Nelson Mandela campaign.”

What were the actual names of the Silverton Trio?

The real names of the Silverton Trio were:

  • Wilfred Madela
  • Humphrey Makhubu
  • Stephen Mafoko.

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