Govinda Naam Mera Movie Review: Average Comedy and Logical Fallacies Overpower Decent Twists and Turns

After the roaring success of Freddy, Hotstar has released a new Hindi film in the span of a fortnight, quite unusual going by the platform’s history.

Govinda Naam Mera is a comedy film with a little over two hours of runtime. Initially, the movie was slated for a theatrical release, like Freddy; however, due to unknown reasons, it was later sold to Disney Plus Hotstar.

Image Credits: Disney Plus Hotstar

Since it is a Friday and we already have a lot on our plate on Netflix, does Govinda Naam Mera deserve your time? Here’s my review.

The movie is directed by Shashank Khaitan and stars Vicky Kaushal, Bhumi Pednekar, and Kiara Advani in lead roles.

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What is the synopsis of Govinda Naam Mera?

Govinda Waghmare struggles to cope with an abusive wife and an ongoing court case. His girlfriend is the only saving grace in the tumultuous life he’s going through. However, things get more complicated when he is caught in a drug scandal and a murder case.

What are the positive things about Govinda Naam Mera?

The film has several twists and turns to propel the narration, especially in the second half. You’d like how the plot changes from one shade to the other.

Moreover, Govinda Naam Mera succeeds in setting up the context though it could have been done in a better manner.

Image Credits: Disney Plus Hotstar

The pace of the film is also on the bright side. It never appears dull throughout the two-hour runtime.

At times, Govinda Naam Mera displays traits of a dark comedy. I wonder what would have been the outcome if it had gone on to actually become one.

How are the performances?

Vicky Kaushal plays the titular role of Govinda. His Marathi accent feels genuine, and the actor uses his softer side in the film to produce a naive character.

Vicky’s comical expressions add a touch of humor to Govinda Naam Mera. Only if the dialogues were better the impact would have been more charming.

Bhumi Pednekar does complete justice to her character of a cunning housewife. Aggression, irritation, and a swarming sense of selfishness are effortlessly brought to the screen by Pednekar.

She remains casual but ensures the dialogues come out crisply through her acting template. Also, Bhumi’s sense of the surroundings while performing is appreciable.

Image Credits: Disney Plus Hotstar

Kiara Advani is magical in Govinda Naam Mera. From her swooning mien to her hold on the expressions, she surmounts a slightly challenging narrative.

Additionally, Advani’s screen presence compels you to continue watching Govinda Naam Mera, despite the film’s glaring flaws.

Renuka Shahane embarks on a shrewd role while acting as an epilepsy patient. Her performance is right up there with the leading triumvirate.

What doesn’t go as expected for Govinda Naam Mera?

The makers take too much liberty while setting the narrative, making the film unrealistic. Initially, the plot is scattered across various lanes.

There’s a commoner fighting a property dispute who actually has the property in his name. To top it off, he’s shown to be the one losing the battle.

Furthermore, if you expect Govinda Naam Mera to be funny, you might end up disappointed. The film fares poorly in terms of jokes and humor. Barring a couple of puns, nothing makes you beam, let alone laugh your heart out.

The makers rely on situational comedy, but that also comes out badly. Govinda Naam Mera lacks a natural sense of humor and instead forces lameness on you.

Maybe, the makers could’ve shown more respect for the execution of the idea. In its current form, it looks a little half-hearted.

Should Govinda Naam Mera be watched?

The movie is only a pastime entertainer, and if you are expecting it to be high on anything, specifically comedy, you can skip it.

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