The road to stardom for youngsters in the Indian film industry goes through the audience’s heart. One actor in Hindi cinema who has made a place among the masses is Kartik Aaryan.

He has been making noise ever since Pyaar Ka Punchnama was released. However, the truffles of popularity have only been tasted by Aaryan recently with the success of films like Dhamaka and Bhool Bhulaiya 2.

Rightly so, he has become a household name among half of India’s population.

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Kartik’s new film, Freddy, has been released on Disney Plus Hotstar in India. It has a runtime of two hours, and, interestingly, the movie was initially supposed to be screened in theaters.

Why did Freddy not release in theaters? Rumors say that Kartik considered it a niche-oriented film, which might not have worked at the box office and among his general audience that he had gained post Bhool Bhulaiya 2.

Before I take you to my Freddy review, here’s some information about its story and cast.

An introverted dentist, Freddy Ginwala, desperately seeks the love of his life. However, when he finds it, there’s more pain than endearment. How will his love story conclude?

Freddy is a dark thriller that goes beyond the usual definition of love. It is directed by Shashanka Ghosh and stars Kartik Aaryan, Alaya F, and Karan A Pandit in lead roles.

So, what are the good aspects of Freddy?

The film’s plot and storyline keep you glued. It has romance, thrill, and mind games that help maintain the pace of the narration. 

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Yes, the interval twist was predictable, but how Freddy bounced back from there was commendable. Its storyline has twists and stimulations that allure you into finishing the film in one go.

Furthermore, the tinge of dark storytelling gives Freddy the wings to fly higher. Though you have seen such events happening plenty of times in other movies, the pleasure of watching them in a new frame is worldly.

Is Freddy intriguing?

Yes, mostly. Freddy doesn’t shy away from going extreme in the pursuit of user engagement. It has an interesting and unpredictable protagonist who can be both quiet and lethal at the same time.

The writers have done well in crafting the sketch of Freddy, which allows the story to travel into different realms.

Moreover, the ensuing romance creates an ambiance for a darker upheaval. There’s an old saying, “the calm before the storm.” The makers of Freddy have used it as a premise for the film’s screenplay.

How are the performances?

Kartik Aaryan leads Freddy with an outlandishly splendid act. Honestly, I didn’t like his acting in Dhamaka and Bhool Bhulaiya 2. But in Freddy, Aaryan has finally shown his class as a devout performer.

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From emotions to reflections, Kartik doesn’t leave any sphere in honing the character. His mien as an introverted, restricted, and shy person shapes the film’s narrative.

When the surroundings get darker, it is Kartik Aaryan who steers the cataclysmic environment with a loft presentation.

Alaya F is stunning in Freddy. She grows with time in the movie and takes the plunge of playing both the protagonist and the antagonist. Her outstandingly layered characterization of Kainaaz Irani holds you.

Additionally, Alaya’s expressions and methodical approaches to delivering a particular moment (not scene) are phenomenal.

Karan Pandit makes up for an honest actor. He plays a pretentious boyfriend in Freddy and thrives in his role.

Everyone else is perfect, but special praise has to be reserved for Kartik Aaryan and Alaya F.

What did I not like about Freddy?

It is the Conceptualization of the film. The idea is stretchy and not multi-layered. Yes, it is engaging; however, the fact that it will eventually be about revenge spoils the fun.

There’s a time in the movie, around the middle phase, when you can notice things are being set up for an inverted twist. Maybe, a more natural presentation was required to evoke the desired emotions.

Rest all the things are praiseworthy for this Kartik Aaryan movie.

Should Freddy be watched?

Yes, it can be watched for the reasons I have already mentioned in my Freddy review. Also, I quite liked its ending.

The following section contains spoilers.

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Is Freddy based on a true story?

No, Freddy is a fictional tale.

Freddy ending explained.

As you must have seen, Freddy Ginwala buries the couple alive. We are then shown the dentist himself lying down between both of them. What does it mean? Does Freddy kill himself too?

No, Freddy doesn’t take his life. He simply lies down there to soak in the moment, just like all of us do after emerging victorious in a task.

Moreover, since Freddy had planned extensively, leaving proof for the police to think Kainaaz and her partner have left the city, the cops won’t doubt him in their disappearance.

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