Mythological stories can be tricky, and only some creators can accept responsibility. Take the example of the upcoming Hindi film Adipurush. While it was slated to release in January, due to the negative response to the trailer – mainly owing to the poor VFX – the movie has now been pushed forward by six months.

Why am I talking about mythology all of a sudden?

Because a new Norwegian film, Troll, has been released on Netflix. Troll is a fantasy-filled tale about a mythological creature, Troll.

It has a bit over ninety minutes duration and relies heavily on VFX. Is the movie any good? Here’s my Troll review to answer the question brewing in your mind.

Troll Movie Synopsis and Cast information:

What starts as a blast in the Norwegian mountains soon becomes an unprecedented national threat from a creature that is heard of and seen only in fairy tales. 

Directed by Roar Uthaug, Troll stars Ine Marie Wilmann (Nora), Kim Falck (Andreas), Mads Sjogard Pettersen (Kris), and Gard B. Eidsvold (Tobias) in lead roles.

Now, let’s move to the things that work well for the film.

Troll’s concept is arousing and exciting. Draped in fantasy and mythology, the film creates a sturdy base for the story to set in. 

Almost every week, we see a new fantasy film or show releasing, but not all are produced well, unlike Troll. However, you will find several similarities between Troll and the 2016 film, Pete’s Dragon.

In what ways are they similar? One, both have their origins in folklore. Two, the creature in both films comes out of mountains or as a result of construction work. Three, the vibes are pretty similar.

Of course, ideas can be related, and my intention is to present an opinion because Pete’s Dragon came out as a flashback while watching Troll.

The Netflix film has powerful emotions sprinkled all across the tale. Also, you’d like how the VFX complements the screenplay, making Troll more binge-able. Add to it the crisp duration, and you have your film for the weekend.

One great thing about sublime visual effects is they help you believe in any otherworldly story. The factor of superficial creative liberties is kept at bay when the optics are suitable. Troll extensively utilizes VFX to convince the audience.

Furthermore, Troll is undoubtedly thrilling and adventurous. A city under unnatural threat, people fearing an unbeatable onslaught, and the government trying with all its flesh to get things under control.

These factors make the air scary and dreaded, compelling you to keep watching.

How are the performances?

Ine Marie Wilmann, as Nora, plays the central character in Troll. She represents grit and determination. Nora’s spirit is beautifully encapsulated by Marie through expressions, dialogues, and acting zeal.

Kim Falck plays Andreas and humor sets him apart from everyone else. He brings comforting dialogues and natural sentiments to the screen. Moreover, his naïve characterization makes Kim more relatable to the general audience.

Mads Sjogard Pettersen as an Army Captain Kris flares in Troll. The screen time allotted to him is decent, but he doesn’t have many dialogues in the movie. However, Pettersen still makes an impact, thanks to his responsible mien.

Gard B. Eidsvold portrays Tobias and impresses you in every frame. How he continues to be relevant in the film only due to his phenomenal acting is appreciable. Eidsvold plays a character older than his real-life self and never shows a hint of departure.

So, what doesn’t go right for Troll?

The movie lacks a finishing touch and could have done better than its puny ending. A little more was required to close the story.

Moreover, I found the light coming out as sunrise quite weird toward the end. The makers don’t show the sun, so its rays don’t look genuine.

Should you watch Troll?

Yes, I suggest you watch Troll. It has many things to offer, thanks to its adventurous plot. However, like any other film, it is not perfect.


Is Troll based on a real story?

No, Troll is not based on a true story. It is a fictional tale.

Do Trolls exist in reality?

No, Troll is a being in Nordic folklore. There are no Trolls in real life. None that Science has discovered as yet.

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