Action films can be tricky, and not every flick falling in the genre can ace its storyline like the recently released Vikram Vedha. In India, we are usually served high-octane fight scenes, some flowery songs, and forced emotions.

This week’s theatrical release is a Telugu film, high on star power. GodFather is a remake of the Malayalam movie Lucifer that was released in 2019.

With GodFather, it is for the first time that Chiranjeevi and Salman Khan have come together on the big screen. However, does the film come good in the cinematic aspects, or is it just a surface-level actioner?

Here’s my GodFather review to help you understand the same.

GodFather Movie Review Summary

As the title says, the film runs only on the ‘godly’ shoulders of Chiranjeevi. Almost everything, barring performances from the cast, is below average.

Keep reading my GodFather review to find what works and what doesn’t for the movie.

GodFather Synopsis

After the death of Chief Minister PK Ramadas, the state needs a new political leader. Several evil personalities eye the top spot but, in their way, stands the GodFather.

Directed by Mohan Raja, GodFather stars Chiranjeevi (Brahma), Nayanthara (Sathyapriya), Satya Dev (Jaidev), Murali Sharma (Narayana Verma), and Puri Jagannadh, in lead roles. Moreover, Salman Khan (Masoom) makes a cameo in the film.

What Works for GodFather?

Action Sequences

South Indian films are known to be ballistic in appearance. They ride high on flawless action sequences. The same happens with GodFather as it aces all the fighting scenes perfectly.

Not for once was I able to find a loophole in combats. Though there are no one-to-one brawls, you will find pleasure in the one versus-all scenarios.

A rising background score, rhythmic onscreen elements, and ultra-slow-motion captures add to the thrilling experience during fights. Furthermore, Chiranjeevi’s heavy appearance works brilliantly.


Chiranjeevi plays Brahma in GodFather, and he is smashingly superlative. The Mega Star, as he is popularly called, makes a significant impact with his expressions, intensity, and physical movements.

You will find him in almost every scene of GodFather after his first appearance, and the best part is you will never get bored of his gigantic screen presence.

Nevertheless, I don’t feel the raving background score was required every time he landed a punch. A little touch of subtlety would have done the trick.

Nayanthara as Sathyapriya sparkles in GodFather. She is the show stealer in a film that is high on machoism. Nayanthara’s fierce mien leaves you stunned at times, but she outshines herself during emotionally heavy scenes. Her detailed depiction through facial expressions lands a heavier punch than the failing storyline of GodFather.

Satya Dev excels in a negative role in the film. He portrays Jaidev and stands head-to-head against Chiranjeevi’s mammoth demeanor. His severe outbursts work the best for GodFather whenever he is around. Moreover, you will like how he manages to be distinct despite playing a formulaic character.

Salman Khan’s cameo could have been pitched much better. He plays Masoom Bhai in GodFather and raises the tempo and bar of the film. Though his screen presence and dialogue delivery are good, Salman is failed by ‘characterization’ that is entirely absent in his short outing.

Salman breaks all the lengths of sense in the film, where much more could have been done with his existence.

Puri Jagannadh is a surprise package. The famed director plays an independent journalist and delivers on all fronts. At one point, he says, “Sir, you are sitting idle, you could have utilized the time writing better dialogues.” I wonder if he was referring to the writers of GodFather.

What Doesn’t Work for GodFather?

Banal Concept

Maybe, I was wrong to expect logic from GodFather, but the movie cannot rise from the usual trickery we have been shown for several decades. There’s a good, an evil, and several clowns in between.

The protagonist is treated like a god (even his serial number in jail is 786), and to balance things, the makers have forcefully added some flaws in Chiranjeevi’s character.

However, they miss out on the most crucial aspect, i.e., the audience has grown, and larger-than-life characters can work only up to a point easily breached by GodFather.

Too Predictable

It goes without saying that the twists and turns in GodFather do not intrigue you at all. The film is minimally alluring and mostly foreseeable, where you are thrown into suspense that eventually becomes highly predictable.

Moreover, the screenplay of Chiranjeevi’s GodFather is straightforward, adding to the poor execution.

Cursory Storyline

GodFather has a surface-level storyline that doesn’t arouse you at any point. Despite its roaring background score, it cannot rise above the basics. You never feel hooked, and the movie ends up as a below-average actioner.

Be it any kind of film, it is essential to have a captivating story, and that’s where things get ugly for GodFather. It fails to hold you with the tale.

Flawed Writing

Interestingly, the lead characters are well-pitched by the writers, but the depth is lacking. All the focus is on Chiranjeevi, and even though Nayanthara gives a splendid performance, she is not given the right stimulus by the scribblers.

Furthermore, I felt that the emotional scenes could have been written better. In the present state, they seem outrageously tacky, and only a couple of them make a mark.

Also, I don’t know who gave the idea of adorning Salman Khan’s bike with mini-missiles. That was more hilarious than startling.

Final Word

If I had to add a rider, I would say GodFather is strictly for Chiranjeevi and Nayanthara fans. Moreover, those who cherish Salman Khan can also enter the theater post-interval.


GodFather (2022) will stream on which platform?

The Chiranjeevi starrer will be streamed on Netflix.

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