Jumping from High Places Review Netflix: Succeeds in Pitching Anxiety as a Roadblock but Has its Share of Failings

It’s been a while since I watched an Italian presentation. I don’t exactly remember, but the last film from Italy I watched was Under the Amalfi Sun. However, Netflix has come up with a new movie, Jumping from High Places, from the country of the Renaissance.

The creation is touted to be intimate, feel-good, and inspiring. Moreover, the film promises romance draped in comedy. It is one and a half hours long, which doesn’t seem to be a lengthy duration.

If you are thinking about watching Jumping from High Places, here’s my review to guide your decision-making process.

Jumping from High Places Review Summary

As a simple and short watch, Jumping from High Places is decent enough. However, if you expect many new things, you will be left disappointed.

Jumping from High Places Synopsis

Sole is trying to cope with severe anxiety when she finds out about the last letter from her best friend, who wanted Sole to overcome her worst fears to reclaim her life. Can she find a way out of difficult situations to reach her goals? Jumping from High Places is a journey of reflections and realizations.

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Directed by Andrea Jublin, Jumping from High Places stars Federica Torchetti (Sole), Celeste Savino (Miriam), Cristiano Caccamo (Danio), and Lorenzo Richelmy (Massimo) in lead roles.

What Works for Jumping from High Places?


There are enough reasons to like the idea of Jumping from High Places. Firstly, it doesn’t push anxiety under the carpet. We mostly see it as a part of the problem and not the problem itself. However, this Italian film emphasizes why anxiety can be a glaring issue in day-to-day life.

From anti-social behavior to the fear of being alone forever, Jumping from High Places explores the multi-faceted aspects of anxiety almost sumptuously (considering its short duration).


You will love the off-beat narrational approach of Jumping from High Places. Here, the protagonist acts and narrates simultaneously, an unusual tactic. I have seen the lead character dictate the terms in the background. Even an unknown voice in the backdrop is not new.

Image Credits: Netflix

However, off late, making things as natural as possible is turning out to be a good idea, which is why you start enjoying the storytelling outlook of Jumping from High Places.

Sweet & Simple

As evident from the pre-release information, this Italian film is sweet and simple. It offers calming voices for the most part. Though the misplaced plot does some damage, Jumping from High Places eventually remains at a balanced height of simplicity.


Jumping from High Places is just about 90 minutes long. It means you don’t have to spend much time finishing the film.


Federica Torchetti plays the lead character of Sole in Jumping from High Places. She is brilliant while essaying a complicated personality. Her expressions are justifiable, actions are mature, and her screen presence is magnetic. How she switches from being an actor to an active narrator is finely done. Federica is the calm-headed thread that brilliantly binds the film together.

Image Credits: Netflix

Celeste Savino, as Miriam, is honest in her portrayal. Because of the short duration of the movie, the actress doesn’t get much time on the screen. However, her talent allows Celeste to be ideal in a compact role. She becomes riper as Jumping from High Places progresses.

Cristiano Caccamo plays Danio in the film and surprises you with an adorable mien. Though all the characters are restrained, Caccamo goes a step ahead to utilize the tranquilizing approach. I found his smile infectious.

Lorenzo Richelmy is Massimo in Jumping from High Places. You might expect a fierce outing from him, but he dazzles in a contained role. The actor owns himself on the screen and achieves the desired pauses and emotional trepidations.

Everybody else in Jumping from High Places does a beautiful job.

What Doesn’t Work for Jumping from High Places?


The makers of Jumping from High Places could have utilized the concept better. There are some points in the movie that feel superficial. Moreover, they lack the authenticity the film promises initially.

Lacks Fun

Humor wouldn’t have been the issue if the Netflix description of Jumping from High Places hadn’t called the film a ‘romantic comedy.’ The movie doesn’t even bring a handful of funny moments to tickle your senses. Rather than things not working, I felt the film never tries to be sarcastically overt.

Yes, it does have a few punches, but that’s not enough to come good on the false promise.

Final Word

The biggest plus of Jumping from High Places is its short length. Even ten more minutes could have backfired, considering the mixed pace. You can watch the Italian movie if you like grounded tales.

*The following section contains spoilers*


What happened to Emma in Jumping from High Places?

Emma was Sole’s best friend in the film who moved to Giverny with Xavier. The makers never explicitly mention what happened to her. However, through the hints they provide, you can join the dots and conclude that she died in a car accident.

What is Alopecia?

In Jumping from High Places, Miriam suffers from Alopecia, a disease that causes hair loss in the diagnosed people.

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